Crosscurrents book series

EUPDr Christopher Watkin in the French programme at Monash serves as the series editor of Crosscurrents, an international monograph series with Edinburgh University Press. The series provides an exceptional site for bold, original and opinion-changing monographs that actively engage European thought in this fundamentally cross-disciplinary manner, riding existing crosscurrents and creating new ones. Each monograph in the series explores the different ways in which European thought develops through its engagement with disciplines across the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences, recognising that the community of scholars working with this thought is itself spread across diverse faculties. The object of the series is therefore nothing less than to examine and carry forward the unique legacy of European thought as an inherently and irreducibly cross-disciplinary enterprise. For a fuller description, please see the Series Editor’s Preface.

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal to Crosscurrents, please see the Instructions for Authors here.