Asian Studies – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Degree code
2009 Vietnamese women’s magazine fiction and agency Hons. 2009dm
2007 Taiwan-Japan relations Hons. 2007bs
2003 Negotiating Identity: Indonesian Women’s Published Autobiographies and Unpublished Diaries in the New Order PhD 2003ms
2001 Comparative studies on China and Indonesia. “Factors affecting the competitiveness of Guangdong (China) and Jave (indonesia) in Textile, clothingh and footwear industries M.A. 2001lj
Conversational negotiation in Chinese – Japanese interaction. AN analysis of workplace interaction. PhD 2001my
Identity, Activism and Motherhood: Discourse negotitation in contemporary Indonesian society Hons. 2001bk
1999 Context and Complicity in Intercultural Theatre Practice. M.A. 1999pd
Second Language Listening Task Compexity. PhD 1999uj
Siauw Giok Tjhan: Bicultural Leader in Emerging Indonesia PhD 1999st
Women, Representation, Space: Flower Market Prostitutes and Griya Lentera in Central Java Hons. 1999sb
1998 A Symbol of Struggle: The Marsinah Case in the Context of a Changing Paradigm for the State-Society Relations. Hons. 1998hr
1997 Music Tastes and their Expression: University Students in Yogyakarta, 1997. Hons. 1997em
The Guerilla Dynasty: Politics and Leadership in the DPRK 1945-1994 PhD 1997ba
1996 Democracy in Asia. Women’s Participation in Local Government in Indonesia. Hons. 1996hl
KULIAH KERJA NYATA: Community Service in an Indonesian University Hons. 1996md
The Buddhist Political Geography of Lanna (North Thailand). Hons. 1996cp
1995 “IT’S WHO YOU KNOW”: Australian Business’s Experiences of Guanxi in the People’s Republic of China. Hons. 1995wr
Poetry as Personal Expression: The Establishment of the ‘Modern’ in Malay Poetry. M.A. 1995ss
Politeness Markers in Vietnamese Requests. PhD 1995nd
Pramoedya Ananta Toer and N. H. Dini’s Literary Images of Women. Hons. 1995kn
The Cult Worship of King Chulalongkorn. Hons. 1995bg
The Protestant Missionaries in Nineteenth Century Siam. Hons. 1995gd
1993 An explication and analysis of epistemological foundations and conceptions of knowledge in the Mozi and the Later Canons. Hons. 1993bs

Orality and Literacy. Literary Process, Narrative Structure and Malay Historical Literature. Vol. I.

The Texts. Vol II.

PhD 1991tn
1987 Classical Malay Literature and Orality Theory. Cerita Sabor and Ong Hons. 1987bg
Syair Kawin Tan Tik Cu. Hons. 1987kr
The Narrative of Siam. (Tjarita Siam Supplemented by Hikayat Raja-Raja Siam) M.A. 1987sk
1986 Mendu Theatre on the Island of Bunguran. Sumatra. Hons. 1986kk
Shahnon Ahmad: Maintaining Traditional Values Through His Literary Cognition. Hons. 1986ss
1984 Sundanese – A Syntactical Analysis. M.A. 1984hr
Function of Characters, and Historical Discourse in Propaganda:- An Analysis of Ishak Bin Haji Mohammad’s “Dolly:- Bidadari Dari Shanghai”.
Hons. 1984gh
1983 Cocos
malay Syntax. The Basic Clause Constructions of Cocos Malay. (A Pilot
Hons. 1983la
1982 Syair Raja Muda Perlis – A Malay version of an episode from the Ramayana. M.A. 1982tn
1980 Language and Form in Mas Marco Kartodikromo’s Novel – Student Hidjo. Hons. 1980jm
1979 The Structure of Time in the Hikayat Muhammad Hanafiyyah. Hons. 1979hc
1978 Si Miskin: A Study of a Malay Folktale. Hons. 1978si
1976 Style and Language in Arifin C. Noer’s Kapai-Kapai. Hons. 1976tp
Watcher on the Hill. A Study of Ruangan Kak Timah In Berita Minggu, 1962-1967. Hons. 1976hv
1975 Majallah Guru – The Magazine of the MalayTeachers (with particular reference to the 1924-1932 period and the role played by Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad). PhD 1975aa
1974 The Content of Chairil Anwar’s Poetry. M.A. 1974ia
1973 Perkembangan Fiksyen Melayu Dari Hikayat Kepada Novel. (The Development of Malay Fiction From Romances to the Novel) M.A. 1973iy