2005-2009 – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Program Degree Code
2009 Attitudes to English Spelling Linguistics Hons. 2009wm
Compund Ideograph-A Contested Category in Studies of the Chinese Writing System Chinese PhD 2009cz
Constructing ‘Sites of Memory’: Official and counter-official representations of ‘Serangan Umum 1 Maret’ in Modern Indonesia Indonesian Hons. 2009ha
Depoliticising the Holocaust n the early years of the BRD and the DDR German Hons. 2009ls
Difference and the Other in Dialogue – Philosophical hermeneutics and deconstruction: a comparative analysis German Hons. 2009cs
Discourse functions of demonstratives and place adverbs with exophoric reference in Logea, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea Linguistics PhD 2009dc
Eyes Unaccustomed: The Creative Mind in Ingeborg Bachmann’s Malina and Other Prose Works German PhD 2009ju
Framing In Hispanic-Australian Adlolescent Narratives: Worst Holiday Stories As an Expression Of Identity Hispanic M.A. 2009pk
Gender Assignment and Word-final Pronunciation in French: Two Classification Systems Linguistics PhD 2009am
Greeting the browsing customer: service encounter openings and the influence of gender Linguistics Hons. 2009mr
History’s Aside. A Study of Digressive Narrative Strategies in Historical Fictions by Italian Women Writers Italian M.A. 2009cl
Increasing immigration as a response to Japan’s declining population Japanese Hons. 2009fs
Kierkegaard on Sartre (combined thesis French/Philosophy) French Hons. 2009ds
Las Identidades Indigenas Contestan Al Poder Colonial: Los Casos De Guatemala, Mexico Y Bolivia Hispanic Hons. 2009jr
Net-Speak: The Internet and Language Change Linguistics Hons. 2009ss
Parasocial Relationships between Media Audiences and Japanese Enterainment Characters: Does participation in virtual fan community influence the parasocial involvement of media fans towards the Johnny’s Entertainment media characters? Japanese Hons. 2009kj
Playing it Gay: The construction of homosexual identity in the pilot episode of Will & Grace Linguistics Hons. 2009sd
Reading Annabella (1965-1978): A case study in feminism, social change and Italian popular culture Italian PhD 2009ws
Renegotiating Women in Contemporary Italian Cinema Italian PhD 2009tt
Silvio Berlusconi: Populism and the Undermining of Liberal Democracy in Italy Italian Hons. 2009ga
"Sospensione dell’io a fini personali"
Discursive space and the construction of identity in Rosa Cappiello’s Paese Fortunato
Italian Hons. 2009cj
Staying Together: Kinship, morphology and language change in Yanyuwa Linguistics Hons. 2009jw
Strokes of Culture: analysis of two versions of subtitles for the Korean movie "Chihwaseon" Korean Hons. 2009fe
The appeal of Boys’ Love manga: An analysis of the protrayals of love and sex in Japanese comics Japanese Hons. 2009cj
The Mirror of Medea: Pasolini and Glover through the reflection of discontent Classical Studies Hons. 2009dj
The structure of the Chinese aspect system: A critical study Chinese Hons. 2009wa
The Writing of Leopoldo Maria Panero: Subjectivity and Mulitiplicity Hispanic PhD 2009lr
Translating Australia: The Case of Australian Contemporary Fiction in Italian Translation Interpreting and Translation PhD 2009fd
Translation and Modernity in Late Qing China (1895 – 1911) Interpreting and Translation PhD 2009cl
Translation Project as an Honours Dissertation – Ishida Ira’s The Maze of the Palm Japanese Hons. 2009bm
Transmutations and Transfigurations: The Thesmophoria and the Cult of the Thesmophorian Goddesses after the Classical Period Classical Studies Hons. 2009mk
Traversing Textual Terrains : Strategies for Trnaslating Metaphonr in Japanese -English Literary Translation Interpreting and Translation PhD 2009ts
Vietnamese women’s magazine fiction and agency Asian Studies Hons. 2009dm
"We call it Springbok German!": language contact in the German Communitites in South Africa German PhD 2009fk
Women Know Best: Women as Dante’s guides through the different stages of love in La Divina Commedia Italian Hons. 2009rc
Word rage: An investigation into why ‘poor’ language use ‘justifies homicide’ Linguistics Hons. 2009dk
2008 A translation of Alain Badiou’s "Philosophy and Politics: Beyond the philosophical theme of the community" with an accompanying theoretical introduction French Hons. 2008cj
An Analysis of the ‘China Threat Theory’: Sino-U.S relations and the Notion of a ‘Coming Conflict’ Chinese Hons. 2008lt
Australia and Taiwan: Bilateral Relations, China, the United States, and the South Pacific Chinese PhD 2008aj
Collaborative Writing In A Second/Foreign Language French and Italian Hons. 2008zc
Huang Naishang: A Chinese Christian Reformer in Late Qing and Early Republican China Chinese PhD 2008pa
Jest and Recreation : The Translation of Humour Italian PhD 2008mb
"Keeping An Eye On All Balls" : Interpreters’ Functions In Multi-Party Business Interpreting Situations Japanese PhD 2008tm
L’integration francaise a l’epreuve French Hons. 2008hr
Little, Great and Not-So-Great Russian: The Minor Literature of Nikolai Gogol Slavic PhD 2008sp
Opportunities for Second Language and Use in Foreigh Language Lerners’ Social Networks Japanese PhD 2008kn
Proclus commentary on Plato’s Timaeus Book 3, part ii Proclus on the World Soul Classical Studies PhD 2008bd
The European Union’s ‘illegal’ immigration policy French Hons. 2008gr
Timor Leste’s Portuguese language policy: implication development and national building (combined thesis Politics/Spanish) Hispanic Hons. 2008mt
Undesirable, unwanted and unconstitutional: An analysis of Aceh’s prohition on apostasy Indonesian Hons. 2008re


A feast in Translation French Hons. 2007tk
At street level: Service provision for drug users in Yogykarta within the context of a looming AIDS/HIV epidemic and the national drug-free 2015 policy Indonesian Hons. 2007mc
Bilingual friendship networks of Japanese students overseas Japanese Hons. 2007wm
Blurring the boundaries: History, memory and imagination in the works of W G Sebald German Hons. 2007md
Carlton and the development of an Italian neighborhood Italian Hons. 2007bs
Chronicles of my resurrection. Once upon a time in the Wesr…of Canada. : A translataion of selected extracts from Ugo Monticone’s first novel French Hons. 2007pb
Contradictions of Memories and counter-memories. The significance of the Wenderoman in Post Reunification Germany German Hons. 2007cv
des themes de la citoyennete et de l’identite nationale dans le discours politique en France au cours des periodes electorales 1995 ey 2005 French Hons. 2007gl
Ficken auf der Buhne: Self-conceptualisation in Christian Kracht’s Faserland German Hons. 2007or
Gattopardi, fiori e sciacalletti: Animal and natural imagery in Lampedusa’s Il Gattopardo Italian Hons. 2007ml
Gender Politics and rape in Terence’s Eunuchus Classical Studies Hons. 2007rl
German (re)unification, Gunter Grass and Ein weites feld German Hons. 2007bl
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. A decade under Chinese Sovereignty Chinese Hons. 2007ne
Jews and Other Victims: ‘Jewishness’ as moral identity in Natalia Ginzburg’s works Italian PhD 2007cn
La presence du cinema francais en Australie French Hons. 2007ja
Learning second language vocabulary with the help of Etymology: German as a not-so-foreign language for speakers of English German Hons. 2007wa
Liebeskonzepte in Fatih Akins Film "Gegan die Wand". German Hons. 2007sd
MAKING NATURE: Visions Of Mastery in Third Reich Cinema German PhD 2007ng
Monteverdi’s Eighth book of Madrigals: A musical genre in Transition Italian Hons. 2007mk
Nationalism, Hegemony, Language Politics and Language Marginalization in Postcolonial Zimbabwe Linguistics PhD 2007nf
Perceptions of speech accomodation of English speaking migrants Linguistics Hons. 2007fp
Reimagining Slovak National Identity: Media-based Popular Culture 1993 – 2005 Slavic PhD 2007bj
Sicilianism and the Mafi: Representations and realities Italian Hons. 2007cm
Studying online community: New approaches for new communities Linguistics Hons. 2007dl
Symbolism and Religion in the works of Mykola Khvyl’ovyi Ukrainian Hons. 2007ki
Taiwan-Japan relations Asian Studies Hons. 2007bs
Technology and the creation of new words in English Linguistics Hons. 2007se
The LingTool application. An interface for the production of interlinear morphemic glosses in XML Linguistics Hons. 2007st
Topo Gigio and the challenge of subtitling for Children’s movies Italian Hons. 2007ml
Tracing a Tradition The Translation of Australian Children’s Fiction into German from 1945 to Present Interpreting and Translation PhD 2007gl
Trans/figurations: Gender Crossing Contemporary Latin American Written and Visual Narratives Hispanic PhD 2007lp
Translation of Nihon kaiga no joseizo (the image og Japanese women in Japanese paintings) by Ikeda Shinobu Japanese/Linguistics Hons. 2007sc
Un Lugar : La inmigracion en Barcelona. El tratamiento y los deberes de los nuevos ciudadanos Hispanic Hons. 2007mj
Will a süβess sexy girl chattn? English borrowings on a German youth website German/Linguistcs Hons. 2007gp
Jews and Other Victims: ‘Jewishness’ as moral identity in Natalia Ginzburg’s works Italian PhD 2007cn
2006 "You have to speak it at least": language and identity maintenance among Australian migrant teenagers Linguistics PhD 2006wl
A comparative analysis of the Media Response to September 11, 2001, in Germany and Australia: An investigation into the print media debate German Hons. 2006hj
A critics discourse analysis of the 1968 West-German student movement German Hons. 2006fa
An examination of the core values of young second-generation Italo-Australians in Melbourne Italian Hons. 2006ud
Border Identities: The Mexican and United States border and the El Mariachi trilogy Hispanic Hons. 2006rp
Bridging The Gap European Studies M.A. 2006hs
Collectivism and Individualism as Japanese traits: A comparison of Karate Practitioners in Japan and Australia Japanese Hons. 2006bc
Coming to terms with Cultural Plurality: Responses to German-Turkish Literature since reunification. German Hons. 2006dc
Cultural Commodities in Local Revitalization: A Case Study in Tsugaru, Japan Japanese PhD 2006ra
Dancing to the beat of a different drum: On rave in China Chinese Hons. 2006la
Expletives, abusive swearing, euphemism and dysphemism: An examination of taboo language and its functions in Australian television Linguistics Hons. 2006bm
Giveness, definiteness, and specificity in a language without articles: The use of NP markers in Saliba, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea Linguistics Hons. 2006cj
"Heimatslos unter fremden Menschen" Hanna Papanek and Experience in Exile Letters German Hons. 2006kb
Indonesian Religious Humour: A cultural and linguistic analysis of religious humour in Indonesia Indonesian/Linguistics Hons. 2006ce
Interation in Japanese-English Language Exchange Partnerships Japanese M.A. 2006my
Intercultural Internet chat between learners of Japanese and English in informal contexts Japanese/Linguistics Hons. 2006ps
"La Memoire ukrainienne". The reconstruction and maintenance of cultural identity in France: The case of he Ukrainian community French Hons. 2006mo
Language Maintenance and Language shift in the Indonesian migrant community in Hamburg, Germany German/Indonesian Hons. 2006er
Learner Interaction in Pair/Group Work Tasks in a Japanese Language Classroom Japanese M.A. 2006sc
Managing Language diversities in an era of Globalisation: A critical analysis of the language policy and planning in India, Australia and Germany German Hons. 2006ra
Materialising Memory: An Enquiry into the Process of Public Memorialisation with Reference to the Rosenstrasse Protest German M.A. 2006bk
Normalisation and Historicisation as a means of Vergangenheitsbawaltigung in the post Wende German novel German Hons. 2006be
Observations regarding the possible linguistic origins of Bergamasco phonetic elements Italian Hons. 2006mj
"One country, two systems" and the challenge of air pollution in the Greater Pearl River Delta Chinese Hons. 2006yd
Political Accountability for Extra-Territorial Border Controls: The case of the Kater y Rades Italian Hons. 2006jz
Primary to secondary transition: What effects does it have on students’ motivation to continue LOTE learning beyond the compulsary year level? Linguistics Hons. 2006fb
SBY: A new era in Political Rhetoric in Indonesia Indonesian Hons. 2006wk
Student and Tutor Oral Participation in Medical Problem-based Learning Tutorials Japanese M.A. 2006ir
Switzerland’s relationships with the European Union: A critical analysis of Switzerland’s accession to the European Union German Hons. 2006kn
The city examined: A comparative study of Jean Claude Izzo’s Chourmo and Manuel Vazquez Montalban’s Los mares del sur French Hons. 2006sf
The city examined: A comparative study of Jean Claude Izzo’s Chourmo and Manuel Vazquez Montalban’s Los mares del sur Hispanic Hons. 2006sf
The grammar of Wathawurrung: The aboriginal language of the Geelong-Ballarat area Linguistics Hons. 2006dp
The Grammar of Western Dani Linguistics PhD 2006bp
The Holy Roman Empire and the idea of European unity: the invention of the modern state and ”turn to equality”. European Studies Hons. 2006cr
The internationalisation of higher education: Social interaction between Japanese and Australian students Japanese Hons. 2006mr
The possessive constructions in English Linguistics Hons. 2006sc
The Writing of Francis Ponge: From the subject of language to the object of autography French PhD 2006ap
Writing in Japanese as a Second Language Composing on the Computer and by Pen-and -Paper Japanese M.A. 2006sy
2005 A comparative analysis of Australian and Japanese Mathematics Textbooks on Fractions Japanese Hons. 2005pn
Alain Touraine and the Crisis of Organised Modernity European Studies Hons. 2005af
Artistic Beauty and Knowledge in the Aesthetics of Hume and Hegel German Hons. 2005bd
Attitudes toward suicide amoungst Japanese and Australian University students Japanese Hons. 2005lk
Barilla. Affidabilita, Tradizione e qualita in scatole blu: Un’analisi di alcune pubblicita televisive della pasta Barilla Italian Hons. 2005rl
Chastity and the single woan writer: Ideal states for creativity in Maddelana Campiglia’s Flori and Moderata Fonte’s il merito delle donne Italian Hons. 2005rk
From Mess-Mend to the Mafia: A history of Russian Detektiv Slavic PhD 2005dj
Hanryuu: Wave or Tsunami? The impact of Winter Sonata in Japan Japanese Hons. 2005ha
Language, Culture and Ideology: Socio-cultural and ideological implications of the adoption of anglicisms in French and German German PhD 2005am
Migrant Identites. The effects of diversity in the German context: integration, education, identity and language German Hons. 2005cd
Narrating Women’s Lives: A comparative study of Anna Banti’s Artemisia and Matilde Serao Italian Hons. 2005cl
Patterns of Language use in two Melburnian-Sicilian families Italian Hons. 2005dj
Pembangunan  dan Aktivisme (Delepment and Activism) Indonesian Hons. 2005hp
Raising children bilingually through the ”one parent-one language approach: A case study of Japanese mothers in the Australian context Linguistics PhD 2005tm
Representation of Stalinist Themes and the recovery of cultural memory in the ‘novels of death” : The Keeper Of Antiquities and The Faculty of Useless Knowledge by Yury Dombrovsky Slavic M.A. 2005dt
Tales In Translation : A study of the German editions of the Grimms’ Kinder-und Hausmarchen and their translation into English, with a detailed comparative analysis of ten translations of the tale of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. German M.A. 2005kv
The accession of the Central and Eastern European Countries to the European Union and the transitional restrictions upon freedom of movement European Studies Hons. 2005sf
The afflictions of an outsider exploring the ”Paradox of selfhood” in the early cinema of Nanni Moretti Italian M.A. 2005sm
The Construction of Cultural Identity: Germans in Melbourne German PhD 2005es
The management of intercultural academic interaction in student exchanges between an Australian and its Japanese partner Universities Japanese PhD 2005nh
The relativity of Deviance in "Cosi’ e’ (se vi pare)" and "Enrico IV" by Luigi Pirandello Italian Hons. 2005bc
Translating Reality: L’Uomo del parco (1984) by Francesca Sanvitale Italian Hons. 2005fd
Translation of Mai Sentitia Cosi Bene by Rossana Campo with theoretical and critical review Italian Hons. 2005js
Une Traversee’ de la Soci’et’e Post-Moderne a’ travers le monde romanesque e’chenozien et le monde rhizomatique deleuzien/guattarien French Hons. 2005wj
Vagabondes, Dropahoutes, Fausses Pistes: Le nomadisme litteraire de Jean-Patrick Manchette et de Jean Echenoz French Hons. 2005pg
Vocal Others: Variations on the Feminine Voice French PhD 2005fk
  Zygmunt bauman and Tzvetan Todorov: Morality, Modernity and the "Age of Camps"? European Studies Hons. 2005wl