Yale University Library, Osborn MS b 219 (Yo19)

Poems connected with the Wolseley–Wharton quarrel. <no title-page or cover. Yale heading `Familiar Epistles’>

Right heir to Flutter Fop of the last edition Yo19*1 (pp. 1-6)
A merry blockhead treacherous and vain
<A familiar epistle by way of Nosce Teipsum directed to his worthy friend Sir Frivolous Insipid alias Sir H─ H─. / Absentem qui rodit amicum / Qui non defendit alio culpante solutos / Qui captat risus hominum famanque dicacis / Fingere qui non visa potest commiss tacere / Qui nequit hic niger est hunc tu Romane caveto / Hor: Satyr. 4 Lib: 1>

Welcome my honest long expected friend Yo19*2 (pp. 7-12)
For none’s so despicable as thy own
<A familiar answer to a late familiar epistle by way of welcome Jone Sanderson humbly addressed to the best of poets alias the worst / Scalpellum calami atramentum charta libelli / Sunt semper studijs arma parata tuis/ Qui Mihi>

Squab puppy who can bark but never bite Yo19*3 (pp. 13-14)
To all a jest the natural white Bulkear
<A short answer to Laborious Trifle alias old Bob’s well-timed epistle. / Qui Bavium non odit amet tua carmina mevit / Virgil Eccl. 3d>

Daily disgracer of our English satyr Yo19*4 (pp. 15-22)
Thy body’s half abortive like thy wit
<A second familiar epistle by way of Make no more haste then good speed or Fair and softly goes far in a day / In answer to his much respected friend The Sieur Whifle / Garrulus atque … loquentis / Hor: Sat: 4: Lib 1st>

Finish me one task more for critic muse Yo19*4.1 (pp. 22-5)
Thou only to be his he to be thine is fit
<A postscript in answer to the Seiur Whiffle’s most judicious and learned criticisms on a late satyr called A familiar epistle etc. [p. 26 blank]>

To thy first stanza poetry laid by Yo19*5 (pp. 27-8)
In Grubstreet or Snowhill thy matches find
<For Sir Frivolous Insipid to his late short answer as short a return>

That so much rhyme you in one month have writ Yo19*6 (pp. 29-32)
And bring up two tall footmen of his own
<A final answer to all that Laborious Trifle has, or may write>

Of Clineas’ and Dametus’ sharper fight Yo19*7 (pp. 33-6)
For giant Bob like Will’s a dwarf in sense
<The quarrel [`Qui Bavium non odit amet tua carmina mevit’ (cf. #3)]>