1995-1999 – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Program Degree code
1999 Asia & the Politics of National Identity in Post-Cold War Australia: The Hawke & Keating Governments Japanese Hons. 1999ge
Bureaucratic Obstacles and Foreign Invested Enterprises in China. Chinese Hons. 1999fl
Context and Complicity in Intercultural Theatre Practice. Asian Studies M.A. 1999pd
Opposites in Nationalism: An Examination of the Dichotomy of Civic Nationalism and Ethnic Nationalism in Modern Europe.
M.A. 1999nm
Franco-German Relations: Post German Reunification European Studies Hons. 1999pa
Takehiko (1918-1979): The Profile of an Ethical Author
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1999ar
Images of Japan and the Japanese held by High School Japanese Language Students in Adelaide Japanese M.A. 1999mc
International ESL Academic Writing: Lecturer Expectations, Student Perceptions and Written Products. Linguistics M.A. 1999ml
L’Amant (Marguerite Duras) et La place (Annie Ernaux): ecritures du moi feminin (ou) au-dela de l’autobiographie French Hons. 1999ta
Land Conflict in Indonesia. Indonesian Hons. 1999co
Language Maintenance Efforts of Japanese School Children in Melbourne Japanese PhD 1999yk
Leberte, Utilite, Ubiquite. Une etude sur le mode subjonctif en francais contemporain French Hons. 1999ws
Les Relations Franco-Alemandes: Engrenage Central De L’Integration Europeenne (1945-1999) French Hons. 1999ja
Memoire sur un aspect du patronage au dix-huitieme siecle: Aubais durant les annees 1726-1727 French Hons. 1999wm
Politeness and Deference in Korean: A Case Study of Pragmatic Dynamics Linguistics PhD 1999sg
Second Language Listening Task Compexity. Asian Studies PhD 1999uj
Siauw Giok Tjhan: Bicultural Leader in Emerging Indonesia Asian Studies PhD 1999st
Social Stratification and Religious Affiliation in Japan Japanese PhD 1999fd
Study Choices and Aspirations of Indonesian University Students Indonesian Hons. 1999dv
Syair Bidasari: A Poetic Analysis Indonesian M.A. 1999mj
Textbooks at Tertiary Level: A Comparison of Textbooks for Second Language Learners of Chinese and German. Chinese Hons. 1999bv
The Composing Processes of Advanced Japanese Language Learners. Japanese M.A. 1999se
The Floating Population In Comtemporary China. Chinese Hons. 1999we
The Japanese Speech Act of Refusal Japanese Hons. 1999ms
The Modification of Japanese Norms of Social Behavior During Matsuri Japanese Hons. 1999sd
The Revised Equal Employment Opportunity Law (Japan), 1 April 1999. Its Effects, Implications and Anomalies. Japanese Hons. 1999la
Women, Representation, Space: Flower
Market Prostitutes and Griya Lentera in Central Java
Hons. 1999sb
1998 “Female Leaders in China’s Political System” Chinese Hons. 1998pe
A Corpus-driven study of Turkish-English Language Contact in Australia. Linguistics PhD 1998kn
A Symbol of Struggle: The Marsinah Case in the Context of a Changing Paradigm for the State-Society Relations. Asian Studies Hons. 1998hr
Australia-Europe Relations in the 1990’s: The Emergence of Human Rights in Framework Agreements. European Studies Hons. 1998jr
Boko / Busa Language Cluster Linguistics PhD 1998jr
Das fremde Ich Begegnungen im pazifischen Raum German , Slavic PhD 1998wc
Indonesian Textbooks and Teacher’s Perceptions of a Communicative Approach. Indonesian M.A. 1998hl
Indonesian Women’s Popular Fiction: Readers’ Responses in Their Literary and Social Context. Indonesian PhD 1998hi
Investigating text-based social practices: Literacy practices of a church community Linguistics Hons. 1998fa
Ishibashi Tanzan’s Theory of “Small Japanism” Japanese M.A. 1998ki
Japanese foreign policy with regard to the Northern Territories/Kurile Island dispute with Russia Japanese Hons. 1998nl
Japanese Recycling Behaviour and Attitudes Towards Paper, Cans, Glass Bottles and Plastic: A case Study of Chiba University Students Japanese Hons. 1998aa
Learning Strategies of Japanese Japanese Research Paper 1998ym
Legal Representation Under the New Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China. Chinese Hons. 1998lb
Property Law in China: Theory and Practice. Chinese Hons. 1998ns
Spelling Distorshuns: An investigation into the use of spelling distortions in personalised number plates, brand names, and graffiti. Linguistics Hons. 1998ba
The Indonesian Chinese under the New Order Government. Chinese Hons. 1998mc
The lexicon of North Eastern Rural Victoria Linguistics Hons. 1998kj
The Subversions of Barbara Alberti in “Povera Bambina”and Vangelo Secondo Maria” Italian M.A. 1998fn
The verbal system of the central victorian language, the aboriginal language of melbourne Linguistics Hons. 1998ms
Theatre Culture in Japan since the 1960s: Reading the Politics of the Avant-Garde. Japanese PhD 1998ep
Understanding corporate culture and unlocking Japanese markets Japanese Hons. 1998cs
Vantage theory, Aristotle’s categories and linguistic structures Linguistics Hons. 1998vh
Women as Synecdoche on Indonesian Television News: An Intersection of Gender, State and Society. Indonesian Hons. 1998wb
A Comparative Study of Foreign Students in Japan Japanese Hons. 1997rj
A Comparison of Attitudes Between Japanese and Australian Final Year University Students Towards the Work Ethic Japanese Hons. 1997rf
Academic Achievement, Motivation, and Cost Considerations: Some Comparisons of Classroom and Distance Learners of Japanese Japanese M.A. 1997mc
Communicative Adjustment between Native Speakers and Non-native Speakers of Japanese Japanese PhD 1997ms
Comprehension of Loanwords in Written Texts Among Learners of Japanese as a Foreign Language Japanese Hons. 1997wk
European Direct Investment in Australia in the Context of its Internationalisation and Regional Integration. European Studies M.A. 1997ml
Japanese Intellectual Property Contracts Japanese Hons. 1997wd
Japanese Museums and the Representation of Culture Japanese Hons. 1997mp
Japan’s Returnees Japanese Hons. 1997nd
La fuite et l’hybridation dans Un jardin au bout du monde et ‘La Riviere sans repos’ de Gabrielle Roy. French Hons. 1997bc
Language dynamics of the Italian community in Australia Linguistics PhD 1997cf
Linguistic and sociolinguistic aspects of language contact: the case of Serbo-Croation in Victoria, Australia German, Slavic PhD 1997br
Minamata Japanese Hons. 1997md
Music Tastes and their Expression: University Students in Yogyakarta, 1997. Asian Studies Hons. 1997em
New Labour to Power – The Transformation of the British Labour Party and its 1997 General Election Campaign. European Studies M.A. 1997cj
On the Writings of Rahel Levin Varnhagen – Eine deutsche Juedin aus der Romantik German Hons. 1997sa
Participation frameworks, discourse features and embedded requests in police V.A.T.E interviews with children Linguistics Hons. 1997hg
Pragmatic implicatins of the covergence between East and West Germany Linguistics PhD 1997kh
Rhetorical Structure Analysis of Specialist and Popularised Medical Review Articles Linguistics PhD 1997kg
Russian Foreign Policy and the Search for Russia’s Role in the Post-Cold War Order. European Studies Hons. 1997kz
Sports Manga: A Contemporary Expression of the Japanese Spirit Japanese Hons. 1997kh
The Architecture of Tadao Ando: Modern Design and Traditional Architecture Japanese Research Paper 1997sj
The Code-switching Practices of Teachers of French as a Second Language in Victorian Secondary Schools. Vol I & II Linguistics PhD 1997gm
The Communication of Closeness in Japanese Japanese PhD 1997na
The Effect of Japanese Beef Market Liberalisation on the Australian Beef Industry Japanese Hons. 1997kn
The Guerilla Dynasty: Politics and Leadership in the DPRK 1945-1994 Asian Studies PhD 1997ba
The Implications of an Intergrated Europe for Farm Animal Welfare. European Studies M.A. 1997dc
The Social Impact of South Korean Firms in Indonesia: Gender Related Issues Issues Inside and Outside the Workplace Korean Hons. 1997ke
The Socio-Economic Relationship between Japan and South Korea Japanese Research Paper 1997sl
The Sources of Expectations and the Satisfaction of Japanese Tourists to Australia Japanese Hons. 1997ej
Trust, Relationship Building & Other Issues in Contract Negotiations Between Australian & Japanese Companies Japanese Hons. 1997kl
Working in Japan: The Case of Foreign Women Professionals Japanese Hons. 1997gs
Working Mothers in Japan Japanese Hons. 1997km
Yoshimoto Banana’s Kitchen: Living Inside Japanese Hons. 1997gs
1997 La Muerte Y La Esperanza En La Poesia De Jorge Guillen Hispanic PhD 1997sl
L’exagération du role de Jean Moulin dans la Résistance Française-janvier 1942 à juin 1943 French Hons. 1997ga
1996 An Investigation into Discourse Anaphoric Relations: On
The Role Of Contextual Information In Anaphor Resolution.
Linguistics PhD 1996ea
An Investigation into the Linguistic Aspects of Graphemic Abbreviation and the Phonetics and Phonology associated with PitmanScript Shorthand Linguistics Hons. 1996bt
Back to The Future? The Greek Communist Party reconstructing effort in the Post-Cold War era European
Studies, Politics
Hons. 1996lk
Back To The Future? The Greek Communist Party reconstructing effort in the Post-Cold War era. European Studies Research Paper 1996lk
Career Advancement for Australian Career Women Working in Japanese Multinational Corporations in Melbourne Japanese Hons. 1996kt
Carnival in Iurii Andrukhovych’s novels: with a look towards an aestetics of post-colonialism Slavic Hons. 1996ks
Changing Dimensions of and Attitudes Towards Bullying in Japanese Schools Japanese Hons. 1996lj
Changing Masculinities in Eastern Germany European Studies, German Hons. 1996br
Democracy in Asia. Women’s Participation in Local Government in Indonesia. Asian Studies Hons. 1996hl
Democracy in Japan: Council Women in the 23 Tokyo Metropolitan Wards Japanese Hons. 1996ri
Elaborative Ethno-Cultural Encodements in Japanese Television Commercials Japanese Hons. 1996dq
Images of the Family in Four Japanese Comics Japanese Hons. 1996lr
Indonesian Martial Arts Fiction: A Psycho-Political Study of Cerita Silat. Indonesian Hons. 1996be
Japanese Native Speakers’ Evaluation of Non-Native Speech and Non-Native Management of Style Japanese Hons. 1996sa
Kanji Learning Strategies Used by Australian Learners of Japanese Japanese M.A. 1996ft
KULIAH KERJA NYATA: Community Service in an Indonesian University Asian Studies Hons. 1996md
Le roman d’adultère Pot-bouille
De Zola
French Hons. 1996wp
Languages in Contact: Vietnamese-English Code-Switching in Melbourne Linguistics PhD 1996ht
L’Eveil et l’Evolution de la Conscience Politique Kanak. French Hons. 1996se
Light at the end of the tunnel? Western interests, institutions and influence on the transformations of East-Central Europe. European
Hons. 1996wc
Manga and Pornography After the Harmful Comic Controversy Japanese Hons. 1996sa
Memoire de Quatrime Anne. La Revocation de L’dit de Nantes et le Refuge Huguenot en Angleterre French Hons. 1996fn
Polarisation of Japanese Sub-Contracting: The Role of Endaka in Change – A Study of the Japanese Automobile Industry Japanese Hons. 1996tl
Projections of Identity through humour: Krokodil 1965 and 1995-96 Slavic Hons. 1996ki
Seatbelt Wearing in Japan: Issues and Directions in the Drive to Buckle Up the Japanese Motoring Public Japanese Hons. 1996ba
Selon Qu(o)i? French Hons. 1996ls
Servicing a Japanese Client in Australia: A Comparison of the Japanese & Australian Advertising Industries Japanese Hons. 1996ia
Seuils et territoires du sujet dans deux oeuvres de Marguerite Duras. French Hons. 1996fd
Socio-Cultural Influences in Japan & Melbourne Surrounding Japanese Christian Adherents Japanese Hons. 1996hj
Study Genres in a Japanese University Japanese Hons. 1996sa
Teaching Behaviour of Native Japanese Language Teachers in Victorian Secondary Schools Japanese PhD 1996at
The Acquisition of Traditional Australian and Modern (mostly American) Colloquialisms by Native and Non-native Speakers of Australian English. Thesis & Appendices Linguistics Hons. 1996cj
The Australian Student Abroad: Initial Encounters in Contact Situations Japanese Hons. 1996sl
The Buddhist Political Geography of Lanna (North Thailand). Asian Studies Hons. 1996cp
The Fall of Communism – Grand Revolution or an Extension of Modernisation? An Analysis of the East German Revolution as Presented by the Media. European Studies M.A. 1996sc
The Indonesian Press in the Era of Keterbukaan. A Force for Democratisation? Indonesian PhD 1996hy
The Japanese Speech Act of Apology Japanese Hons. 1996ct
The language of refusals in Sundanese society: a workplace case Linguistics M.A. 1996ae
The Major Causes of Adolescent Bullying in Japanese Junior High School Japanese Hons. 1996kj
The Negotiation of Meaning: The Influence of In-Country Experience on Communication Strategies Japanese M.A. 1996yt
The Northwest Airlines Dispute: Causes and Implications; A Legal Analysis Japanese Hons. 1996rp
The Role of the Saturday School in Latvian Language Maintenance in Melbourne. Linguistics Hons. 1996la
The Search for Freedom the Postwar Writer Shiina Rinzoo Japanese Hons. 1996lp
Third Generation German Language Maintenance in Australia. Case Studies of Six Families with Third Generation Children Ranging in Ages from Four to Nineteen. Linguistics M.A. 1996me
Une etude sur la representation des femmes dans les publicites du Figaro Magazine, des annees 1979, 1987 et 1996. French Hons. 1996mp
1995 An Investigation into the Ethnolect of Australian English Speakers of German Descent in the Western District of Victoria Linguistics Hons. 1995es
Aspects Semiotiques de La Campagne Officielle de L’election Presidentielle de 1995 French Hons. 1995kc
“IT’S WHO YOU KNOW”: Australian Business’s Experiences of Guanxi in the People’s Republic of China. Asian Studies Hons. 1995wr
Viens-tu du ciel profond ou sors-tu de l’ abme? La femme dans le cycle de Jeanne Duval des Fleurs du Mal de Baudelaire. French Hons. 1995ba
A Comparison of Packaging Styles in Australia and Japan Japanese Hons. 1995pk
A Comparison of Study Habits of Australian and Japanese High School Students in Year 8-10 Japanese Hons. 1995ed
A Study of the Motivational Factors Affecting Study Patterns of Japanese University Students with a Comparison to their Australian Counterparts Japanese Hons. 1995mm
American-English in Australia: The Role of Age, Attitude and Lifestyle. Linguistics Hons. 1995mj
Aspects of Second Generation Language Use: An Italo-Australian Case Study Linguistics Hons. 1995cf
Attitudes of Singaporean Teachers to Features of Educated Singapore English Linguistics Hons. 1995cc
Children of Intermarriage: A Cross-cultural Comparison of Ethnic Identity Japanese Hons. 1995cr
Citezenship and human rights: towards a European politicam community European Studies M.A. Prelim. 1995hc
Colonial, anti-colonial and post-colonial positions in the Ukrainian historical novel: 1934 – 1990 German,
PhD 1995ba
Contemporary Student Activism in Japan: Changes and Continuity Japanese Hons. 1995bj
Cross Cultural Adjustment Stories of Japanese Returnee Children Japanese Hons. 1995bj
Doing Science in Japan: Some Perspectives on Japan Literacy for Australia Japanese Hons. 1995tm
Integration Theory and the Case of Norway’s Second Referendum on EU Membership. European
M.A. 1995wc
Japan and United Nations Peacekeeping: Constraints and Opportunities Japanese Hons. 1995st
La femme dans les chansons de Boris Vian: reprsentation fministe ou misogyne? (Dirig par Bernadette Dejean de le Btie) French Hons. 1995aa
Labour Relations in Post-Mao China. Chinese Hons. 1995ms
Le thtre de l’activit moderne. La femme dans Au Bonheur des Dames d’Emile Zola. French Hons. 1995bn
Outcomes of In-Country Experience: Changes in the Use of Reception Strategies Japanese M.A. 1995yn
Peranan adat dalam pernikahan Sunda modern Indonesian Hons. 1995dk
Perspectives on Greek-Australian media and language Maintenance in Melbourne Linguistics M.A. 1995pb
Plaisirs a deux tranchants – liberte, identite et desir dans Au Bonheur des Dames d’Emile Zola. French Hons. 1995st
Poetry as Personal Expression: The Establishment of the ‘Modern’ in Malay Poetry. Asian
M.A. 1995ss
Politeness Markers in Vietnamese Requests. Asian Studies PhD 1995nd
Pramoedya Ananta Toer and N. H. Dini’s Literary Images of Women. Asian Studies Hons. 1995kn
Quatre regards sur le terre kanak French Hons. 1995hm
Sequential Organization of Presentation Discourse Among Three Novice Teachers Japanese M.A. 1995mh
The acquisition of noun phrases in two English-German bilingual brothers German, Linguistics Hons. 1995ds
The Coal Mining Town of Yubari: A Vantage Point for Reflecting on Nakane’s Theory of Japanese Society Japanese Hons. 1995lm
The Cult Worship of King Chulalongkorn. Asian Studies Hons. 1995bg
The Emergence of Neo-Modernism; a Progressive, Liberal, Movement of Islamic Thought in Indonesia: A Texual Study Examining the writings of Nurcholish Madjid, Djohan Effendi, Ahmad Wahib and Abdurrahman Wahid 1968-1980 Volumes 1 & 2 Indonesian PhD 1995bg
The Group Oral Test: Another Way of Assessing Oral Proficiency in Japanese as a Foreign Language Japanese M.A. 1995mt
The Indonesian Negara Hukum & The Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara; Contrasts in Constitutionalism. Indonesian Hons. 1995mj
The Law Reform of the Life Insurance Industry in Japan and the Problems Faced by Foreign Life Insurance Companies Japanese Hons. 1995om
The Music of the Dance Songs of the Bon Festival: Some Regional Comparisons Japanese Hons. 1995jm
The Protestant Missionaries in Nineteenth Century Siam. Asian Studies Hons. 1995gd