1990-1994 – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Program Degree code
1994 A Comparative Study of the Interpersonal Relationships of Japanese and Australian Female office Workers Japanese Hons. 1994tk
Access to Interpreters in the Small Claims & Residential Tenancies Tribunals Linguistics Hons. 1994ge
A Comparative Study of Indonesian and English Morphology Linguistics M.A. 1994su
Aesthetic Value and Language: Evaluative Reactions to English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. Linguistics M.A. 1994sc
Attitudes to Knowledge: A Comparative Study of Attribution in ESB and NESB Summaries. Linguistics M.A. 1994mt
Australian and Japanese Perceptions and Reactions to Offences Against Women Japanese Hons. 1994ct
Australian Perceptions of Japanese -Style Management 1970-1994 Japanese Hons. 1994hm
Citizenship and Human Rights: Towards a European Political Community. European Studies M.A. 1994hc
Collaboaration in Intercultural Discourse: Examples from a Multicultural Australian Workplace. Linguistics PhD 1994nd
Constructing a Nation on Women’s
Oppression in China.
Chinese Hons. 1994ab
the Code – An Insight into Code-switching and Gender among Second
Generation Greek-Australians.
Linguistics PhD 1994tr
Desir et Folie: Etude compare
de Nadja et En Bas.
French Hons. 1994dj
in Sociolinguistic Variables of Politeness by Japanese Language Learners
Japanese M.A. 1994hn
Emergent Discourses: The Construction
of Gender and Ethnicity in Australian English.
Linguistics PhD 1994wj
ETA In Crisis. Have the Means Reached an End? European Studies M.A. 1994da
in Ancient and Modern Japan
Japanese M.A. 1994dk
Image of Australia Through Japanese Newspapers Japanese Hons. 1994br
International Cultural Exchange:
Japan and the Jet Program
Japanese Hons. 1994nl
Issues in the Syntax of Kikamba: A Bantu Language. Linguistics PhD 1994ka
Japanese Consumer Attitudes to
Rice: Continuities and Changes
Japanese Hons. 1994wk
Japanese Teaching Assistants in Victorian Secondary
Japanese Hons. 1994fs
divagation de Diva. Une dconstruction des genres cinmatographiques
reprsents dans Diva: un film-rhizome
de Jean-Jacques Beineix.
French Hons. 1994ma
et l’amiti dans “Les Comdies
et Proverbes” d’Eric Rohmer.
French Hons. 1994jv
Language and Personnel Preferences of the Japanese
Tourist: Issues for the Tourism Industry (Appendix Separate)
Japanese Hons. 1994as
Language Learner Strategies Japanese M.A. 1994ce
Le Mythe De Carmen French Hons. 1994bk
Management of Conversation by Two Types of Learners:
Learners With and Without In-Country Experiences
Japanese M.A. 1994ta
Motivation of Students to Study Japanese in
Japanese Hons. 1994sj
and Production Mismatches in Australian and South African English.
Linguistics Hons. 1994nr
Quelques aspects du particularisme
breton dans l’histoire et le roman
French Hons. 1994cd
Some Aspects of Correction in Japanese Foreign
Language Classroom Discourse
Japanese Diploma 1994bt
The Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Modern
Greek by Second and Third Generation Greek-Australian Bilingual children
in Melbourne
Linguistics M.A. 1994ti
Acquisition of Passives in Bahasa Indonesia by Two-and Three-Year
Old Children in Jakarta
Linguistics M.A. 1994se
The Chicken, the Egg, or the Furry Omelet? The
Connections Between the Strategic and Economic Dimensions of Transatlantic
European Studies M.A. 1994st
Concept of Women in Late Imperial China.
Chinese Hons. 1994nj
The Employment and Training of Non-Native Japanese
Speaking Tour Guides in Australia
Japanese Hons. 1994bj
The Friendship Patterns of Chinese Overseas
Students: A Structural Approach
Japanese Hons. 1994cc
The Representation of Verbs in the Oxford Russian-English Dictionary Slavic Hons. 1994im
The Schuman Plan: The Genesis of European Integration. European Studies Hons. 1994mc
of Non-Correction in Beginners Japanese Language Classrooms
Japanese M.A. 1994ky
Variations in Judgements and Evaluations
of Australian Learners of Japanese According to Observer Variables
Japanese M.A. 1994th
– an annotated translation with an introduction and comparison of
Different versions of the MAKUTHARAMA lakon.
Indonesian M.A. 1994ph
1993 A
Study of the Persuasive Discourse used in Promotional letters and
the public’s attitude towards this discourse.
Linguistics Hons. 1993ml
An explication and analysis of epistemological
foundations and conceptions of knowledge in the Mozi and the Later
Asian Studies Hons. 1993bs
Investigation of the Grammatical Variation in the Use of Stative
Verbs among Singaporean Students Studying at Monash University.
Linguistics Hons. 1993ys
Attitudes of Singaporean and Australian
Students at Monash University to Features of Educated Singapore English
Linguistics Hons. 1993hm
Attrition of the Japanese Language
Among Native Speakers in Melbourne
Japanese M.A. 1993ns
Conditionals and Counterfactuality in Singaporean
Linguistics Hons. 1993zd
of Non-Native Speakers and Evaluative Behaviour of Native Speakers
in Tourism Shopping Situations
Japanese M.A. 1993uk
Formes du Racisme Anti-Maghrbin
en France,1983 – 1993
French Hons. 1993rs
at War – The perspective of an Australian Newspaper
French M.A. 1993dj
Germany and the European Community: A Changing
Relationship? Nationalism and Integration within the Federal Republic.
European Studies M.A. 1993oc
Women’s Magazines: A New Order Phenomenon.
Indonesian M.A. 1993kr
L’ Amour Et Le Mariage Dans Le Roman Medieval French Hons. 1993hj
Language Attitudes, Ethnicity and
Language Maintenance. A Case Study of Second Generation Greek-Australians.
Linguistics Hons. 1993km
L’asphyxie de Violette Leduc French Hons. 1993bj
Le Sourire Archaïque: La Legende De Jules Et Jim French Hons. 1993sh
Le Spectacle forain, 1697-1716:
miroir d’une socit en mouvement.
French Hons. 1993ef
Lifestyle of Japanese Businessmen Japanese Hons. 1993hn
L’importance des formules d’adresse
dans l’tiquette sociale du dix-septime
sicle en France.
French Hons. 1993hp
Ludwig Leichhardt: giving meaning to the foreign German M.A. Prelim. 1993lr
Madame de Sevigne: Femme d’esprit
et mre passione
French Hons. 1993bk
Modernity and Post-modernity: Gender Roles,
Sexuality and Ethnicity in Popular Japanese Magazines
Japanese M.A. 1993ny
Native Speaker Reactions to Non-Native
Speakers’ Deviations from the Politeness Norms in Japanese Tour
Guiding Situation
Japanese M.A. 1993es
Idol Culture in Contemporary Japan — Its Changing Definition, Role
and Value
Japanese Hons. 1993le
and Prospects for Chinese Language Applications in Computing and
Informations Technology.
Chinese Hons. 1993pm
Russo-Japanese Relations: Sister City Links
– An Unexplored Dimension
Japanese Hons. 1993wl
The acquisition of German phonology by English
speaking school children
Linguistics M.A. 1993wt
The Analysis of Literary Space in a Contemporary
Japanese Literary Text, Kurai Tabi (The Dark Journey)
Japanese M.A. 1993te
The Attitudes and Motivations of
Japanese School Children Who Travel Overseas on Short Trips
Japanese Hons. 1993bc
The Creation of the Feminine in
Japanese Culture
Japanese Hons. 1993pa
Effects of In-Country Experience on Student Motivation
Japanese M.A. 1993mj
The fantastic in the works of E.T.A.
German, Slavic Hons. 1993wk
Interpretation and Patterns of Usage of Putatively Non-standard Lexical
Items in Written Singapore English amongst Educated Singaporeans.
Linguistics Hons. 1993kc
The Liberalisation of the Japanese
Beef Market and Its Implications for Australian Exporters
Japanese Hons. 1993gc
The Position of Juzo Itami in the
Contemporary Japanese Film Industry
Japanese Hons. 1993sf
The Role of Austrade in Assisting Australian
Processed Food Companies to Export to Japan
Japanese Hons. 1993ck
1992 A
Study of the Occurrences of Non-Standard Forms in Common Japanese
Vol 1 & 2
Japanese M.A. 1992as
Wine in the Japanese Market
Japanese Hons. 1992sn
Business-Related Communication in Japanese:
Communication Problems of Japanese-Speaking New Australian Employees
Working for Japanese Companies Based in Melbourne
Japanese M.A. 1992om
Correction Strategies in Japanese Visitor Sessions
-Study of Deviations from the Norms of Politeness
Japanese M.A. 1992rh
Factors in the Melbourne Loanwords of Spoken
Japanese M.A. 1992mh
Workers in Japan
Japanese Diploma 1992np
and Japanese Language Teaching
Japanese Hons. 1992ds
Inflectional patterns of the Ukranian verb Slavic PhD 1992sl
Japanese Compound Verbs Japanese PhD 1992km
Japanese Language Acquisition Through
In-Country Experience
Japanese M.A. 1992tm
Women and the 1974 Marriage Act
Indonesian Hons. 1992cs
La France, Les Francais et l’affaire touvier.
Problemes d’oubli et de souvenir
French Hons. 1992kj
Language Management in Contact Situations Between
Japanese and Chinese
Japanese PhD 1992fs
Strategies for Japanese Vocabulary and Characters
Japanese M.A. 1992yr
L’utilisation des pronoms Tu et Vous chez
les apprenants du franais.
French Hons. 1992fc
Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory of carnival and
menippean satire and Julia Kristeva’s semiotics of discourse:
a translinguistic evolution
Slavic Hons. 1992dt
Nominal Sentences in Modern Hebrew Linguistics PhD 1992bm
Pronunciation Learning Strategies
Used by Students at Monash University
Japanese M.A. 1992hm
Religious Conversion and Social Integration:
A Japan’s New Religious Movement in Australia
Japanese M.A. 1992sk
Responses to a Request in Australia-Japan Contact
Japanese M.A. 1992ke
Acquisition and use of English Verb Patterns by Singapore Students
of English. Vol II (Appendices)
Linguistics PhD 1992st
The Assessment of Socio-cultural and Sociolinguistic
Competence in Japanese
Japanese Hons. 1992go
Attempted Cultural Japanization of Java, Indonesia 1942-1945
Japanese Hons. 1992wh
The Fundamental ‘Law’ of
the People’s Republic of China.
Chinese Hons. 1992sa
The Relationship Between Education and the Economy.
An Analysis of the Effects of European Community Membership on Educational
Policy in Spain between 1980 and 1990
M.A. 1992mb
Two Steps Towards the Acquisition
of Japanese Accentuation
Japanese M.A. 1992yn
1991 “Bad
Girls get Babies…”: The Representation of Women in Three Medical
Linguistics Hons. 1991ha
A Europe
of the Regions.
European Studies M.A. 1991vk
A phonological comparision of German pronunciation
between a native-speaker teacher of German and a class who are learning
German as a second language.
Linguistics Hons. 1991wt
A Study Of The Development And Maintenance Of
A Second Language By Children In The Family Setting.
Linguistics Hons. 1991sa
Aspects of verb usage in Chinese: the BA- construction Linguistics PhD 1991ci
Attitudes of Singaporean students
at Monash University to putatively Chinese-influenced grammatical
features of Singaporean English.
Linguistics Hons. 1991yj
Communication in Food Retail Outlets in Japan Japanese Hons. 1991sr
Impediments to Trade with Japan
in the Seafood Industry
Japanese Hons. 1991mk
Interaction Between Japanese Tourists and the
Staff of a Hotel in Melbourne Vol. 1 & 2 Transcriptions 1
& 2
Japanese Hons. 1991ns
Relations in a Medium-Sized Printing Firm in Japan. A Comparison
with Its Hong Kong Counterpart
Japanese Hons. 1991lj
Japan Literacy Among Australian Bankers in Japan Japanese Hons. 1991ce
Japanese Loanwords Usage Amongst
Australian Students (Appendix Separate)
Japanese M.A. 1991mh
Japanese Terms of Address and Terms of Reference
for Distant Relatives
Japanese Hons. 1991lm
Working Holiday Makers as Tourist Sojourners in Australia
Japanese Hons. 1991ml
Learning Strategies in the Acquisition
of Japanese Vocabulary
Japanese M.A. 1991gm
as a Learning Strategy. A Study of Australian Students in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1991cl
Orality and Literacy. Literary
Process, Narrative Structure and Malay Historical Literature. Vol.
I. The Texts. Vol II.
Asian Studies PhD 1991tn
Puer Senex as narrative topos in Audrei Belyi’s
Kotik Letaev
German, Slavic M.A. 1991sp
Black Whole of Words – A study of dictionaries and their users.
Linguistics Hons. 1991vs
The Development of Children’s
Written Narratives: A Linguistic Perspective.
Linguistics Hons. 1991mh
The Opening Door: A Study of Japan’s Distribution
System, its Changes, and Significance for Australian Exporters
Japanese Hons. 1991pj
The Political Consequences of Economic
and Political Reform in the Post-Mao Period.
Chinese Hons. 1991wp
The Political Implications of Fiscal Reform
for Central-Local Relations in China: The Case of Guangdong
Chinese M.A. 1991qy
The retention of Greek among second
generation Greek-Australians and how and why they convey the language
to the third generation. Some case studies.
Linguistics Hons. 1991tp
Towards a curriculum for second langauge teaching
and language maintenance based on Croation and Serbian/Serbo-Croation
German, Slavic PhD 1991br
Transference Phenomena In The Greek
Spoken By Second-Generation Greek-English Bilinguals In Melbourne.
Linguistics Hons. 1991ti
1990 Alienation and criminality German M.A. 1990la
Australia-Japan Relations at the Level of the
Sister City
Japanese Hons. 1990sj
Managers in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1990ll
to Trade with Japan with Particular Reference to the Small-Goods
Japanese Hons. 1990wc
Versus Individualism: A Comparative Study of a Group of Japanese
and Australian University Students
Japanese Hons. 1990wa
Harmony in Discord: The Voices of Three Important
Indonesian Writers
Indonesian Hons. 1990wk
Xavier De Uriz Y Lasaga On Foundings.
M.A. 1990gm
L’univers Mythique De Germinal French Hons. 1990dj
Observations on Japanese Language
Teaching in Victorian Primary Schools
Japanese Hons. 1990gj
Plain English And The Law. An Investigation
Into The Use Of Plain English In The Drafting Of The Draft Credit
Bill 1989.
Linguistics Hons. 1990ts
Exchange Aspects as Applied to Australia and Japan
Japanese Hons. 1990mc
Staff Training System in a Japanese Company Japanese Hons. 1990ht
The Challenge for Australian Firms;
How to Access the Japanese Market
Japanese Hons. 1990em
The Function of Questions in Business Negotiation:
A Linguistic Approach.
Linguistics Hons. 1990gc
The Origins Use and Appeal of Karaoke Japanese Hons. 1990mh
Vincennes, Indiana: Echoes Of French Popular Culture French PhD 1990et