Slavic Studies – Honours Theses Archive

(see also Ukrainian Studies)

Year Title Degree code
2008 Little, Great and Not-So-Great Russian: The Minor Literature of Nikolai Gogol PhD 2008sp
2007 Reimagining Slovak National Identity: Media-based Popular Culture 1993 – 2005 pHd 2007bj
2006 “La Memoire ukrainienne”. The reconstruction and maintenance of cultural identity in France: The case of he Ukrainian community Hons. 2006mo
2005 From Mess-Mend to the Mafia: A history of Russian Detektiv PhD 2005dj
Representation of Stalinist Themes and the recovery of cultural memory in the ‘novels of death”: The Keeper Of Antiquities and The Faculty of Useless Knowledge by Yury Dombrovsky M.A. 2005dt
2003 Language Maintenance in a Melbourne Russian Community: A case study of an ethnic school. Hons. 2003ml
1998 Das fremde Ich Begegnungen im pazifischen Raum PhD 1998wc
1997 Linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects of language contact: the case of Serbo-Croation in Victoria, Australia PhD 1997br
1996 Carnival in Iurii Andrukhovych’s novels: with a look towards an aestetics of post-colonialism Hons. 1996ks
Projections of Identity through humour: Krokodil 1965 and 1995-96 Hons. 1996ki
1995 Colonial, anti-colonial and post-colonial positions in the Ukrainian historical novel: 1934 – 1990 PhD 1995ba
1994 The Representation of Verbs in the Oxford Russian-English Dictionary Hons. 1994im
1993 The fantastic in the works of E.T.A. Hoffmann Hons. 1993wk
1992 Inflectional patterns of the Ukranian verb PhD 1992sl
Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory of carnival and menippean satire and Julia Kristeva’s semiotics of discourse: a translinguistic evolution Hons. 1992dt
1991 Puer Senex as narrative topos in Audrei Belyi’s Kotik Letaev M.A. 1991sp
Towards a curriculum for second langauge teaching and language maintenance based on Croation and Serbian/Serbo-Croation PhD 1991br
1989 Polish education in Victoria in comparison with the conditions in Poland Hons. 1989gl
Stanislaw Przybyszewski. His life and literary activity. Hons. 1989sj
The snow. Drama in Four Acts by Stanislaw Przybyszewski. A translation from Polish into English. Part 2 Translation 1989sj
1988 The first elementart paragraph to a theory of the new art: The aesthetics of Politics in the work of Mykola Khvylovy Hons. 1988sp
Da sDeutsch funf jugoslawischer Arbeitnehmer und zwei Arbeitnehmerinnen Hons. 1988hj
1987 To compile a lexicon of approximately 2500 words to supplement and to expand upon a fundamental knowledge of Russian vocabulary. Lexicon will be structured thematically and tailored for use in conjunction with appropriate texts Hons. 1987ld
1986 The lachian pronoun: A comparison with Polish (with use of the poetry of O. Lysohorsky) M.A. Prelim. 1986ct
1985 The basic problems of Slavic graphic systems Hons. 1985am
The histoorical prototypes and the major spcial themes in Wyspianski’s “The Wedding (Wesele) M.A. 1985al
The needs of elderly Yugoslavs in the Melbourne metropolitan area Hons. 1985br
Word homonymy in Ukranian PhD 1985ro
1983 The non-predicative phrase in East Slav: A constrastive study M.A. 1983hm
1982 Obsch obzor dramaturgecheskich proizvedeni I.S Turgeneva Hons. 1982dr
1980 A study in the themes and motifs in the early works of Zinaida Hippius 1890-1905 M.A. 1980ze
1979 Morphemic structure in latvian word formation (Inc. 3 separate volumes of appedices) PhD 1979mb
Morphemic structure in Latvian word formation, Appendix II vol 1 Hons. 1979mb
The evolution of the charcter of Prince Myshkin according to the notebooks to Dostoevskii’s novel ‘The Idoit” Hons. 1979wj
The function of metaphor in the stories of Isaac Babel PhD 1979md
1978 A study in the themes and motifs in the early works of Zinaida Hippius against the background of the early period of Russian symbolism 1890-1905 M.A. 1978ze
Antonymy in natural language (based on Russian, Bulgarian and English) PhD 1978km
Elements of Naturalism and symbolism in Chekhov’s works 1888-97 Hons. 1978sl
1975 Methodological Problems of a derivational dictionary of Latvian. M.A. 1975mb
Some aspects of the supernatural and the grotesque in M.A Bulgakov’s ‘The Master and the Margarita’ and selected earlier works M.A. 1975ah
1974 The early period of russian symbolism PhD 1974zj
1972 On the problem of genre in the light of the portrayal of the hero in I.E Babel’s “Red Cavalry” M.A. 1972md
Some reflexes of the Indo-European Laryngeals in the Slav Prosodic paradigms PhD 1972sr
Tvorchestvo Anny Akhmatovoj I Tragichnost V Nem Hons. 1972ro
1971 ideyo-esteticheskije osnovy tvorchestva brjusova dorevolutsionnogo perioda 1890-1905 PhD 1971zj
stixotvornye poslanija N.M jazykova M.A. 1971li