1985-1989 – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Program Degree code
1989 A study on the effect of German language television programmes
and videos on German Language Maintenance in Melbourne.
Linguistics Hons. 1989hn
A Universal Typology of Causative
Construcations: Functional and Diachronic Perspectives
Linguistics PhD 1989sj
Acquisition of English Syntax by
Students from The People’s Republic of China: The Use of Articles.
Linguistics M.A. 1989ab
Italian at Spensley Street Primary
Linguistics Hons. 1989cr
at Spensley Street Primary School.
Linguistics M.A. 1989cr
Japanese Language Teaching in Non-Government
Primary Schools in Victoria Vol 1-2
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1989rh
Language policy issues at monash university Linguistics M.A. 1989ol
Le Role Des Sens Dans Dix Contes Fantastiques De Guy De Maupassant French Hons. 1989jc
Liguistic analysis of the speech
of autistic individual
Linguistics M.A. 1989sh
Polish education in Victoria in comparison with
the conditions in Poland
German, Slavic Hons. 1989gl
Problems Encountered by Japanese Independent
Tourists in Australia
Japanese Hons. 1989yb
that students experience with gender in French.
Linguistics Hons. 1989hn
Sartre in Japan Japanese Hons. 1989hg
Some Aspects of Modern Irish Morphology. Linguistics PhD 1989sc
Stanislaw Przybyszewski. His life
and literary activity.
Slavic Hons. 1989sj
acquisition of articles and the concept of reference in the English
of speakers of English as a Second Language.
Linguistics M.A. 1989jc
Sociolinguistic aspects of transference from English to Thai Linguistics PhD 1989sp
The Mental Lexicon: Organization and Access.
Some Evidence From Speech Errors.
Linguistics Hons. 1989sj
The Narrative Tradition in Japanese Music: Kiyomoto-Bushi
as an Accompaniment of Kabuki Dance
Japanese PhD 1989ta
The Role of Language and Language Use in a Japanese
Company in Germany and a German Company in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1989mj
The snow. Drama in Four Acts by Stanislaw Przybyszewski.
A translation from Polish into English. Part 2
Slavic Translation 1989sj
Variation in Singapore Tamil English Linguistics PhD 1989sv
Verb errors in spoken english among
adult native speakers of German.
Linguistics Hons. 1989ps
Wastepaper Recovery for Recycling Japanese Hons. 1989lt
1988 The first elementart paragraph to a theory of the
new art: The aesthetics of Politics in the work of Mykola Khvylovy
Slavic Hons. 1988sp
A Study of Foreign Securities Companies
in the Tokyo Market
Japanese Hons. 1988mj
Aizuchi Japanese Hons. 1988wg
An investigation of variables in
translation into english by students at udayana university
Linguistics M.A. 1988bn
Cohesion in arrernte discourse Linguistics M.A. 1988rr
Da sDeutsch funf jugoslawischer
Arbeitnehmer und zwei Arbeitnehmerinnen
Hons. 1988hj
David Ernst Oppenheim 1881-1943.
The man, his time, his work.
German M.A. 1988ld
Discourse Strategies of Learners of Japanese
and German in Native Speaker-Learner Interaction
Japanese Hons. 1988aj
Etiquette in Australian-Japan Business Interaction:
A Study of a Meal Situation Vol 1-3
Japanese PhD 1988mh
Identity Crisis of Korean Residents in Japan Japanese Hons. 1988ck
Japanese Tourists in Melbourne:
Problems in Shopping Situation
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1988fh
Japan’s Equal Opportunity Law and the Future
of Professional Woman
Japanese Hons. 1988ps
Recruiting System – Case Studies
Japanese Hons. 1988nj
Language Behaviour in Japanese Intercultural
Japanese Hons. 1988ky
Policy Formulation and Implementation: An Historical Perspective
on Australian Languages.
Linguistics PhD 1988fe
one parent-one language: an interactional approach German PhD 1988ds
The Error Analysis of Verbal Inflexions
in Written English of Malaysian Secondary School Students.
Linguistics Hons. 1988nn
The Social Networks of Women Married
to Japanese Men
Japanese Hons. 1988fk
Teaching of Japanese in Australian Secondary Schools by Native Speakers:
An Empirical Study
Japanese M.A.
Turn Exchange in Conversation Linguistics Hons. 1988mj
University Entrance Examinations in Japan Japanese Hons. 1988ma
1987 Spelling Reform in the English Language as seen by
Residents of Melbourne (Appendices Separate)
Linguistics Hons. 1987sj
A Case Study of Japanese Non-verbal Behaviour
in Australian-Japanese Contact Situations
Japanese Hons. 1987mb
A Case Study of the Operations of an Australian
Bank in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1987mj
and auditory study of the pronunciation of Japanese by Australian
Linguistics PhD 1987kt
Malay Literature and Orality Theory. Cerita Sabor and Ong
Asian Studies Hons. 1987bg
Down and Out in Japan: A Study
of Japan’s Homeless People and Processes of Negative Social Mobility
Japanese Hons. 1987be
In-Company English Language Programmes Japanese Hons. 1987wj
Indonesian Films 1965-1982. Perceptions
of Society and History.
Indonesian PhD 1987sk
Japanese Cinema Japanese Hons. 1987mt
Japanese Language Teaching in Melbourne High
Schools: Observations of the Classes Taught by Non-Native Speakers
of Japanese
Japanese M.A.
Language Choice, Language Mixing and Language Attitudes:
Indonesians in Australia
Linguistics PhD 1987sb
Nominal affixations in Indonesian: A semantic
Linguistics PhD 1987pj
in the Japanese Press
Japanese M.A. 1987yj
Kawin Tan Tik Cu.
Asian Studies Hons. 1987kr
Acquisition of English as a Second Language by Native Speakers of
Linguistics M.A. 1987ka
Acquisition of English by Balinese Students
Linguistics M.A. 1987si
The Acquisition of English by Indonesian Students
in Medan
Linguistics M.A. 1987z
acquisition of English structures by students in Taiwan, Roc
Linguistics M.A. 1987ci
The Internal Lexicon: A Neuro-psycholinguistic
Linguistics Hons. 1987dc
Narrative of Siam. (Tjarita Siam Supplemented by Hikayat Raja-Raja
Asian Studies M.A. 1987sk
Teaching of Characters in Victorian High Schools, in Both Japanese
and Chinese Courses
Japanese Hons. 1987wy
compile a lexicon of approximately 2500 words to supplement and to
expand upon a fundamental knowledge of Russian vocabulary. Lexicon
will be structured thematically and tailored for use in conjunction
with appropriate texts
Slavic Hons. 1987ld
Interactive and Communicative Problems are Encountered by Individual
Hong Kong Tourists in Japan?
Japanese Hons. 1987lk
1986 A
Linguistic Study Of Korean Causative Constructions.
Linguistics Hons. 1986sj
A Perspective on the Involvement of Japanese
Women in New Religions
Japanese Hons. 1986tc
Investigation into Patterns of 7 Female Visitors’ Perceptions
of Japanese Society
Japanese M.A.
An Investigation Into The Nonmarking For “Past”
In Singapore English: A Case Study Using Compositions Written By
A Secondary Four Normal Stream Class.
Linguistics Hons. 1986kt
Aspects of French Theatre in Paris During the German Occupation: Alain Laubreaux and the Comedie-Francaise 1942 – 1944 French M.A. 1986jk
Behaviour Disruption in Japanese Schools Some
Public and Student Perceptions
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1986md
Burakumin and Inequality in Japanese Education:
The Yata Buraku and Education – A Case Study
Japanese Hons. 1986ha
Christian Youth Groups in Japan Japanese Hons. 1986ps
Communicative Competence of Learners of Japanese:
An Australian Example
Japanese M.A.
Conversational Analysis of Foreign Speakers of Japanese:
A Study of Requests for Clarification in Contact Situation
Japanese PhD 1986oa
Employer Response to the Equal
Employment Opportunity Act 1985
Japanese Hons. 1986lj
English Correspondence in a Japanese Company Japanese Hons. 1986hm
Fans and Idols: A Study of Pop
Music Culture in Contemporary Japan
Japanese Hons. 1986oj
Foreigner Talk in Japanese Vol. 1 &
Japanese PhD 1986sa
James in Indonesian: A Stylistic Analysis of a Translation of “Daisy
Indonesian Hons. 1986sr
Exchange Students in Australia: Problems in Communication and Interaction
and the Acquisition of Communicative and Socio-Cultural Competence
Japanese M.A. 1986sr
Mendu Theatre on the Island of
Bunguran. Sumatra.
Asian Studies Hons. 1986kk
Pre-Departure Training of Japanese Businessmen:
Preparation for Overseas Postings
Japanese Hons. 1986cc
Problems of Package Tours to Japan Japanese Hons. 1986bl
Shahnon Ahmad: Maintaining Traditional
Values Through His Literary Cognition.
Hons. 1986ss
Some Aspects of Communication within
a Melbourne Branch of a Japanese Trading Company
Japanese M.A. 1986yk
The Acquisition of English Clauses by Vietnamese
Refugee Children.
Linguistics PhD 1986fi
Changing Definition, Role and Value of Enka in the Japanese Society
Japanese Hons. 1986cl
The Changing Role of Matsuri Japanese Hons. 1986pu
The lachian pronoun: A comparison
with Polish (with use of the poetry of O. Lysohorsky)
Slavic M.A. Prelim. 1986ct
The Opportunities for Self-Expression
in the Japanese Classroom
Japanese Hons. 1986fm
The Problems of Returnee Students in Japan at
the University Entrance Examination Level
Japanese Hons. 1986bf
The Tea Ceremony Past and Present Japanese Hons. 1986ra
The Verb “Omou”: Its
Use and Meaning
Japanese M.A. 1986mm
Verb Phrase in Singapore English
Linguistics PhD 1986hm
The Visiting Japanese Academic’s Knowledge
of Australian Universities
Japanese Hons. 1986mj
Variation in Hong Kong English Linguistics PhD 1986bc
Work and Leisure Patterns and Perceptions: A
Study of Twelve Japanese Executives Recruited to Work in Melbourne
Japanese Hons. 1986rs
1985 A Comparative Study of Georg kaiser’s Gilles Und Jeanne
and Michel Tournier’s Giles et Jeanne.
Hons. 1985sj
Acquisition Of The Simple English
Noun Phrases By Malaysian Secondary School Students: An Error Analysis
Of Written Compositions.
Linguistics Hons. 1985pz
Behavioural Patterns and Perceived International
Difficulties of Australian Tourists in Japan
Japanese M.A. 1985at
Case Particles in Japanese Language Textbooks Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1985sa
Travel Patterns of Japanese Youth
Japanese Hons. 1985ye
Ganai: A Study of the Aboriginal Languages of
Gippsland based on 19th Century Materials.
Linguistics M.A. 1985fe
Japanese Food Today Japanese Hons. 1985fm
Japanese Students at Brighton Grammar Japanese Hons. 1985kk
L’Influence de l’Espagne
sur la gense de Citadelle par Antoine de Saint-Exupry.
French Hons. 1985fp
Problems of Malaysian Students
in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1985ta
Efforts to Sell Australian Wine in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1985gn
Revisions to Japan’s Nationality Law 1980-1985 Japanese Hons. 1985tv
Sentence Final Expressions in Spoken
Japanese M.A. 1985mv
Education and Animal Welfare in Japanese Zoos
Japanese Hons. 1985mj
Some Aspects Of Verb Use By Students Of Selected
Schools In Kuala Lumpur And A Rural Area Of Selangor.
Linguistics Hons. 1985dn
Sound Correspondences Between Sino-Japanese
and Mandarin – Based on an Analysis of the Jooyoo Kanji (File 1 &
2). The Pinyin Chinese-Japanese Kanji Index (File 3).
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1985fs
Story Grammar: Fact, Fiction Or
Something In Between?
Linguistics Hons. 1985mm
The basic problems of Slavic graphic systems Slavic Hons. 1985am
The Effect of the Textbook Authorization
System on Sino-Japanese Relations
Japanese Hons. 1985gh
The histoorical prototypes and the major spcial
themes in Wyspianski’s “The Wedding (Wesele)
Slavic M.A. 1985al
The needs of elderly Yugoslavs
in the Melbourne metropolitan area
Slavic Hons. 1985br
The Role of Parallel Catamorphic Systems in
the Structure of Zola’s “Rougon-Macquart”
French PhD 1985rm
The Social and Economic Aspects
of Weddings in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1985lh
Social Problems of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau’s Clientele
Japanese Hons. 1985lr
The Teaching of English as a Foreign
Language at Tertiary Institutions
Japanese Hons. 1985vh
The Verb In Bahasa Malaysia Linguistics M.A. Prelim. 1985nl
Tuning-In To Questions: The Intonation Of Questions
In British Television Drama.
Linguistics Hons. 1985oz
Word homonymy in Ukranian Slavic PhD 1985ro