1975-1979 – Honours Theses Archive

Year Title Program Degree code
1979 A Reader in Legal and Administrative Japanese Japanese M.A. 1979bc
A Study of the Aquisition of the
Japanese Accent by Foreign Speakers
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1979yk
Aspects of English AND Linguistics PhD 1979rb
Ena Education the ‘Writing-About Life’
Japanese Hons. 1979fj
Down the Tradition: An Explanation of the National Theatre Kabuki
Actors’ Training School
Japanese Hons. 1979sr
La Valence Du Verbe En Francais Et En Allemand:
Methodes Et Problemes
Linguistics PhD 1979pp
Modality in Malayalam and English Sentence Structure Linguistics PhD 1979ja
Morphemic structure in latvian
word formation (Inc. 3 separate volumes of appedices)
Slavic PhD 1979mb
Morphemic structure in Latvian
word formation, Appendix II vol 1
Slavic Hons. 1979mb
Mother-Figures In Balzac’s Comedie Humaine French PhD 1979rj
Patterns of Second Language Acquisition in Japanese Japanese M.A. 1979kl
Political Socialization in Japanese
Primary Schools: An Analysis of the Aims and Content of Primary School
Social Students Textbook
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1979lk
Social Class Differences in Children’s Language. Linguistics PhD 1979de
The Adaptation of Western Concepts
in Children’s Literature
Japanese Hons. 1979lh
The evolution of the charcter of Prince Myshkin
according to the notebooks to Dostoevskii’s novel ‘The Idoit”
Slavic Hons. 1979wj
The function of metaphor in the
stories of Isaac Babel
Slavic PhD 1979md
Rise of Sinhalese Language Nationalism: A Study in the Sociology
of Language.
Linguistics PhD 1979dk
Structure of Time in the Hikayat Muhammad Hanafiyyah.
Asian Studies Hons. 1979hc
The Teaching of Characters to Japanese
Children Returning from Abroad
Japanese Hons. 1979cd
The Teaching of Shuji and Shodo in Japanese
Japanese Hons. 1979pl
1978 A study in the themes and motifs in the early works of
Zinaida Hippius against the background of the early period of Russian
symbolism 1890-1905
Slavic M.A. 1978ze
A Study
of Gairaigo in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1978cn
A Study
Of The Acquisition And Understanding Of English Kinship Terms.
Linguistics Hons. 1978tv
Aboriginal English Linguistics M.A. 1978pm
Advertising and the Language of Advertising
in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1978ad
Assessment of Japanese Teaching in Victorian State High Schools
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1978mh
An Evaluation of the Content Structure
and Use of Dialogue in Three Tertiary Japanese Textbooks
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1978km
Antonymy in natural language (based
on Russian, Bulgarian and English)
Slavic PhD 1978km
Les Etudes Consacrees A Cyrano De Bergerac Jusqu’ En 1970 French M.A. 1978sm
Attitudes towards French Black Africa 1955 – 1960 As expressed in a selection of Parisian daily newspapers, with particular reference to Guinea and the Ivory Coast French M.A. 1978tc
Bound Pronouns in the Romance Languages and
the Languages of Australia.
Linguistics Hons. 1978dm
Bunjinga and Tokugawa Japan Japanese M.A. 1978ll
Compound Nouns in Cambodian. Linguistics M.A. 1978tt
Elements of Naturalism and symbolism in Chekhov’s
works 1888-97
Slavic Hons. 1978sl
Education in Lower Secondary Schools in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1978cm
Parentheticals In French French M.A. 1978fp
Politeness Strategies in the Speech of Japanese
Japanese, Linguistics Hons. 1978mv
With An S P Subject In Ergative Languages.
Linguistics Hons. 1978sa
Si Miskin: A Study of a Malay Folktale. Asian Studies Hons. 1978si
Special Education of Mentally Retarded
Children in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1978sm
Acquisition of English Communicative Competence by Japanese Women
Japanese M.A. 1978mh
The Djaru Language of Kimberley
Western Australia.
Linguistics PhD 1978tt
Semantics of Food, Food-Preparation, Eating and Drinking
Linguistics M.A. 1978de
The west barkly languages: complex
Linguistics PhD 1978cn
and Focus in Tagalog
Linguistics Hons. 1978dc
Verbal Gerund and Kindred Phenomena in English
and Other Languages
Linguistics M.A. 1978mp
1977 A Study Of The French Universal Quantifiers – “TOUT”, “TOUS”, “CHAQUE”, “CHACUN” French M.A. 1977pe
Before and After Tense. A study in the use of temporal
expressions by children becoming bilingual.
Linguistics Hons. 1977kk
Hesitation Phenomena – An Analysis of Japanese
Japanese Hons. 1977am
Aboriginal English: An Investigation into the differences in speech
between Aboriginal persons living in Melbourne and Australians of
European descent.
Linguistics Hons. 1977fe
and Labour Relations in Small-Medium Scale Industry in Japan
Japanese M.A. 1977mv
Recognition and Enforcement of
Foreign Judgements in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1977gc
Studies in Variation and Multilingualism Linguistics Research Paper 1977pj
The Growth of Nominalisations in Casual Constructions
in Children
Linguistics Hons. 1977sj
Study of English Literature in Japanese Universities
Japanese Hons. 1977gl
The theme of movement in Charles Sorel’s Francion French M.A. 1977tl
Word-Formation in Burmese with Special Reference
to Adverbalization
Linguistics M.A. 1977nk
1976 A Comparative Study Of Two Different Techniques For Developing French Listening Comprehension Skills In The Language Laboratory French M.A. 1976gn
A Contrastive Study of The Verbal Group In Hebrew and
Linguistics M.A. 1976ei
A study
of the pronounciation of Chinese by Australian beginners
Linguistics PhD 1976ct
Aisatsu and the Pre School Child Japanese Hons. 1976sa
Australia-Japan Beef Trade Japanese Hons. 1976on
Brve tude
qui sert d’introduction aux travaux sur l’influence de l’anglais
sur le parler des immigrants franais
Melbourne. Lexique: l’usage des mots faussement apparents.
French Hons. 1976gm
Communication Problems in Australia-Japan
Business Relations
Japanese Hons. 1976ma
of stntactic structures in Australian English, volume 1, 2 and 3
Linguistics PhD 1976br
Kiyomoto-Bushi A Study of a Japanese
Narrative Musical Genre
Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1976ma
Metabolism – Proposals for New Urbanism Japanese Hons. 1976lv
Noun Formation in Cambodian. Linguistics Hons. 1976tt
Style and Language in Arifin C.
Noer’s Kapai-Kapai.
Asian Studies Hons. 1976tp
Stylistic Aspects of Work Order in Sinhala.
(Appendices separate)
Linguistics M.A. 1976dd
Syntax ans Semantics in Fillmorean Theory (A
Study of Vietnamese Case Grammar)
Linguistics PhD 1976lt
The Japanese in Brazil Japanese Hons. 1976pm
The Japanese Seal Japanese Hons. 1976cc
The Secularization Process and Islam in Indonesian. Indonesian Hons. 1976dl
Watcher on the Hill. A Study of
Ruangan Kak Timah In Berita Minggu, 1962-1967.
Hons. 1976hv
1975 “The maintenance of Modern Greek in Australia”
: a study of 5 areas of the maintenance of the greek language (and
culture) in modern Australian society
Linguistics Hons. 1975bd
Communicative Network of Japanese Women in Melbourne Japanese M.A. 1975bm
Hani Motoko; The Educator and Her
Japanese Hons. 1975ce
Guru – The Magazine of the MalayTeachers (with particular reference
to the 1924-1932 period and the role played by Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad).
Asian Studies PhD 1975aa
Methodological Problems of a derivational
dictionary of Latvian.
Slavic M.A. 1975mb
aspects of the supernatural and the grotesque in M.A Bulgakov’s
‘The Master and the Margarita’ and selected earlier works
Slavic M.A. 1975ah
Some Problems of Honorifics in
Two Japanese Novels
Japanese M.A.
The First and Second Person Pronouns in Contemporary Japanese Japanese M.A. 1975sm
The Japanese University Entrance
Japanese Hons. 1975jl
Noun Phrase in Bengali.
Linguistics PhD 1975gm
The Rise of the Citizens’ Anti-pollution
Movement in Japan
Japanese Hons. 1975ms
Three Aspects Of The Book Trade Between England And France From the Seventeenth To the Nineteenth Centuries French M.A. 1975bs