German Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree Code
2009 Depoliticising the Holocaust n the early years of the BRD and the DDR Hons. 2009ls
Difference and the Other in Dialogue – Philosophical hermeneutics and deconstruction: a comparative analysis Hons. 2009cs
Eyes Unaccustomed: The Creative Mind in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina and Other Prose Works PhD 2009ju
“We call it Springbok German!”: language contact in the German Communitites in South Africa PhD 2009fk
2007 Blurring the boundaries: History, memory and imagination in the works of W G Sebald Hons. 2007md
Contradictions of Memories and counter-memories. The significance of the Wenderoman in Post Reunification Germany Hons. 2007cv
Ficken auf der Buhne: Self-conceptualisation in Christian Kracht’s Faserland Hons. 2007or
German (re)unification, Gunter Grass and Ein weites feld Hons. 2007bl
Learning second language vocabulary with the help of Etymology: German as a not-so-foreign language for speakers of English Hons. 2007wa
Liebeskonzepte in Fatih Akins Film “Gegan die Wand”. Hons. 2007sd
MAKING NATURE: Visions Of Mastery in Third Reich Cinema PhD 2007ng
Will a süβess sexy girl chattn? English borrowings on a German youth website Hons. 2007gp
2006 “Heimatslos unter fremden Menschen” Hanna Papanek and Experience in Exile Letters Hons. 2006kb
A comparative analysis of the Media Response to September 11, 2001, in Germany and Australia: An investigation into the print media debate Hons. 2006hj
A critics discourse analysis of the 1968 West-German student movement Hons. 2006fa
Coming to terms with Cultural Plurality: Responses to German-Turkish Literature since reunification. Hons. 2006dc
Language Maintenance and Language shift in the Indonesian migrant community in Hamburg, Germany Hons. 2006er
Managing Language diversities in an era of Globalisation: A critical analysis of the language policy and planning in India, Australia and Germany Hons. 2006ra
Materialising Memory: An Enquiry into the Process of Public Memorialisation with Reference to the Rosenstrasse Protest M.A. 2006bk
Normalisation and Historicisation as a means of Vergangenheitsbawaltigung in the post Wende German novel Hons. 2006be
Switzerland’s relationships with the European Union: A critical analysis of Switzerland’s accession to the European Union Hons. 2006kn
2005 Artistic Beauty and Knowledge in the Aesthetics of Hume and Hegel Hons. 2005bd
Language, Culture and Ideology: Socio-cultural and ideological implications of the adoption of anglicisms in French and German PhD 2005am
Migrant Identites. The effects of diversity in the German context: integration, education, identity and language Hons. 2005cd
Tales In Translation : A study of the German editions of the Grimms’ Kinder-und Hausmarchen and their translation into English, with a detailed comparative analysis of ten translations of the tale of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. M.A. 2005kv
The Construction of Cultural Identity: Germans in Melbourne PhD 2005es
2004 Dramatic Anthroposophy PhD 2004aa
Fata Morgana – ‘Vata Morgana’: The ”absent father” and problems of identity formation in german-language ”father books” after the thrid Reich PhD 2004cn
The public reception of Leni Riefenstahl Hons. 2004bp
The writing’s on the wall: A discourse analytical approach to graffiti M.A. 2004ma
2003 BverfGE 66, 116 – Springer/Wallraff: ein Prozess und seine Folgen Hons. 2003ts
Communication of stereotypes in Austraian Emigration Circles Hons. 2003gc
Deutsche Dialekteinstellungen: Eine intergenerationelle Studie Hons. 2003tc
Intercultural Communication in Business Hons. 2003kp
Lehrwerk facilitation of intercultural communicative competence PhD 2003oc
Motivation in and out of the SLA classroom Hons. 2003ha
Perspectives on Persecution: Post-War Accounts of the Sinti and Roma Under the National Socialists Hons. 2003gn
Science Fiction: “Raumpatronille Orion” Hons. 2003gr
2002 Advertising in Germany and Australia: A culturally based comparison of television advertisements in the two countries. Hons. 2002wl
Analysis of a series of letters written by Austrian-Jewish refugees attemepting to escape Vienna during 1938/9 to Melbourne, Australia Hons. 2002ha
Erich KŠstner’s Emil und die Detektive- A Study in Translation Hons. 2002gl
Gender-Specific Discourse and Conversational Dominance: A Communication and Discourse Analysis of German Speakers in Relation to English-Speaking Research Hons. 2002lm
Sprachvergleich Deutsch – Serisch. Eine Kontrastive sprachanalyse PhD 2002kj
The Constitution of The Literary Field in Germany After 1871 PhD 2002mc
2001 Bilingual Women and Terms of Address – A micor-level approach to language behaviour and the negotiation of identity Hons. 2001lb
Holocaust Tourism: Interpretation, Attraction and Visitor Dynamics Hons. 2001wl
Paradigms of experiencing the new in Pacific voyages and explorations. PhD 2001lr
Towards a Psychoanalytic Aesthetics of Contemporary Literature PhD 2001br
2000 The Australian Reception of Austrian, German and Swiss Drama:
Productions and Reviews between 1945 and 1996.
PhD 2000gu
1998 Das fremde Ich Begegnungen im pazifischen Raum PhD 1998wc
1997 Linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects of language contact: the case of Serbo-Croation in Victoria, Australia PhD 1997br
On the Writings of Rahel Levin Varnhagen – Eine deutsche Juedin aus der Romantik Hons. 1997sa
1996 Changing Masculinities in Eastern Germany Hons. 1996br
1995 Colonial, anti-colonial and post-colonial positions in the Ukrainian historical novel: 1934 – 1990 PhD 1995ba
The acquisition of noun phrases in two English-German bilingual brothers Hons. 1995ds
1993 Ludwig Leichhardt: giving meaning to the foreign M.A. Prelim. 1993lr
1993 The fantastic in the works of E.T.A. Hoffmann Hons. 1993wk
1991 Puer Senex as narrative topos in Audrei Belyi’s Kotik Letaev M.A. 1991sp
Towards a curriculum for second langauge teaching and language maintenance based on Croation and Serbian/Serbo-Croation PhD 1991br
1990 Alienation and criminality M.A. 1990la
1989 Polish education in Victoria in comparison with the conditions in Poland Hons. 1989gl
1988 Das Deutsch funf jugoslawischer Arbeitnehmer und zwei Arbeitnehmerinnen Hons. 1988hj
David Ernst Oppenheim 1881-1943. The man, his time, his work. M.A. 1988ld
One Parent – One Language: an interactional approach PhD 1988ds
1985 A Comparative Study of Georg kaiser’s Gilles Und Jeanne and Michel Tournier’s Giles et Jeanne. Hons. 1985sj
1982 The topos of the inexpressible. Poetic argumentation in Tieck, Novalis and Hoffmann M.A. 1982pm
1980 The effect of mixed marriage on language shift in the Dutch community in Australia M.A. 1980pa
1971 Aspects of German intonation – Fundamental frequency variations associated with stress and juncures in a sample of German speech M.A. 1971bd
1967 Some trends in the post Brechtean drama of West Germany PhD 1967tr