2000-2004 – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Program Degree code
2004 “You can’t come to my birthday party”. Preference organisation in young children’s adversative discourse. Linguistics PhD 2004ca
Dramatic Anthroposophy German PhD 2004aa
Ecologic conscience in contemporary Latin America Narrative (1980-2004) Hispanic M.A. 2004mm
Fata Morgana – ‘Vata Morgana’: The ”absent father” and problems of identity formation in german-language ”father books” after the thrid Reich German PhD 2004cn
Legitimizing ”Taiwan:”
The formation of a Tawanese national identity
Chinese PhD 2004hm
Structural differences in father-child and mother-child conversations Linguistics Hons. 2004xv
construction of “Chinese” cultural identity: English-Language Writing by Australian and Other Authors with Chinese Ancestry
Chinese PhD 2004sc
The public reception of Leni Riefenstahl German Hons. 2004bp
The writing’s on the wall: A discourse analytical approach to graffiti German M.A. 2004ma
2003 tude du strotype culturel: le cas du “Mridional” de Pagnol nos jours French Hons. 2003pj
“Pseudo-event” or search for the “Authentic?” An analysis of the motivations of tourism to Tuscany Italian Hons. 2003bf
A study of generational perspective of post-world war 2 Italian women’s immigration experiences and their real and perceived roles and contributions Japanese Hons. 2003md
Apocryphal Plato: The problematic of the subject in Plato’s mimetology Greek PhD 2003ke
Australian Images of Japan Japanese Hons. 2003qe
Biliteracy practices of Japanese-English bilingual children in melbourne, Australia. Linguistics PhD 2003wt
BverfGE 66, 116 – Springer/Wallraff: ein Prozess und seine Folgen German Hons. 2003ts
China and World Heritage Chinese Hons. 2003sd
Communication of stereotypes in Austraian Emigration Circles German Hons. 2003gc
Conjugues au masculin: representations de femmes dans des films sur la Deuxime guerre mondiale, sur l’Occupation et sur la Rsistance French Hons. 2003vc
Deutsche Dialekteinstellungen: Eine intergenerationelle Studie German Hons. 2003tc
Final particles in the language of Japanese Women in Fukuoka Japanese Hons. 2003hc
Forensic Speaker Identification Linguistics PhD 2003pc
Hispanoamerica: una convergencia en la poetica de Mistral Nerudea Hispanic M.A. 2003om
Hokkaido-Sakhalin Subnational Government Relations: Opportunities and limits of Kankyoo Seibi Japanese PhD 2003wb
Il mantenimento di elementi dei dialetti della provincia di Perugia nella lingua parlata di immigrati umbri a Melbourne. Italian Hons. 2003cr
Intercultural Communication in Business German Hons. 2003kp
Japanese ESL students’ Acedemic writing and their revising processes Japanese M.A. 2003ys
Jean Moulin, a memory for all seasons: an examination of the enduring presence of the memory of a resisitance martyr French Hons. 2003cd
La representacion del prostituto en El vampiro de la colonia Roma de Luis Zapata, Las puberes caneforas de Jose Joaquin Blanco y La Virgen de los Sicarios de Ferando Vallejo Hispanic Hons. 2003lp
Language Maintenance in a Melbourne Russian Community: A case study of an ethnic school. Slavic Hons. 2003ml
Lehrwerk facilitation of intercultural communicative competence German PhD 2003oc
Locating and Identifying Tokyo in a “Globalised” World: Why Japan is still interesting Japanese Hons. 2003db
Mothers of the dissapeared. A discourse-historical perspective of the resistance movement Hispanic Hons. 2003eg
Motivation in and out of the SLA classroom German Hons. 2003ha
Negotiating Identity: Indonesian Women’s Published Autobiographies and Unpublished Diaries in the New Order Asian Studies PhD 2003ms
Perspectives on Persecution: Post-War Accounts of the Sinti and Roma Under the National Socialists German Hons. 2003gn
Politica confezionata per il modello TV. Disillusione, media logic e marketing nella vittoria elettorale di Silvio Berlusconi nel 1994 Italian Hons. 2003te
Pretending to be someone you’re not: a study of second dialect acquisition in australia Linguistics PhD 2003fa
Science Fiction “Raumpatronille Orion” German Hons. 2003gr
technology Cooperation in the ICT sector between Australia and Korea: with special reference to the Ecotech agenda in APEC Chinese PhD 2003kh
Syntactic features of the English interlanguage of learners of English as a second language Linguistics PhD 2003zm
The control of the media in China through the examination of the SARS case. Chinese Hons. 2003mj
The development and function of student media at the University of Florence Italian Hons. 2003ga
the Films of Naomi Kawase Japanese Hons. 2003kf
The New Great Wall of China: Cyberspatial Boundaries and Chinese Controls on the Internet Chinese Hons. 2003kt
The Phenomenon of Parasite Singles in Japan Japanese Hons. 2003jf
The press and powwer, the past and present: immigration in the Spanish context Hispanic Hons. 2003bc
The role of pauses and intonation in understanding the relationship between word order and pragmatics Linguistics Hons. 2003pa
Translation Project : Newcomers in Japan Japanese Hons. 2003sa
Un ponte traballante: La mediazione culturale nelle scuole: ‘ponte linguistico’ e ‘ponte relazionale’ in teoria e in pratica a Firenze Italian Hons. 2003mn
Why the Panic? Youth, sex and social change in the Republic of Korea Korean Hons. 2003ca
2002 A Comparison of L1 and L2 Argument Structures in Student Writing Japanese , Linguistics Hons. 2002gk
in Germany and Australia: A culturally based comparison of television
advertisements in the two countries.
German Hons. 2002wl
An investigation of discursive practices in police-suspect interviews Linguistics PhD 2002hg
Analysis of a series of letters written by Austrian-Jewish refugees attemepting to escape Vienna during 1938/9 to Melbourne, Australia German Hons. 2002ha
Asili-nido unici: il servizio degli asili-nido e la denatalit in Toscana con particolare attenzione agli asili-nido nel comune di Firenze Italian Hons. 2002mc
Aspectual adverbs in wiradjuri. Honours thesis in linguistics Linguistics Hons. 2002cd
Austalia and Japan: Natural Partners? Japanese Hons. 2002fk
China’s Internet: A Technology of Freedom? Chinese Hons. 2002mm
Communication networks of Japanese learners and second language acquisition Japanese M.A. 2002kn
Constructing Suiyuan: The politics of Northwestern territory and Devopment in Early twentieth Century China Chinese PhD 2002tj
Contact Phenomena between Veneto, Italian and English in the thrid generation in Australia Linguistics PhD 2002ra
Erich Kastner’s Emil und die Detektive- A Study in Translation German Hons. 2002gl
Evaluations of Communicative Competence in Japanese by Learners and Native Speakers Japanese M.A. 2002ry
Gender-Specific Discourse and Conversational Dominance: A Communication and Discourse Analysis of German Speakers in Relation to English-Speaking Research German Hons. 2002lm
Homelessness in Japan Japanese Hons. 2002ah
Immigrant Integration / European Integration: The Front National and the Manipulation of French Nationhood European Studies PhD 2002oc
Internet Security Issues in Japan and Australia Japanese Hons. 2002em
Japan’s Contested Constitution: Struggle for Security Japanese Hons. 2002lr
Legacy and unintended consequences. Social and culteral interaction between the Japanese and the Indonesians in Java 1942-1945 Japanese, Indonesian PhD 2002wh
Nakajima Atsushi and the cultural paradox of modern Japan Japanese M.A. 2002ar
Rainbow Heart – a non- government organisation for people with disabilities in Solo, Central Java Indonesian Hons. 2002bj
Reference to a Third Person in Sudanese Linguistics PhD 2002li
Representations of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Australian and Indonesian Print Media Political & Social Inquiry Hons. 2002ch
Rethinking the Great Transition: A reassessment of the Democratisation Process in the Rupublic of China on Taiwan: Three case studies Chinese Hons. 2002mn
Sprachvergleich Deutsch – Serisch. Eine Kontrastive sprachanalyse German PhD 2002kj
Structured monitoring of second order errors: focus on writing accuracy of 2nd year advanced level students French PhD 2002me
The Constitution of The Literary Field in Germany After 1871 German PhD 2002mc
The DMZ In the Head: Social and Psychological Issues of Korean Unification in the Light of German Unification and North Korean Defectors Korean Hons. 2002zj
The Ghost in the Machine. Science, Mysticism and Italian Futurist Literature. European Studies M.A. 2002kp
The Modernist Dilemma in Japanese Poetry Japanese PhD 2002et
The Post Cold War Development of Australia’s Defence and Security Relationship with Japan Japanese Hons. 2002rf
The rhetorical organistaion of acedemic texts in english: a comparison of research papers by native speakers of English and Polish Linguistics PhD 2002gz
struggle for Religious Pluralism: Russian Orthadox and civil society in Post-Soviet Russia
European Studies PhD 2002kz
The Tai Languages of Assam a grammar and texts Linguistics PhD 2002ms
Young childeren’s L2 oral production in Japanese immersion classrooms Japanese M.A. 2002hs
2001 A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Division of Labour: Violation and Enforcement of Property Rights, Impersonal Networking Decisions and Building Sale. Chinese PhD 2001lk
An Examination of the Ideology of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
and its Role in Nation and State Formation in Post-Soviet Russia.
European Studies M.A. 2001hp
Australia-Japan NGO Collaboration on the Anti-Native Forest Woodchip Campaign in Japan Japanese Hons. 2001em
Bilingual Women and Terms of Address – A micor-level approach to language behaviour and the negotiation of identity German Hons. 2001lb
China’s Falun Gong: Its Political Threat and Portrayal in Chinese Media Chinese Hons. 2001ct
Citizenship and the Japanese in Australia. A Case Study Examining Traditional and Contemporary Theories of Citizenship. Japanese Hons. 2001na
Comparitive studies on China and Indonesia. “Factors affecting the competitiveness of Guangdong (China) and Jave (indonesia) in Textile, clothing and footwear industries Asian Studies M.A. 2001lj
Conversational negotiation in Chinese – Japanese interaction. AN analysis of workplace interaction. Asian
PhD 2001my
Desiring Chinese Modernity: Seeing Shanghai and Beijing Through a Flaneur’s Eyes Indonesian Hons. 2001kd
Foreign policies for the diffusion of language and culture: The Italian experience in Australia European
PhD 2001gt
Holocaust Tourism: Interpretation, Attraction and Visitor Dynamics German Hons. 2001wl
Identity, Activism and Motherhood: Discourse negotitation in contemporary Indonesian society Asian Studies Hons. 2001bk
Japan’s Revised Equal Employment Opportunity Law in the Print Media Japanese Hons. 2001pk
Language function in the adult language addresses to young language-delayed children Linguistics M.A. 2001hp
Les notions de <constitutionnalite>
et de <patrimoine>dans le debat sur la ratification de la Charte europeenne des langues regionales ou minoritaires. Volume 1 & 2. (Annexe Separate)
French Hons. 2001ph
Nationalism and Indonesian Press Coverage of Separatist Conflicts Indonesian Hons. 2001sr
Networks of Protest, Communities of Resistance – Autonomous Activism in Contemporary Britain. European Studies PhD 2001la
Paradigms of experiencing the new in Pacific voyages and explorations. German PhD 2001lr
The dynamic consultation: a discourse-analytical study of doctor-patient communication in Chilean Spanish Hispanic, Linguistics PhD 2001cm
The Iwakura Mission 1871 – 1873. An Essay in Occidentalism Japanese Hons. 2001js
The Japanese Imperial Family. A Statistical Analysis on the level of knowledge and the behaviours and beliefs of the Japanese in regards to their Imperial Family Japanese Hons. 2001ck
The Market Potential for Australian Cheese in Japan. Japanese Taste Preferences Japanese Hons. 2001mm
The Organisation of Pointing Sequences in Parent-Toddler Interaction Linguistics PhD 2001fa
The punctuation and interpretation of restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses in Australian and South African wriiten English Linguistics Hons. 2001hc
Towards a Psychoanalytic Aesthetics of Contemporary Literature German PhD 2001br
Tu, Vos, Usted: Uses of Spanish Address Pronouns in Spain, Canary Islands, Argentina and El Salvador Linguistics M.A. 2001oa
Urban Curse or Rural Blessing: Television Reception and Rural Audience in Java. Indonesian M.A. 2001tn
2000 Female Creation and Consumption of Male Homosexuality: A Case Study of Yaoi Manga. Japanese Hons. 2000th
Feminist language planning and sociolinguistic variation Linguistics Diploma 2000st
Gender, Power, Development and the Keluarga Berencana Initiative: Javanese motherhood and the familial realm as a site for state intervention. Indonesian Hons. 2000re
Government Intervention and the Korean Automobile Industry. Korean Hons. 2000tj
Greek Politics and Relations with Turkey from 1950 to 1974 and the American Connection. Greek M.A. 2000aa
Human Rights, Adat, and the Kedung Ombo Dam Indonesian Hons. 2000ma
Japanese Exchange Student’s Management Strategies in Academic Writing Japanese M.A. 2000nh
Japanese Working Holiday Makers in Australia: Identity, Subculture and Resistance. Japanese Hons. 2000ma
National Competitiveness: A Comparison Between Korea and Japan. An Example of the Automobile Industry Korean Hons. 2000tj
The Australian Reception of Austrian, German and Swiss Drama: Productions and Reviews between 1945 and 1996. German PhD 2000gu
The College of Indonesian Arts, Denpasar: Nation, State and the Performing Arts in Bali Indonesian PhD 2000hb
The Japanese Speech Act of Gratitude. Japanese Hons. 2000as
The message or the medium? Issues of faith and language in Ethnic churches Linguistics PhD 2000wa
The New Middle Class in the Economic, Social and Political (?) Modernisation of contemporary China. Chinese Hons. 2000mn
The Politics of Performance: Gender Identity in Arja and other Contemporary Balinese Theatre Forms Indonesian PhD 2000kn
The way forward for the Indonesian Women’s movement in the post Suharto era – An examination of conflict and perceived power relationships at the 1998 Women’s Congress Indonesian Hons. 2000km
The Writing Management of International Students in Academic Essay Writing. Japanese M.A. 2000th
Wine for the Unwined: Cultural Perspectives of Australian Wine for the Japanese. Japanese Hons. 2000ap