Yale University Library, MS Osborn b 115 (Yo15)

Annotator’s description: “Commonplace Book, late 17th cent. Anonymous MS collection of poems and recipes. The compiler was evidently a member of Cambridge University. Collection includes bawdy and satirical verse, mainly of a political, anti-Popery and academic cast, 88 pp., and 74 p. of medical, cookery and household recipes… Includes works of Henry Denne of Trinity College and Joshua Barnes (1654-1712)”.

In fair water boil red rose leaves pomegranate buds (f.1r)
<Good for weakness either of fundament or mother [prose text]>

Three gallons of rain water a quart of white wine vinegar (f.1r)
<Excellent ink [prose text]>

Mingle well a pint of cream with a quarter of a pound of tar (f.1r)
<For kibes and chilblains. A medicine [prose text]>

Three handfuls of elder flowers and two of camomile (f.1r)
<For a glyster [prose text]>

A pint of white wine of senna and rhubarb half an ounce (f.1v)
<A purge for a child [prose text]>

Dress a fat pig as for the spit put it into a cold still (f.1v)
<The Dutchess of Newcastle’s water [prose text]>

Set a gallon of ale over the fire put to it an handful of sage (f.1v)
<A medicine for a dropsy [prose text]>

Austriacum Batavis Dominum detraximus Angli Yo15*1 (f.2r)
<Gratitudo Belgica>

Nympha Isis medios agros dum laeta pererrat Yo15*2 (f.2r)
<Unio Thami et Isidos>

Conditur hoc tumulo Bavius gravis esse memento Yo15*3 (ff.2v-3r)
<Epitaphium Tho: Shadwelli poetae laureati et pinguis memoriae historiographi regii [`mememento’ in MS]>

Sumus omnes generosi Yo15*4 (f. 3r-v)
<Carmen Bacchanale>

How Christian Trot with heavy heart Yo15*5 (ff. 3v-4v)
<On a whore that was whipped at the carts-arse through Cambridge>

A papist died as ’twas Jehovah’s will Yo15*6 (ff. 4v-5r)
<On a Papist-ghost>

As every poetaster uses Yo15*7 (ff. 5v-8r)
<Lucernis medus Acinaces immane quantum discrepat? [`Dr Browne Trin Coll:’]>

The widows and maids Yo15*8 (ff. 8v-10r)
<A satyr>

Not all the threats or favours of a crown Yo15*9 (ff. 10v-14v)
<The man of honour>

Ye Catholic statesmen and churchmen rejoice Yo15*10 (ff. 14v-16r)
<On the queen’s being with child>

I who was once an humble log Yo15*11 (ff. 16r-19r)
<A true and full account of a conference between the late wondrous speaking head and Father Gauden, as it was related by the head’s own mouth to Dr Fr[ase]r>

So spake the poet for he best could tell Yo15*12 (ff. 19v-20v)
<Vino et lucernis medus Acinaces immane quantum discrepat? [`?Braben Trin Coll’]>

Father why this on me d’ye think this face Yo15*13 (ff. 21r-23r)
<Quid est jocus? [[ff. 21v and 22r blank]>

When the north Holland winds had froze the ground twice Yo15*14 (ff. 23v-24r)
<[no title]>

A mighty great fleet the like was ne’er seen Yo15*15 (ff. 24r-25v)
<England’s triumph at sea in Sept. 1691>

Hospes ab antiqua cultaque ab Apolline granta Yo15*16 (ff. 26r-27r)
<[Greek quote]: Hom[er]. Reverendo et tum nobilitate, tum doctrinâ honorabili D[omi]no Thomae Browne, equiti dignissimo. Et medico integerrimo M: D: Semper fausta biceps sua pardat limina Janus. [`Josua Barnes A:B: Coll. Eman[u]el: Cant:’]>

We’ll consort with tempest with earthquakes agree Yo15*17 (ff.27v-28r)
<The drunkards rant>

Since to be chaste and fair Yo15*18 (ff. 28v-29r)
<On a deformed mistress. G. M:>

A long adieu to all that’s bright Yo15*19 (ff. 29v-32v)
<To the memory of the incomparable Orinda>

To you great sir whose power doth extend Yo15*20 (ff. 33r-34v)
<A prologue of Mr Smallwood’s when he was Tripos. Cant: /Jo— [`yr humble Trout’]>

After the sort of academic wit Yo15*21 (ff. 35r-36v)
<Mr Smallwood’s epilogue to the ladies in the Commencement House>

Should you order Tom Browne Yo15*22 (ff. 36v-37r)
<Tom Browne the poet being ordered by the parliament to be whipped for satyr against the times, a friend, saves him by this apology>

After long penance of a nine years lent Yo15*23 (ff. 37v-39r)
<The prologue to the music speech spoken in the theatre at Oxon: July the 8th 1693. being the time of the Act. By Mr Smith: of University College>

I hope this morning lectures to your mind Yo15*24 (ff. 39r-40v)

I trap al men Yo15*25 (f. 40v)
<Anagram vizt Parliament [9 anagrams – a poem of sorts]>

Hic iacet ecclesia anglicana Yo15*26 (f. 41r)
<Epitaph Eccles: Angl:>

Father methinks in wondrous state Yo15*27 (ff. 41v-45v)
<An pictoribus atque poetis. Quidlibet audendi semper fuit aequa potestas? [`Dr Denn Trin: Coll: Cant.’]>

We Father Gauden Gregory and all Yo15*28 (ff. 46r-47v)
<Advice to the test-holders>

Fish not in light and gay apparell (ff. [48r-v [rev]])
<Of fishing. General observat[ions] [prose text]>

The cauls of young wethers five or six pounds (f. [49r])
<Pomatum for the face [prose text]>

A gallon of aqua vitae or brandy a gallon of the best salad oil (f. [49v])
<An oil for a consumption [`sallet’ in MS] [prose text]>

Blanche and beat half a quart of ?fresh almonds (f. [49v])
<Paste for the hands [prose text]>

Take a knucke of veal and the scrag end of a neck of mutton (f. [50r])
<To make barley broth>

Pare of the rind of three lemons and lay it in a quart (f. [51r]>
<To make lemon cream [`Rine’ in MS] [prose text]>

Prose recipes for preserved fruit, cakes, biscuits, jellies etc continue to end: `Sirrop of wormewood’, `Almond Custard’, `Aprecock wine’, `A Rice Pudding to bake’, `To make all kinds of wooden worke Cooke like Ebony’, `A Sillybubb:’, `To Make ye best Cakes’, `The Lady Arundels Orange Biskett’, `To make Perfume to burne’, `To Boyle silver’, etc. etc.