Internships: Information for current undergraduate students

Students undertaking undergraduate majors or graduate courses in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics may be able to undertake an internship for credit under ATS3948 LLCL internship (undergraduate) (6 points).

Eligible majors and courses are as follows:

ATS3948 (undergraduate)

These units involve internship experiences specifically tailored to the skills students have developed in the above majors/courses to date. Please note that undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts may also be eligible for ATS3129/3130 (12 points). Unlike the LLCL internship units, these units provide more general experiences and are open to students from across the faculty. For more information, see the Faculty of Arts internships page.

What can I do for an LLCL internship?

LLCL internships can take many forms and be tailored to your needs and the requirements of the host organisation. An internship may include placement in a regular workplace, work on a specific project or event, consulting, research, or a combination of such activities. The internship can be undertaken on an intensive full-time basis or a part-time basis alongside other studies during semester.

There are two ways you can secure an internship:

1. Apply for one of the internships listed on the Faculty of Arts internships page. Each listing specifies which units you can enrol in. Internship opportunities targeting specific majors will also be advertised in class to students undertaking units in the relevant majors.

2. Find your own internship: see ‘Can I arrange my own internship?’ below.

Who is eligible?

Enrolment in ATS3948 requires approval of the unit coordinator following a selection process.

Basic requirements are as follows:

  • You must be undertaking an eligible undergraduate major: see the list of eligible majors and courses above.
  • It is best to take the internship in the final or penultimate year of study.
  • Internships are designed for high-achieving students: in principle, you must have a WAM of 70.00 or above in your current course.

Host organisations may set other eligibility conditions.

How is the unit assessed?

Assessment tasks can include a critical portfolio, internship report, critical research essay, or another output appropriate to the nature of the internship. Assessment details will be discussed with you prior to enrolment in the unit.

Can I arrange my own internship?

Yes, it may be possible to find your own internship opportunity and seek approval to enrol in ATS3948 to get credit. Please note that approval can only be granted before the internship begins.

The steps are as follows.

(1)  Find an internship. If you are interested in an internship overseas, you can search on this site: (login with your Monash username and password). You may also like to ask your lecturers/tutors for advice.

(2)  Make initial contact the host organisation to see if they would be able to accept you. At this stage, you may like to direct the host organisation to this information on formal internship arrangements with Monash:

(3)  You contact the coordinator of ATS3948 with details of the organisation and the types of activities you would be undertaking. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

(4)  The unit coordinator, in consultation with the convenor of your major, confirms that the internship is suitable for credit.

(5)  Monash University contacts the host organisation and arranges to enter into a formal internship agreement.

(6)  The unit coordinator gives you written approval to enrol in the internship unit (the usual enrolment deadlines apply:

(7)  You, the unit coordinator and the convenor of your major negotiate assessment details.

(8)  You start the internship and do the assessment tasks as negotiated.

Unit coordinators

ATS3948 LLCL internship (undergraduate)

Dr Beatrice Trefalt
Ext. 55118

Office location: E559, Menzies Building, 20 Chancellors Walk, Clayton Campus