Enterprise and Engagement

About us and our approach

We are a diverse and flourishing multi-lingual community of academics and students from all over the world. We believe that real impact and engagement are relational, empathetic and long-term. Our academics have proven track record in supporting government institutions and corporate partners to achieve their strategic goals, both in Australia and internationally.

Our researchers have a deep understanding of the history, languages and cultures of a range of geographic regions. We are distinctive in our interdisciplinary and global approach to studying and investigating cultures and societies as exemplified in the ongoing intercultural dialogue between researchers working on European and Asia-related topics.

In short, we excel in translating change and difference in critically informed ways; making sense of cultures and societies past and present; seeing and analysing how cultural and linguistic differences have shaped and are shaping the world we live in.



We work with government, community and industry partners to provide a different disciplinary lens to address their research questions and business needs.

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Our Expertise

  • Intercultural communication
  • Translation and Interpreting
  • Literary studies
  • Cultures
  • Teaching and learning languages in the digital age

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  • Contract Research and consultancies
  • Professional development programs
  • Expert Lectures and industry briefing
  • Internships

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Visiting Scholars


Our School is host to a wide range of visiting scholars each year.

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