European Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree code
2006 Bridging The Gap M.A. 2006hs
The Holy Roman Empire and the idea of European unity: the invention of the modern state and ”turn to equality” Hons. 2006cr
2005 Alain Touraine and the Crisis of Organised Modernity Hons. 2005af
The accession of the Central and Eastern European
Countries to the European Union and the transitional restrictions
upon freedom of movement
Hons. 2005sf
Zygmunt bauman and Tzvetan Todorov: Morality, Modernity and the “Age of Camps”? Hons. 2005wl
2002 Immigrant Integration / European Integration: The Front
National and the Manipulation of French Nationhood
PhD 2002oc
Ghost in the Machine. Science, Mysticism and Italian Futurist Literature.
M.A. 2002kp
The struggle for Religious Pluralism: Russian
Orthadox and civil society in Post-Soviet Russia
PhD 2002kz
2001 An Examination of the Ideology of the Liberal Democratic
Party of Russia and its Role in Nation and State Formation in Post-Soviet
M.A. 2001hp
Foreign policies for the diffusion
of language and culture: The Italian experience in Australia
PhD 2001gt
Networks of Protest, Communities of Resistance
– Autonomous Activism in Contemporary Britain.
PhD 2001la
1999 False Opposites in Nationalism: An Examination of the
Dichotomy of Civic Nationalism and Ethnic Nationalism in Modern Europe.
M.A. 1999nm
Franco-German Relations: Post german Reunification Hons. 1999pa
1998 Australia-Europe Relations
in the 1990’s: The Emergence of Human Rights in Framework Agreements.
Hons. 1998jr
1997 European
Direct Investment in Australia in the Context of its Internationalisation
and Regional Integration.
M.A. 1997ml
New Labour to Power – The Transformation
of the British Labour Party and its 1997 General Election Campaign.
M.A. 1997cj
Russian Foreign Policy and the Search for Russia’s
Role in the Post-Cold War Order.
Hons. 1997kz
Implications of an Intergrated Europe for Farm Animal Welfare.
M.A. 1997dc
1996 Back
to The Future? The Greek Communist Party reconstructing effort in
the Post-Cold War era
Hons. 1996lk
Back To The Future? The Greek Communist
Party reconstructing effort in the Post – Cold War era.
Research Paper 1996lk
Changing Masculinities in Eastern Germany Hons. 1996br
Light at the end of the tunnel? Western interests,
institutions and influence on the transformations of East-Central
Hons. 1996wc
The Fall of Communism – Grand Revolution
or an Extension of Modernisation? An Analysis of the East German
Revolution as Presented by the Media.
M.A. 1996sc
1995 Citezenship and human rights: towards a European politicam
M.A. Prelim. 1995hc
Integration Theory and the Case
of Norway’s Second Referendum on EU Membership.
M.A. 1995wc
1994 Citizenship and Human Rights: Towards a European Political
M.A. 1994hc
ETA In Crisis. Have the Means Reached
an End?
M.A. 1994da
The Chicken, the Egg, or the Furry
Omelet? The Connections Between the Strategic and Economic Dimensions
of Transatlantic Relations.
M.A. 1994st
Schuman Plan The Genesis of European Integration.
Hons. 1994mc
1993 Germany and the European Community: A Changing Relationship?
Nationalism and Integration within the Federal Republic.
M.A. 1993oc
1992 The Relationship Between
Education and the Economy. An Analysis of the Effects of European
Community Membership on Educational Policy in Spain between 1980
and 1990
M.A. 1992mb
1991 A Europe
of the Regions.
M.A. 1991vk
1990 Joaquin
Xavier De Uriz Y Lasaga On Foundings.
M.A. 1990gm