Japanese Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree code
2009 Increasing immigration as a response to Japan’s declining population Hons. 2009fs
Parasocial Relationships between Media Audiences and Japanese Enterainment Characters: Does participation in virtual fan community influence the parasocial involvement of media fans towards the Johnny’s Entertainment media characters? Hons. 2009kj
The appeal of Boys’ Love manga: An analysis of the protrayals of love and sex in Japanese comics Hons. 2009cj
Translation Project as an Honours Dissertation – Ishida Ira’s The Maze of the Palm Hons. 2009bm
2008 “Keeping An Eye On All Balls” : Interpreters’ Functions In Multi-Party Business Interpreting Situations PhD 2008tm
Opportunities for Second Language and Use in Foreigh Language Learners’ Social Networks PhD 2008kn
2007 Bilingual friendship networks of Japanese students overseas Hons 2007wm
Translation of Nihon kaiga no joseizo (the image og Japanese women in Japanese paintings) by Ikeda Shinobu Hons 2007sc
2006 Collectivism and Individualism as Japanese traits: A comparison of Karate Practitioners in Japan and Australia Hons. 2006bc
Cultural Commodities in Local Revitalization: A Case Study in Tsugaru, Japan PhD 2006ra
Interation in Japanese-English Language Exchange Partnerships M.A. 2006my
Intercultural Internet chat between learners of Japanese and English in informal contexts Hons. 2006ps
Learner Interaction in Pair/Group Work Tasks in a Japanese Language Classroom M.A. 2006sc
Student and Tutor Oral Participation in Medical Problem-based Learning Tutorials M.A. 2006ir
The internationalisation of higher education: Social interaction between Japanese and Australian students Hons. 2006mr
Writing in Japanese as a Second Language Composing on the Computer and by Pen-and -Paper M.A. 2006sy
2005 A comparative analysis of Australian and Japanese Mathematics Textbooks on Fractions Hons. 2005pn
Attitudes toward suicide amoungst Japanese and Australian
University students
Hons. 2005lk
Hanryuu: Wave or Tsunami? The impact
of Winter Sonata in Japan
Hons. 2005ha
The management of intercultural academic interaction in student exchanges between an Australian and its Japanese partner Universities PhD 2005nh
2003 A study of generational perspective of post-world war 2
Italian women’s immigration experiences and their real and perceived
roles and contributions
Hons. 2003md
Australian Images of Japan Hons. 2003qe
Final particles in the language of Japanese
Women in Fukuoka
Hons. 2003hc
Hokkaido-Sakhalin Subnational Government
Relations: Opportunities and limits of Kankyoo Seibi
PhD 2003wb
ESL students’ Acedemic writing and their revising processes
M.A. 2003ys
Locating and Identifying Tokyo in a “Globalised”
World: Why Japan is still interesting
Hons. 2003db
Films of Naomi Kawase
Hons. 2003kf
The Phenomenon of Parasite Singles
in Japan
Hons. 2003jf
Translation Project : Newcomers
in Japan
Hons. 2003sa
2002 A Comparison of L1 and L2 Argument Structures in Student
Hons. 2002gk
Austalia and Japan: Natural Partners? Hons. 2002fk
Communication networks of Japanese learners
and second language acquisition
M.A. 2002kn
of Communicative Competence in Japanese by Learners and Native Speakers
M.A. 2002ry
Homelessness in Japan Hons. 2002ah
Security Issues in Japan and Australia
Hons. 2002em
Contested Constitution: Struggle for Security
Hons. 2002lr
Legacy and unintended consequences. Social and culteral interaction betweenthe Japanese and the Indonesians in Java 1942-1945 PhD 2002wh
Atsushi and the cultural paradox of modern Japan
M.A. 2002ar
Modernist Dilemma in Japanese Poetry
PhD 2002et
Post Cold War Development of Australia’s Defence and Security
Relationship with Japan
Hons. 2002rf
Young childeren’s L2 oral production
in Japanese immersion classrooms
M.A. 2002hs
2001 Australia-Japan e NGO Collaboration on the Anti-Native
Forest Woodchip Campaign in Japan
Hons. 2001em
and the Japanese in Australia.

A Case Study Examining
Traditional and Contemporary Theories of Citizenship.

Hons. 2001na
Japan’s Revised Equal Employment Opportunity
Law in the Print Media
Hons. 2001pk

The Iwakura Mission 1871 – 1873.

An Essay in Occidentalism

Hons. 2001js
Japanese Imperial Family

A Statistical Analysis on the
level of knowledge and the behaviours and beliefs of the Japanese
in regards to their Imperial Family

Hons. 2001ck
Market Potential for Australian Cheese in Japan.

Taste Preferences

Hons. 2001mm
2000 Female Creation and Consumption of Male Homosexuality:
A Case Study of Yaoi Manga.
Hons. 2000th
Exchange Student’s Management Strategies in Academic Writing
M.A. 2000nh
Japanese Working Holiday Makers in Australia:
Identity, Subculture and Resistance.
Hons. 2000ma
Japanese Speech Act of Gratitude.
Hons. 2000as
Writing Management of International Students in Academic Essay Writing.
M.A. 2000th
Wine for the Unwined: Cultural Perspectives
of Australian Wine for the Japanese.
Hons. 2000ap
Year Title Degree code
1999 Asia & the Politics of National Identity in Post-Cold
War Australia:

The Hawke & Keating Governments

Hons. 1999ge
Fukunaga Takehiko (1918-1979): The Profile of
an Ethical Author
M.A. Prelim. 1999ar
Images of Japan and the Japanese
held by High School Japanese Language Students in Adelaide
M.A. 1999mc
Language Maintenance Efforts of Japanese School
Children in Melbourne
PhD 1999yk
Social Stratification and Religious
Affiliation in Japan
PhD 1999fd
The Composing Processes of Advanced
Japanese Language Learners.
M.A. 1999se
Japanese Speech Act of Refusal
Hons. 1999ms
Modification of Japanese Norms of Social Behavior During Matsuri
Hons. 1999sd
The Revised Equal Employment Opportunity Law
(Japan), 1 Aprill 1999.

Its Effects, Implications and

Hons. 1999la
1998 Ishibashi Tanzan’s Theory of “Small Japanism” M.A. 1998ki
Japanese foreign policy with regard to the Northern
Territories/Kurile Island dispute with Russia
Hons. 1998nl
Recycling Behaviour and Attitudes Towards Paper, Cans, Glass Bottles
and Plastic:

A case Study of Chiba University Students

Hons. 1998aa
Learning Strategies of Japanese Research
Theatre Culture in Japan since the 1960s: Reading the Politics
of the Avant-Garde.
PhD 1998ep
Understanding corporate culture
and unlocking Japanese markets
Hons. 1998cs
1997 A Comparative Study of Foreign Students in Japan Hons. 1997rj
A Comparison of Attitudes Between Japanese and
Australian Final Year University Students Towards the Work Ethic
Hons. 1997rf
Academic Achievement, Motivation, and Cost Considerations:
Some Comparisons of Classroom and Distance Learners of Japanese
M.A. 1997mc
Communicative Adjustment between Native Speakers
and Non-native Speakers of Japanese
PhD 1997ms
of Loanwords in Written Texts Among Learners of Japanese as a Foreign
Hons. 1997wk
Japanese Intellectual Property Contracts Hons. 1997wd
Japanese Museums and the Representation of Culture Hons. 1997mp
Japan’s Returnees Hons. 1997nd
Minamata Hons. 1997md
Sports Manga: A Contemporary Expression of the
Japanese Spirit
Hons. 1997kh

The Architecture of Tadao Ando

Modern Design and Traditional Architecture

The Communication of Closeness in Japanese PhD 1997na
Effect of Japanese Beef Market Liberalisation on the Australian Beef
Hons. 1997kn
The Socio-Economic Relationship
between Japan and South Korea
Research Paper 1997sl
Sources of Expectations and the Satisfaction of Japanese Tourists
to Australia
Hons. 1997ej
Trust, Relationship Building &
Other Issues in Contract Negotiations Between Australian &
Japanese Companies
Hons. 1997kl
Working in Japan: The Case of Foreign
Women Professionals
Hons. 1997gs
Working Mothers in Japan Hons. 1997km
Yoshimoto Banana’s Kitchen: Living Inside Hons. 1997gs
1996 Career
Advancement for Australian Career Women Working in Japanese Multinational
Corporations in Melbourne
Hons. 1996kt
Changing Dimensions of and Attitudes
Towards Bullying in Japanese Schools
Hons. 1996lj
in Japan: Council Women in the 23 Tokyo Metropolitan Wards
Hons. 1996ri
Elaborative Ethno-Cultural Encodements in Japanese
Television Commercials
Hons. 1996dq
Images of the Family in Four Japanese
Hons. 1996lr
Japanese Native Speakers’ Evaluation
of Non-Native Speech and Non-Native Management of Style
Hons. 1996sa
Kanji Learning Strategies Used by Australian
Learners of Japanese
M.A. 1996ft
Manga and Pornography After the
Harmful Comic Controversy
Hons. 1996sa
Polarisation of Japanese Sub-Contracting:
The Role of Endaka in Change – A Study of the Japanese Automobile
Hons. 1996tl
Seatbelt Wearing in Japan: Issues
and Directions in the Drive to Buckle Up the Japanese Motoring Public
Hons. 1996ba
Servicing a Japanese Client in Australia: A
Comparison of the Japanese & Australian Advertising Industries
Hons. 1996ia
Socio-Cultural Influences in Japan &
Melbourne Surrounding Japanese Christian Adherents
Hons. 1996hj
Genres in a Japanese University
Hons. 1996sa
Behaviour of Native Japanese Language Teachers in Victorian Secondary
PhD 1996at
The Australian Student Abroad: Initial
Encounters in Contact Situations
Hons. 1996sl
Japanese Speech Act of Apology
Hons. 1996ct
Major Causes of Adolescent Bullying in Japanese Junior High School
Hons. 1996kj
The Negotiation of Meaning: The Influence of
In-Country Experience on Communication Strategies
M.A. 1996yt
Northwest Airlines Dispute: Causes and Implications; A Legal Analysis
Hons. 1996rp
The Search for Freedom the Postwar Writer Shiina
Hons. 1996lp
1995 A Comparison of Packaging Styles in Australia and Japan Hons. 1995pk
A Comparison of Study Habits of Australian and
Japanese High School Students in Year 8-10
Hons. 1995ed
A Study
of the Motivational Factors Affecting Study Patterns of Japanese
University Students with a Comparison to their Australian Counterparts
Hons. 1995mm
Children of Intermarriage: A Cross-cultural
Comparison of Ethnic Identity
Hons. 1995cr
Student Activism in Japan: Changes and Continuity
Hons. 1995bj
Cultural Adjustment Stories of Japanese Returnee Children
Hons. 1995bj
Doing Science in Japan: Some Perspectives on
Japan Literacy for Australia
Hons. 1995tm
and United Nations Peacekeeping: Constraints and Opportunities
Hons. 1995st
Outcomes of In-Country Experience: Changes in
the Use of Reception Strategies
M.A. 1995yn
Organization of Presentation Discourse Among Three Novice Teachers
M.A. 1995mh
The Coal Mining Town of Yubari: A Vantage Point
for Reflecting on Nakane’s Theory of Japanese Society
Hons. 1995lm
The Group Oral Test: Another Way of Assessing
Oral Proficiency in Japanese as a Foreign Language
M.A. 1995mt
Law Reform of the Life Insurance Industry in Japan and the Problems
Faced by Foreign Life Insurance Companies
Hons. 1995om
Music of the Dance Songs of the Bon Festival: Some Regional Comparisons
Hons. 1995jm
1994 A
Comparative Study of the Interpersonal Relationships of Japanese
and Australian Female office Workers
Hons. 1994tk
and Japanese Perceptions and Reactions to Offences Against Women
Hons. 1994ct
Australian Perceptions of Japanese -Style Management
Hons. 1994hm
Deviations in Sociolinguistic Variables
of Politeness by Japanese Language Learners
M.A. 1994hn
in Ancient and Modern Japan
M.A. 1994dk
of Australia Through Japanese Newspapers
Hons. 1994br
Cultural Exchange: Japan and the Jet Program
Hons. 1994nl
Consumer Attitudes to Rice: Continuities and Changes
Hons. 1994wk
Teaching Assistants in Victorian Secondary Schools
Hons. 1994fs
and Personnel Preferences of the Japanese Tourist: Issues for the
Tourism Industry (Appendix Separate)
Hons. 1994as
Learner Strategies
M.A. 1994ce
Management of Conversation by Two
Types of Learners: Learners With and Without In-Country Experiences
M.A. 1994ta
Motivation of Students to Study Japanese in
Hons. 1994sj
Some Aspects of Correction in Japanese
Foreign Language Classroom Discourse
Diploma 1994bt
Employment and Training of Non-Native Japanese Speaking Tour Guides
in Australia
Hons. 1994bj
The Friendship Patterns of Chinese
Overseas Students: A Structural Approach
Hons. 1994cc
of Non-Correction in Beginners Japanese Language Classrooms
M.A. 1994ky
Variations in Judgements and Evaluations of
Australian Learners of Japanese According to Observer Variables
M.A. 1994th
1993 Attrition
of the Japanese Language Among Native Speakers in Melbourne
M.A. 1993ns
Deviations of Non-Native Speakers and Evaluative
Behaviour of Native Speakers in Tourism Shopping Situations
M.A. 1993uk
Lifestyle of Japanese Businessmen Hons. 1993hn
Modernity and Post-modernity: Gender Roles,
Sexuality and Ethnicity in Popular Japanese Magazines
M.A. 1993ny
Native Speaker Reactions to Non-Native Speakers’
Deviations from the Politeness Norms in Japanese Tour Guiding Situation
M.A. 1993es
Pop Idol Culture in Contemporary Japan — Its
Changing Definition, Role and Value
Hons. 1993le
Relations: Sister City Links – An Unexplored Dimension
Hons. 1993wl
The Analysis of Literary Space in a Contemporary
Japanese Literary Text, Kurai Tabi (The Dark Journey)
M.A. 1993te
The Attitudes and Motivations of Japanese School
Children Who Travel Overseas on Short Trips
Hons. 1993bc
Creation of the Feminine in Japanese Culture
Hons. 1993pa
Effects of In-Country Experience on Student Motivation
M.A. 1993mj
The Liberalisation of the Japanese Beef Market
and Its Implications for Australian Exporters
Hons. 1993gc
Position of Juzo Itami in the Contemporary Japanese Film Industry
Hons. 1993sf
The Role of Austrade in Assisting Australian
Processed Food Companies to Export to Japan
Hons. 1993ck
1992 A Study of the Occurrences of Non-Standard Forms in Common
Japanese Vol 1 & 2
M.A. 1992as
Australian Wine in the Japanese
Hons. 1992sn
Business-Related Communication in
Japanese: Communication Problems of Japanese-Speaking New Australian
Employees Working for Japanese Companies Based in Melbourne
M.A. 1992om
Correction Strategies in Japanese Visitor Sessions
-Study of Deviations from the Norms of Politeness
M.A. 1992rh
in the Melbourne Loanwords of Spoken Japanese
M.A. 1992mh
Workers in Japan
Diploma 1992np
Humour and Japanese Language Teaching Hons. 1992ds
Japanese Compound Verbs PhD 1992km
Language Acquisition Through In-Country Experience
M.A. 1992tm
Management in Contact Situations Between Japanese and Chinese
PhD 1992fs
Learning Strategies for Japanese Vocabulary
and Characters
M.A. 1992yr
Pronunciation Learning Strategies
Used by Students at Monash University
M.A. 1992hm
Conversion and Social Integration: A Japan’s New Religious Movement
in Australia
M.A. 1992sk
Responses to a Request in Australia-Japan
Contact Situation
M.A. 1992ke
The Assessment of Socio-cultural
and Sociolinguistic Competence in Japanese
Hons. 1992go
Attempted Cultural Japanization of Java, Indonesia 1942-1945
Hons. 1992wh
Two Steps Towards the Acquisition of Japanese
M.A. 1992yn
1991 Communication in Food Retail Outlets in Japan Hons. 1991sr
Impediments to Trade with Japan in the Seafood
Hons. 1991mk
Interaction Between Japanese Tourists
and the Staff of a Hotel in Melbourne Vol. 1 & 2 Transcriptions
1 & 2
Hons. 1991ns
Interpersonal Relations in a Medium-Sized
Printing Firm in Japan. A Comparison with Its Hong Kong Counterpart
Hons. 1991lj
Japan Literacy Among Australian Bankers in Japan Hons. 1991ce
Japanese Loanwords Usage Amongst Australian
Students (Appendix Separate)
M.A. 1991mh
Terms of Address and Terms of Reference for Distant Relatives
Hons. 1991lm
Japanese Working Holiday Makers as Tourist Sojourners
in Australia
Hons. 1991ml
Learning Strategies in the Acquisition
of Japanese Vocabulary
M.A. 1991gm
Networks as a Learning Strategy.
A Study of Australian Students in Japan
Hons. 1991cl
Opening Door: A Study of Japan’s Distribution System, its Changes,
and Significance for Australian Exporters
Hons. 1991pj
1990 Australia-Japan Relations at the Level of the Sister City Hons. 1990sj
Australian Managers in Japan Hons. 1990ll
to Trade with Japan with Particular Reference to the Small-Goods
Hons. 1990wc
Contextualism Versus Individualism:
A Comparative Study of a Group of Japanese and Australian University
Hons. 1990wa
Observations on Japanese Language
Teaching in Victorian Primary Schools
Hons. 1990gj
Exchange Aspects as Applied to Australia and Japan
Hons. 1990mc
Training System in a Japanese Company
Hons. 1990ht
Challenge for Australian Firms; How to Access the Japanese Market
Hons. 1990em
The Origins Use and Appeal of Karaoke Hons. 1990mh
Year Title Degree code
1989 Japanese Language Teaching in Non-Government Primary Schools
in Victoria Vol 1-2
M.A. Prelim. 1989rh
Encountered by Japanese Independent Tourists in Australia
Hons. 1989yb
Sartre in Japan Hons. 1989hg
Narrative Tradition in Japanese Music: Kiyomoto-Bushi as an Accompaniment
of Kabuki Dance
PhD 1989ta
The Role of Language and Language
Use in a Japanese Company in Germany and a German Company in Japan
Hons. 1989mj
Wastepaper Recovery for Recycling Hons. 1989lt
1988 A
Study of Foreign Securities Companies in the Tokyo Market
Hons. 1988mj
Aizuchi Hons. 1988wg
Strategies of Learners of Japanese and German in Native Speaker-Learner
Hons. 1988aj
Etiquette in Australian-Japan Business
Interaction: A Study of a Meal Situation Vol 1-3
PhD 1988mh
Crisis of Korean Residents in Japan
Hons. 1988ck
Tourists in Melbourne: Problems in Shopping Situation
M.A. Prelim. 1988fh
Japan’s Equal Opportunity Law and the Future
of Professional Woman
Hons. 1988ps
Japan’s Recruiting System –
Case Studies
Hons. 1988nj
Language Behaviour in Japanese
Intercultural Marriages
Hons. 1988ky
The Social Networks of Women Married
to Japanese Men
Hons. 1988fk
The Teaching of Japanese in Australian
Secondary Schools by Native Speakers: An Empirical Study
M.A. Prelim. 1988sf
University Entrance Examinations in Japan Hons. 1988ma
1987 A
Case Study of Japanese Non-verbal Behaviour in Australian-Japanese
Contact Situations
Hons. 1987mb
A Case Study of the Operations
of an Australian Bank in Japan
Hons. 1987mj
and Out in Japan: A Study of Japan’s Homeless People and Processes
of Negative Social Mobility
Hons. 1987be
English Language Programmes
Hons. 1987wj
Hons. 1987mt
Japanese Language Teaching in Melbourne
High Schools: Observations of the Classes Taught by Non-Native Speakers
of Japanese
M.A. Prelim. 1987sk
Romajigo in the Japanese Press M.A. 1987yj
The Teaching of Characters in Victorian High
Schools, in Both Japanese and Chinese Courses
Hons. 1987wy
Interactive and Communicative Problems are Encountered by Individual
Hong Kong Tourists in Japan?
Hons. 1987lk
1986 A Perspective on the Involvement of Japanese Women in
New Religions
Hons. 1986tc
An Investigation into Patterns
of 7 Female Visitors’ Perceptions of Japanese Society
M.A. Prelim. 1986as
Behaviour Disruption in Japanese Schools Some
Public and Student Perceptions
M.A. Prelim. 1986md
and Inequality in Japanese Education: The Yata Buraku and Education
– A Case Study
Hons. 1986ha
Christian Youth Groups in Japan Hons. 1986ps
Communicative Competence of Learners of Japanese:
An Australian Example
M.A. Prelim. 1986sk
Analysis of Foreign Speakers of Japanese: A Study of Requests for
Clarification in Contact Situation
PhD 1986oa
Response to the Equal Employment Opportunity Act 1985
Hons. 1986lj
English Correspondence in a Japanese Company Hons. 1986hm
Fans and Idols: A Study of Pop Music Culture
in Contemporary Japan
Hons. 1986oj
Foreigner Talk in Japanese Vol.
1 & 2
PhD 1986sa
Japanese Exchange Students in Australia:
Problems in Communication and Interaction and the Acquisition of
Communicative and Socio-Cultural Competence
M.A. 1986sr
Training of Japanese Businessmen: Preparation for Overseas Postings
Hons. 1986cc
Problems of Package Tours to Japan Hons. 1986bl
Some Aspects of Communication within a Melbourne
Branch of a Japanese Trading Company
M.A. 1986yk
Changing Definition, Role and Value of Enka in the Japanese Society
Hons. 1986cl
The Changing Role of Matsuri Hons. 1986pu
Opportunities for Self-Expression in the Japanese Classroom
Hons. 1986fm
The Problems of Returnee Students in Japan at
the University Entrance Examination Level
Hons. 1986bf
Tea Ceremony Past and Present
Hons. 1986ra
Verb “Omou”: Its Use and Meaning
M.A. 1986mm
Visiting Japanese Academic’s Knowledge of Australian Universities
Hons. 1986mj
Work and Leisure Patterns and Perceptions: A
Study of Twelve Japanese Executives Recruited to Work in Melbourne
Hons. 1986rs
1985 Behavioural
Patterns and Perceived International Difficulties of Australian Tourists
in Japan
M.A. 1985at
Case Particles in Japanese Language
M.A. Prelim. 1985sa
Changing Travel Patterns of Japanese
Hons. 1985ye
Japanese Food Today Hons. 1985fm
Students at Brighton Grammar
Hons. 1985kk
of Malaysian Students in Japan
Hons. 1985ta
Efforts to Sell Australian Wine in Japan
Hons. 1985gn
to Japan’s Nationality Law 1980-1985
Hons. 1985tv
Final Expressions in Spoken Japanese
M.A. 1985mv
Education and Animal Welfare in Japanese Zoos
Hons. 1985mj
Correspondences Between Sino-Japanese and Mandarin – Based on an
Analysis of the Jooyoo Kanji (File 1 & 2). The Pinyin Chinese-Japanese
Kanji Index (File 3).
M.A. Prelim. 1985fs
Effect of the Textbook Authorization System on Sino-Japanese Relations
Hons. 1985gh
The Social and Economic Aspects of Weddings
in Japan
Hons. 1985lh
The Social Problems of the Citizens’
Advice Bureau’s Clientele
Hons. 1985lr
Teaching of English as a Foreign Language at Tertiary Institutions
Hons. 1985vh
1984 Trade
Barriers and Japan’s Import Procedures
Hons. 1984oj
of Tradition
M.A. Prelim. 1984an
1983 A Study of Automotive Technical Terminology in Japanese Hons. 1983cm
Intra-Company Tsukiai: The Case of the Japanese
White-Collar Worker
Hons. 1983bs
Kyoiku Kanji: An Error Analysis
of the Results of a Test of 119 Kyoiku Kanji Done by Japanese School
Children and Australian University Students
Hons. 1983fi
in Melbourne Japanese
M.A. 1983mh
Shinto Shrines and Ceremonies Hons. 1983fd
Strategies of Sex-Role Identification in Japanese.
(Appendix iii – Tapes of Interviews – Preliminary Transcriptions
of Interview – held separately)
Hons. 1983je
Butsudan and Kamidana in a Changing Society
Hons. 1983dm
Japanese Staff Training System in the Hotel Industry
Hons. 1983yk
Marketing of Australian Win in Japan
Hons. 1983bp
Urban Development and Policy of Tokyo: Looking Towards the 21st Century
Hons. 1983sa
1982 Commuting
Problems – A Case Study of Tokyo
Hons. 1982ms
Response Signals
M.A. 1982fn
Japanese Working Holiday Makers
in Australia
Hons. 1982se
Language Problems of Japanese Children
in the Classroom Situation
M.A. 1982km
Stroke Order of Chinese Characters:
An Error Analysis
M.A. Prelim. 1982km
The Long-Term Sugar Contract Dispute Hons. 1982fm
The Modernization of Ryokan Hons. 1982pa
Smoke Or Not to Smoke in Japan
Hons. 1982dc
Soetsu and the Folk Craft Movement
M.A. 1982kj
1981 A Study of Arranged Marriages in Japan and India Hons. 1981ga
Music Education in Japanese Primary Schools Hons. 1981pk
‘Nara’-Conditional in Contemporary Japanese M.A. 1981on
Onomatopoeia in Japanese Language Teaching M.A. 1981km
The Role of Japanese Language Assistants in
the Teaching of Japanese in Victorian State High Schools
M.A. Prelim. 1981at
The Treatment of Foreign Countries in Japanese
Lower Secondary School Social Studies
Hons. 1981me
1980 An Analysis of Tone Errors of Australian Students M.A. Prelim. 1980lj
Christians in Japan Hons. 1980gk
in a Japanese Factory
Hons. 1980wp
French in Japan Hons. 1980lv
Attitudes to the American Occupation
Hons. 1980cj
Use and Linguistic Theory: Sex-Related Variation in Japanese Syntax
PhD 1980sj
Letter-Writing in Japanese, Appendix 6.2: Sample
of Japanese Letters
Hons. 1980fs
Lexical Errors in the Japanese
of English-Speaking Learners
M.A. Prelim. 1980sa
Discrimination in the Japanese School System
Hons. 1980lc
Suzuki Method of Music Education
Hons. 1980hc
a Feminist Analysis of Mizoguchi Films
Women’s Magazines in Japan Hons. 1980pb
Year Title Degree code
1979 A Reader in Legal and Administrative Japanese M.A. 1979bc
A Study of the Aquisition of the Japanese Accent
by Foreign Speakers
M.A. Prelim. 1979yk
Education the ‘Writing-About Life’ Method
Hons. 1979fj
Down the Tradition: An Explanation of the National Theatre Kabuki
Actors’ Training School
Hons. 1979sr
of Second Language Acquisition in Japanese
M.A. 1979kl
Socialization in Japanese Primary Schools: An Analysis of the Aims
and Content of Primary School Social Students Textbook
M.A. Prelim. 1979lk
The Adaptation of Western Concepts in Children’s
Hons. 1979lh
The Teaching of Characters to Japanese
Children Returning from Abroad
Hons. 1979cd
Teaching of Shuji and Shodo in Japanese Schools
Hons. 1979pl
1978 A Study of Gairaigo in Japan Hons. 1978cn
and the Language of Advertising in Japan
Hons. 1978ad
Assessment of Japanese Teaching in Victorian State High Schools
M.A. Prelim. 1978mh
An Evaluation of the Content Structure and Use
of Dialogue in Three Tertiary Japanese Textbooks
Bunjinga and Tokugawa Japan M.A. 1978ll
Education in Lower Secondary Schools in Japan
Hons. 1978cm
Strategies in the Speech of Japanese Children
Hons. 1978mv
Education of Mentally Retarded Children in Japan
Hons. 1978sm
Acquisition of English Communicative Competence by Japanese Women
M.A. 1978mh
1977 Hesitation
Phenomena – An Analysis of Japanese Interviews
Hons. 1977am
and Labour Relations in Small-Medium Scale Industry in Japan
M.A. 1977mv
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements
in Japan
Hons. 1977gc
The Study of English Literature
in Japanese Universities
Hons. 1977gl
1976 Aisatsu and the Pre School Child Hons. 1976sa
Beef Trade
Hons. 1976on
Communication Problems in Australia-Japan
Business Relations
Hons. 1976ma
Kiyomoto-Bushi A Study of a Japanese
Narrative Musical Genre
M.A. Prelim. 1976ma
– Proposals for New Urbanism
Hons. 1976lv
Japanese in Brazil
Hons. 1976pm
The Japanese Seal Hons. 1976cc
1975 Communicative Network of Japanese Women in Melbourne M.A. 1975bm
Hani Motoko; The Educator and Her Ideas Hons. 1975ce
Some Problems of Honorifics in Two Japanese
M.A. Prelim. 1975bc
The First and Second Person Pronouns
in Contemporary Japanese
M.A. 1975sm
The Japanese University Entrance
Hons. 1975jl
The Rise of the Citizens’ Anti-pollution
Movement in Japan
Hons. 1975ms
1974 An Analysis
of Tokyo’s Housing Problem and Prerequisites to a Solution with
Particular Emphasis on Public Housing
Hons. 1974fs
1974 An Investigation of the Differentiation by Nuance and
Role of Nihon and Nippon in Contemporary Japan
Hons. 1974pe
Contemporary Japanese Print Artists
Hons. 1974kj
Old in Japan
Hons. 1974ns
Japanese Society After Defeat Hons. 1974cj
Problems and Wants of Contemporary Japanese
Women their Situation in Work and Marriage
M.A. 1974sa
of Contemporary Japanese Women
M.A. 1974wa
Abortion Issue in Japan Today
Hons. 1974be
Japanese Remuneration System
Hons. 1974bi
1973 Comparative Study of Women’s Problems in Japan and
Hons. 1973dg
The Accommodation of Japanese Sojourner
Children to their Host Cultures
Hons. 1973bl
Use of the Particles “O” and “Go” with Nouns
in Modern Standard Japanese
Hons. 1973pd
1972 A Comparison of English and Japanese Hons. 1972sj
at Marriage in Japan
Hons. 1972ta
Japanese Women Doctors and Role
Conflict-Problems in the Co-existence of Profession and Family
Hons. 1972sw
Modernization and the ‘Fragmentation’
of the Ie
Hons. 1972hb
Parent-Child Relationships within
the Japanese Home – A Study of Only – Child Families in Tokyo
Hons. 1972mr
Some Problems of Networks in Contemporary Japanese
M.A. 1972hs
The Situation of the Artist in
Japan Today
Hons. 1972ll
1971 A Cursory Study of the Word Components [Te] [Ta] &
[Shu] with Special Reference to Metaphor and Word Formation
Hons. 1971bt
Shakespeare in Japan Hons. 1971wm
Remarks on Two Japanese Pronouns
Hons. 1971bm
of Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools
Hons. 1971md
Imperial Rescript of Education (Kyoiku Ni Kan Suru Chokugo)
M.A. Prelim. 1971nn
The Teaching of Characters in Japanese Schools Hons. 1971mh
1970 Communications
in Japan Telegrams
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Communications in Japan: The Telephone Hons. 1970de
Japanese Business Letters: Forms and Language Hons. 1970km
Japanese Press Coverage of Australian News Hons. 1970mv
Relevance of Traditional Value System to A Modern
Japanese Commercial High School
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