Indonesian Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree code
2009 Constructing ‘Sites of Memory’: Official and counter-official representations of ‘Serangan Umum 1 Maret’ in Modern Indonesia Hons. 2009ha
2008 Undesirable, unwanted and unconstitutional: An analysis of Aceh’s prohition on apostasy Hons. 2008re
2007 At street level: Service provision for drug users in Yogykarta within the context of a looming AIDS/HIV epidemic and the national drug-free 2015 policy Hons. 2007mc
2006 Indonesian Religious Humour: A cultural and linguistic analysis of religious humour in Indonesia Hons. 2006ce
Indonesian Religious Humour: A cultural and linguistic analysis of religious humour in Indonesia Hons. 2006ce
Language Maintenance and Language shift in the Indonesian migrant community in Hamburg, Germany Hons. 2006er
SBY: A new era in Political Rhetoric in Indonesia Hons. 2006wk
2005 Pembangunan
dan Aktivisme (Delepment and Activism)
Hons. 2005hp
2002 Legacy and unintended consequences. Social and culteral interaction betweenthe Japanese and the Indonesians in Java 1942-1945 PhD 2002wh
Rainbow Heart – a non- government organisation for people
with disabilities in Solo, Central Java
Hons. 2002bj
of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Australian and Indonesian Print
Hons. 2002ch
2001 Desiring Chinese Modernity: Seeing Shanghai and Beijing
Through a Flaneur’s Eyes
Hons. 2001kd
and Indonesian Press Coverage of Separatist Conflicts
Hons. 2001sr
Urban Curse or Rural Blessing: Television Reception
and Rural Audience in Java.
M.A. 2001tn
2000 Gender, Power, Development and the Keluarga Berencana
Initiative: Javanese motherhood and the familial realm as a site
for state intervention.
Hons. 2000re
Human Rights, Adat, and the Kedung
Ombo Dam
Hons. 2000ma
The College of Indonesian Arts,
Denpasar: Nation, State and the Performing Arts in Bali
PhD 2000hb
The Politics of Performance: Gender Identity
in Arja and other Contemporary Balinese Theatre Forms
PhD 2000kn
The way forward for the Indonesian Women’s
movement in the post Suharto era – An examination of conflict and
perceived power relationships at the 1998 Women’s Congress
Hons. 2000km
1999 Land
Conflict in Indonesia.
Hons. 1999co
Study Choices and Aspirations of
Indonesian University Students
Hons. 1999dv
Bidasari: A Poetic Analysis
M.A. 1999mj
1998 Indonesian Textbooks and Teacher’s Perceptions of
a Communicative Approach.
M.A. 1998hl
Indonesian Women’s Popular
Fiction: Readers’ Responses in Their Literary and Social Context.
PhD 1998hi
Women as Synecdoche on Indonesian Television
News: An Intersection of Gender, State and Society.
Hons. 1998wb
1996 Indonesian Martial Arts Fiction: A Psycho-Political Study
of Cerita Silat.
Hons. 1996be
The Indonesian Press in the Era
of Keterbukaan. A Force for Democratisation?
PhD 1996hy
1995 Peranan adat dalam pernikahan Sunda modern Hons. 1995dk
The Emergence of Neo-Modernism; a Progressive,
Liberal, Movement of Islamic Thought in Indonesia: A Texual Study
Examining the writings of Nurcholish Madjid, Djohan Effendi, Ahmad
Wahib and Abdurrahman Wahid 1968-1980 Volumes 1 & 2
PhD 1995bg
The Indonesian Negara Hukum & The Pengadilan
Tata Usaha Negara; Contrasts in Constitutionalism.
Hons. 1995mj
1994 WIGNYOSOETARNO’S MAKUTHARAMA – an annotated translation
with an introduction and comparison of Different versions of the
M.A. 1994ph
1993 Indonesian
Women’s Magazines: A New Order Phenomenon.
M.A. 1993kr
1992 Javanese Women and the 1974 Marriage Act Hons. 1992cs
1990 Harmony in Discord: The Voices of Three Important Indonesian
Hons. 1990wk
1987 Indonesian
Films 1965-1982. Perceptions of Society and History.
PhD 1987sk
1986 Henry James in Indonesian: A Stylistic Analysis of a Translation
of “Daisy Miller”.
Hons. 1986sr
1983 Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Anak Syah Humanisme. Hons. 1983sp
The Javanese Women: Reflections of the Past
and Present in Modern Indonesian Literature.
Hons. 1983cd
1982 Good Books, Bad Books, Banned Books. Literature, Politics
and the Pre-war Indonesian Novel.
M.A. 1982tp
1980 Time and Order in Iwan Simatupang’s Merahnya Merah. Hons. 1980bp
1976 The Secularization
Process and Islam in Indonesian.
Hons. 1976dl
1974 “Puisi Baru”: The Emergence of a Non-Traditional
Malay Poetry in Pre-War Indonesia. 1920-1942
PhD 1974fk
Bequeathing of the Values of 1945 and its Relevance to the Indonesian
Army in the 1980’s.
Hons. 1974tm
1967 “The
Poetry of Sitor Situmorang”
Hons. 1967lm