Yale Osborn MS b. 136. Poems of Sir John Denham 1615–69 (Yo36)

A collection of `Marvellian’ satire. Title-page `Directions to a Painter for Describing our Navall Businesse In imitation of Mr Waller [. . .]. Printed in the year 1667′

<Trimming of bottom of pages has caused some loss of text. Note close relationship to YoD>

Nay painter if thou darst design that fight Yo36*1 (pp. 2-15)
In Petty’s double-keeled experiment
<Directions to a painter. By Sir John Denham>

Imperial prince king of the seas and isles Yo36*2 (pp. 15-16)
King[s] are but cards in war they’re gods in peace
<To the king>

Sandwich in Spain now and the duke in love Yo36*3 (pp. 17-33)
Truth is thou’st drawn her in effigy
<Directions to a painter. By Sir John Denham>

Great prince and so much greater as more wise Yo36*4 (p. 33)
To wood and groves what once the painter sings
<To the king>

Draw England ruined by what was given before Yo36*5 (pp. 33-8)
Saw his ships burned and as they burned he swived
<[no title; poem follows on from previous without a break] [`burnt’ in both cases in MS]>

Painter where was’t thy former work did cease Yo36*6 (pp. 38-43)
Poets and painters are licentious youths
<Directions to a painter by Sir John Denham>

Bella fugis bellas sequeris belloque repugnas Yo36*6.1 (p. 43)
Mars ad opus Veneris Martis ad arma Venus
<Quae sequuntur in limine Thalami Regij a nescio quo Nebulone scripta reperibantur>

When Clarendon had discerned beforehand Yo36*7 (pp. 43-47)
He comes to be roasted next St Jame’s fair
<Clarindon’s house warming>

Here lies the sacred bones Yo36*8 (pp. 47-8)
The Dutchman’s templum pacis
<Upon his house>

Kendall is dead and Cambridge riding post Yo36*9 (p. 48)
What fitter sacrifice for Denham’s ghost
<Upon his grandchildren>

Spread a large canvas painter to contain Yo36*10 (p. 48)
He proved the mad Cathegus of our age
<Advice to a painter printed in a folio sheet: [incomplete] [new hands from this point]>

Julius Mazarini Cardinalis divini virga furoris in Gallos Yo36*11 (pp. 49-50)
invare non desinas utinam ipsi ut tibi certò profu{trimmed}
<Julii Mazarini Cardinalis elogium Parisiis Romam transmissum [prose text]>

Hic iacet Julius Mazarinus Yo36*12 (pp. 51-53)
Spelunca Latronis
<Julii Mazarini Cardinalis epitaphium>

Legite parentes vanissimus hominum ordo Yo36*13 (pp. 54-5)
Mundi desertor deficit ad Deum
<Charissimo filio Edmundo Trottio | Possuimus Johannes pater et mater Elizabetha frustra superstites [colophon: `undecimo Augusti. Æræ Christianæ 1667 Ætatis suæ 23: Talis cum fuerit cælo non invidemus: per Andream Marvell’] [NB Margoliouth has `Dilectissimo [for `Charissimo’ Filio . . .’ as first line]>

Charissimo filio / Johanni Trottio Yo36*14 (p. 56)
Ipsi eandem ad Dei natum subituri
<Johannis Trottii epitaphium [last lines lost through trimming]>

Honoured Sir / I have not that vanity to believe Yo36*15 (pp. 57-9)
with all the excellency and recumbence of a departing Christian
<Mr Marvel to Sir John Trott [prose letter] [signed `A: Marvel’ and then follows his `sorry elogie of your son’. Our last line is from the elegy]>