Korean Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree code
2009 Strokes of Culture: : analysis of two versions of subtitles for the Korean movie “Chihwaseon” Hons. 2009fe
2003 Why
the Panic? Youth, sex and social change in the Republic of Korea
Hons. 2003ca
2002 The DMZ In the Head:
Social and Psychological Issues of Korean Unification in the Light
of German Unification and North Korean Defectors
Hons. 2002zj
2000 Government Intervention and the Korean Automobile Industry. Hons. 2000tj
National Competitiveness: A Comparison Between
Korea and Japan. An Example of the Automobile Industry
Hons. 2000tj
1997 The Social Impact
of South Korean Firms in Indonesia: Gender Related Issues Issues
Inside and Outside the Workplace
Hons. 1997ke