MS Vault File. Denham, Sir John (1615–1669), Manuscript notebook, unbound, containing copies in an unidentified hand of several poems here attrib. to or connected with Sir John Denham. Followed by 10p. of accounts. 62p.

<Some loss of text where the bottom of the page has been trimmed>

Nay painter if thou dar’st design that fight YoD*1 (pp. [1]-[13])
In Petty’s double keeled experiment
<Directions to a painter. By Sir John Denham>

Imperial prince king of the seas and isles YoD*2 (pp. [14]-[15])
Kings are but cards in war they’re gods in peace
<To the king. By Sir John Denham>

Sandwich in Spain now and the duke in love YoD*3 (pp. [15]-[32])
Truth is thou’st drawn her in her effigy
<Directions to a painter. By Sir John Denham>

Great prince and so much greater as more wise YoD*4 (p. [33])
To woods and groves what once the painter sings
<To the king. By Sir John Denham>

Draw England ruined by what was giv’n before YoD*5 (pp. [34]-[39])
Saw his ships burned and as they burned he swived
<Directions to a painter. By Sir Jhon Denham [`burnt’ in both cases; `—‘ for swived]>

Painter where was’t thy former work did cease YoD*6 (pp. [40]-[46])
Poets and painters are licentious youths
<Direction to a painter. By Sir Jhon Denham>

Bella fugis bellas sequeris belloque repugnas YoD*6.1 (p. [46])
Mars ad opus veneris martis arma venus
<Quae sequuntur, in limine thalami regii, a nescio quo nebulone scripta, reperibantur. Finis [set out as though title were the end of #6 and `Finis’ the title of `Bella fugis’]>

When Clarendon had discerned beforehand YoD*7 (pp. [47]-[51])
He comes to be roasted next St James’s fair
<Clarindon’s house warming>

Here lies the sacred bones YoD*8 (pp. [51]-[52])
The Dutchman’s Templum Pacis
<Upon his house>

Kendall is dead and Cambridge riding post YoD*9 (p. [52])
What fitter sacrifice for Denham’s ghost
<Upon his grandchildren [distich]>

<10 pages of accounts>