Chinese Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree code
2009 Compund Ideograph-A Contested Category in Studies of the Chinese Writing System PhD 2009cz
The structure of the Chinese aspect system: A critical study Hons. 2009wa
2008 An Analysis of the ‘China Threat Theory’: Sino-U.S relations and the Notion of a ‘Coming Conflict’ Hons. 2008lt
Australia and Taiwan: Bilateral Relations, China, the United States, and the South Pacific PhD 2008aj
Huang Naishang: A Chinese Christian Reformer in Late Qing and Early Republican China PhD 2008pa
2007 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. A decade under Chinese Sovereignty Hons. 2007ne
2006 Dancing to the beat of a different drum: On rave in China Hons. 2006la
One country, two systems” and the challenge of air pollution in the Greater Pearl River Delta Hons. 2006yd
2004 Legitimizing ”Taiwan:” The formation
of a Tawanese national identity
PhD 2004hm
construction of “Chinese” cultural identity: English-Language Writing by Australian and Other Authors with Chinese Ancestry
PhD 2004sc
2003 China
and World Heritage
Hons. 2003sd
technology Cooperation in the ICT sector between Australia and Korea: with special reference to the Ecotech agenda in APEC PhD 2003kh
The control of the media in China through the examination of the SARS case. Hons. 2003mj
The New Great Wall of China: Cyberspatial Boundaries and Chinese Controls on the Internet Hons. 2003kt
2002 China’s Internet: A Technology of Freedom? Hons. 2002mm
Constructing Suiyuan: The politics of Northwestern territory and Devopment in Early twentieth Century China PhD 2002tj
Rethinking the Great Transition: A reassessment of the Democratisation Process in the Rupublic of China on Taiwan: Three case studies Hons. 2002mn
2001 A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Division of Labour: Violation and Enforcement of Property Rights, Impersonal Networking Decisions and Building Sale. PhD 2001lk
China’s Falun Gong: Its Political Threat and Portrayal in Chinese Media Hons. 2001ct
2000 The New Middle Class in the Economic, Social and Political (?) Modernisation of contemporary China. Hons. 2000mn
1999 Bureaucratic Obstacles and Foreign Invested Enterprises in China. Hons. 1999fl
Textbooks at Tertiary Level: A Comparison of Textbooks for Second Language Learners of Chinese and German. Hons. 1999bv
The Floating Population In Comtemporary China. Hons. 1999we
1998 “Female Leaders in China’s Political System” Hons. 1998pe
Legal Representation Under the New Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China. Hons. 1998lb
Property Law in China: Theory and Practice. Hons. 1998ns
The Indonesian Chinese under the New Order Government. Hons. 1998mc
1995 Labour Relations in Post-Mao China. Hons. 1995ms
1994 Constructing a Nation on Women’s Oppression in China. Hons. 1994ab
The Concept of Women in Late Imperial China. Hons. 1994nj
1993 Problems and Prospects for Chinese Language Applications in Computing and Informations Technology. Hons. 1993pm
1992 The Fundamental ‘Law’ of the People’s Republic of China. Hons. 1992sa
1991 The Political Consequences of Economic and Political Reform in the Post-Mao Period. Hons. 1991wp
The Political Implications of Fiscal
Reform for Central-Local Relations in China: The Case of Guangdong
M.A. 1991qy
1984 The Development of
Chinese Capital in Souther Siam 1868- 1932
PhD 1984sp