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China in the World: Texts Stream

The research theme China Texts, which is part of at the Australian Centre on China in the World, has the aim of fostering and producing scholarship attentive to Chinese styles of thinking and expression and Chinese “patterns of knowing”. This research theme has been developed through:

  • individual and collaborative research projects undertaken by Australian and international academics
  • international conferences and workshops that explore Chinese ideas and Chinese intellectual culture as well as the contributions of Chinese thought to the global humanities,
  • The China Story, a Web-based project designed to provide broad access to research and expertise for students of Chinese Studies, educators, journalists and other professionals working on China-related issues.

China Texts, with its research focus on the versatility of Chinese cultural being, has played and continues to play a key role in the development of The China Story.

Developing Translation and Interpreting Services in Indonesia

This project aimed at providing Translation and Interpreting training and education to employees of a new division of the Ministry of State Secretariat within the Government of Indonesia [and was funded by DFAT through their Australia Awards Fellowship]. A 10-week course targeted at 20 staff members and covering various aspect of translation and interpreting practice and theory was tailored and taught by LLCL’s T&I staff.

Intergenerational, Intercultural Encounters & Second Language Development Project

projects-intergenerationalThe project brings together upper secondary school learners of Chinese, German and Spanish with older speakers of the language, promoting mutually beneficial inter-cultural, intergenerational encounters. Such encounters enhance second language acquisition outcomes for the young language learners.

For the older participants these encounters provide opportunities for greater social engagement, resulting in an enhanced sense of empowerment, wellbeing and self-esteem.

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Literary Commons!

projects-lit-commonsLiterary Commons! is a long-term project intended to bring together writers and foster exchanges that are of relevance to Australia and India: First Nations/Indigenous and bhasha/Dalit/tribal literatures. It is centred around the idea of the “commons”, where communities and cultures share in a co-operative space of creativity. Activities have included a translation workshop held this year (5th-6th of April), literary and cultural meets, and events in both Australian and India that aim at bringing together Dalit and tribal writers with fellow indigenous writers.

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The Lab

LLCL has established a relationship with The Lab, a brand strategy and market research agency that helps shape the stories of Australia’s leading brands, from Australia Post, to Bird’s Eye, to The Age. Among other activities, LLCL has hosted a symposium with The Lab on how the commercial world uses semiotics and the ways in which Arts research can inform such work.