Yale University Library, Osborn MS fb 108 (Yo08)

A collection of separates, containing verse satires, lampoons, ballads, etc., mostly relating to the events of 1688-1689. Pages unrecorded here are blank or have only the title on them. Written in London for a gentleman resident with Sir George Strode in Dorset – three have postmarks.

The Table of Contents lists a number of works from both MSS and printed folios which were included in the original compilation but which are now lost. The printed works (between #80 and #81, and #91 and #92) are listed below without numbers.

<Table of Contents `Poems Folio & Quarto in Manuscript & printed’ (pp. 1-3)>

Sirs / I’ve been where so many puritans dwell Yo08*1 (pp. 5-9)
<A puritan lecture. described by Mr Abraham Cowley [pp. 6-7 missing, catchwords `Flesh’t o’re’ present at bottom of p. 5] [completed in a second hand]>

Rouse genius rouse something that’s lofty say Yo08*2 (p. 11)
<An ode; sung at the Kentish Feast. 1696>

[lost work: The folly of love and satyr] Yo08*3

We read in profane and sacred records Yo08*4 (pp. 13-19)
<A dialogue between the two horses at Woolchurch and Charingcross. The argument>

Stand forth thou grand impostor of our time Yo08*5 (pp. 21-4)
<The observator. or / The history of Hodge as reported by some / from his fiddling to Nol to his scribbling for Rome>

A session of lovers was held t’other day Yo08*6 (pp. 25-38)
<The lovers session>

When first the world from the black chaos rose Yo08*7 (pp. 43-58)
<Matrimonij pensitatio>

We Father Gawden Gregory and all Yo08*8 (pp. 61-3)
<Advice to the testholders>

Go little brat respected by the just Yo08*9 (p. 65)
<The farewell. To the Church of England>

Keep to the true church whilst you may Yo08*10 (p. 67)
<Song. To the tune of Gather your rose buds [see also #74]>

Give o’er ye poor players depend not on wit Yo08*11 (pp. 71-7)
<Julian’s farewell. To the family of the coquettes. A new ballad to the tune of An old man is a bedfull of bones [p. 71 is a title-page `The Epsom Ballad’ (p. 72 blank)] [`not one’ in MS]>

Since love intrigues are out of date Yo08*12 (pp. 79-81)
<The ladies’ address to the queen [`lady’s’ in MS]>

First Heaven resolved William should reign and then Yo08*13 (p. 83)
<Under the king’s picture. Vox populi vox dei>

Ye mitred fathers of the land Yo08*14 (pp. 85-7)
<The sentiments. To the bishops [p. 88 endorsed `The Resentment’] [TC has `The sentiments of the bishops’]>

Here lives a peer raised by indulgent fate Yo08*15 (p. 89)
<Elegy [p. 90 endorsed `Vendidit tui aureo patriam dominumque potentem / Imposuit; leges fixit pretio atque refixit’]>

What liberty of conscience that’s a change Yo08*16 (pp. 91-3)
<Dr Wild’s ghost on liberty of conscience>

Here lies a creature of indulgent fate Yo08*17 (p. 95)
<Epitaph [p. 96 endorsed `On Ld Trea[sure]r Rochester’]>

[lost work: The resignation] Yo08*18
<[librarian has written `prose’ in the margin]>

The noise of foreign wars Yo08*19 (pp. 97-8)
<For her royal highness the Princess Anne of Denmark on the birth of the Duke of Glôster sung at Hampton Court [first line doesn’t scan?]>

[lost work: The wager] Yo08*20

What the pretended power of dispensing with laws or the execution Yo08*21 (pp. 101-2)
<[no title] [numbered prose list] [TC title `Twenty eight articles concerning the grievances of the subject’]>

Tell me thou treasury of spite Yo08*22 (pp. 105-8)
<A new letter to Julian>

For this additional declaration Yo08*23 (p. 109)
<Anthem. To be sung in the Lord Major’s chapel at the reading of the new declaration [nos. #23-#27 in same hand, and p. 116 endorsed `The Invasion’]>

As I went by St James’s I heard a bird sing Yo08*24 (p. 111)
<The warming pan>

Did you hear of the news an invisible fleet Yo08*25 (p. 113)
<The invasion>

When the dragon of Beau shall look over the Tower Yo08*26 (p. 114)
<A short prophecy>

A thief that bravely bears away the prize Yo08*27 (p. 115)
<On the Lord Chancellor’s restoring the charter>

When the joy of all hearts and desire of all eyes Yo08*28 (pp. 117-19)
<Packington’s Pound [p. 120 endorsed with title and `1688′]>

Would you see an army leaving Yo08*29 (p. 121)
<[no title] [TC title: `On the army’s abandoning King James’]>

Would you be a man in power Yo08*30 (p. 122)
<Song to the tune of Man in fashion [`the the’ in MS] [same hand as previous]>

Sheweth / That we your majesty’s poor slaves Yo08*31 (pp. 123-5)
<To the king. The humble address of your majesty’s poet laureate and other your Catholic and Protestant dissenting rhymers of the Corporation of Parnassus [last line differs from Crum’s]>

Old stories of a Tyler sing Yo08*32 (pp. 127-8)
<Tom Tyler or The nurse [p. 128 endorsed with address, heavily lined through: `For Mr [ ?? ] at Sir George Strodes at [?London] by [ ??] Dorset’]>

Take of the herb of hypocrisy and dissension of each one handful Yo08*33 (p. 129)
<A true receipt of the fanatics dies cordial [correctly, `diascordium’ in Oep53] [prose text]>

My fleet my castles and my towns Yo08*34 (pp. 131-3)
<The soliloquy upon the king’s departure>

Why should one blockhead’s speech make such a noise Yo08*35 (pp. 137, 138, 137a)
<On the speaking wooden head>

Theologis animas subjecit lapsus Adami Yo08*36 (p. 137a)
<Martiall [not in TC]>

Eve’s sins o’er souls gave Father Patrick power Yo08*36.1 (p. 137a)
<Englished by Mr Shepherd [not in TC]>

Two Toms and a Nat / Together sat Yo08*37 (pp. 139-40)
<The thanksgiving for the queen’s conception>

[A computation of Protestants papists and Presbyterians] Yo08*38 (p. 141)
<[notes and figures on the number of polling men in the parishes of York and Canterbury] [title from TC]>

Wretch whosoe’er thou art that longs for praise Yo08*39 (pp. 143-50)
<Satyr on the poets>

When that remnant of royalty Jemmy the cully Yo08*40 (pp. 151-3)
<[no title] [TC title: `King James’s lamentation’] [p. 154 has a household bill for `Buttons altered’, `Stockings mended’, etc.]>

[lost work: A catch for the Punch Club] Yo08*41

As Ralph and Nick i’th’ field were plowing Yo08*42 (pp. 155-8)
<The plowman>

Tell me my friend who would a favourite be Yo08*43 (pp. 159-62)
<The remarks [TC and p. 162 endorsed have `Remarks on the hall and court’]>

Madam I loathe the censurers of the town Yo08*44 (pp. 163-5)
<A letter to the Lady Osborn [`Osbourne’ on p. 166]>

Last night when I to sleep myself had laid Yo08*45 (pp. 167-71)
<The vision of toleration>

If prayers and tears Yo08*46 (pp. 175-7)
<Sighs. For our late sovereign [p. 178 endorsed `Sighs for King C 2d by Mr R Herbert’]>

My lords and gentlemen / I have had such assurance of your good affections Yo08*47 (p. 179)
<[no title] [TC title: `King Williams’ speech on adjourning a parliament’] [prose text] [`Adjourned till the 7th. of July next’] [P. 180 is folded in three sections, and contains jottings on family history. The top of the sheet is visible in the binding between pp. 174 and 175. The third column has notes on the Strode family]>

From an old inquisition and new declaration Yo08*48 (pp. 181-2)
<A short litany on the acquitting the Lords [TC adds `and Bishops’]>

[lost work: Dryden’s description of night] Yo08*49
<[title from TC]>

I that was once a humble log Yo08*50 (pp. 185-7)
<A conference between the wooden-head and Father Gawd[e]n [not in TC]>

All things were hush as when the drawers tread Yo08*51 (p. 189)
<Thus burlesqued [`hush’ in MS] [not in TC]>

Would you be a man of favour Yo08*52 (p. 191)
<The favourite>

Ungrateful wretch canst thou pretend a cause Yo08*53 (p. 193)
<A dialogue between a loyal addresser and a blunt Whiggish clown [same hand as previous]>

Tobacco is an Indian weed Yo08*54 (p. 195)
<[no title] [TC title: A pun upon tobacco]>

The talk lately went Yo08*55 (pp. 199-203)
<The state holders’ almanac. In which the qualities of each month are considered, whereby it is made apparent that a parliament may sit every month in the year. To the tune of Cold and raw the north did blow [The first line is the first of the Prologue. There is also an Epilogue] [p. 204 endorsed `Almanack 1688′] [date also in TC]>

[lost work: The dog and the shoulder of mutton] Yo08*56
<[title from TC]>

[lost work: The scaffold work of Paul’s] Yo08*57
<[title from TC]>

O Nigrocella don’t despise Yo08*58 (p. 205)
<The fair lover and his black mistress>

Curse on those dull unpitied doggerel rhymes Yo08*59 (pp. 207-36)
<A satyr on the most eminent court ninnies [p. 207 is a title-page `A Satyr on The Court’ (p. 208 blank)]>

Good people come buy Yo08*60 (pp. 239-41)
<Buy my oranges. or A new ballad to an excellent old tune of A pudding [TC title: A song of an orange]>

Right heir to Flutter Fop o’th’ last edition Yo08*61 (pp. 243-6)
<Mr Wooseley’s familiar epistle to Sir Frivilous Insipid alias Sr Hen. Hub[bar]d. / Absentem qui rodit amicum / Hunc tu romane caveto / Hor. Satyr 4. Lib. i. [Wolseley] [nos. #61-#63 are a group in the same hand]>

Welcome my honest long expected friend Yo08*62 (pp. 247-52)
<The answer. Humbly adress[ed] to the best of poets alias the worst. Scalpellum calami etc. qui mihi [same hand as previous]>

Squab puppy who can bark but never bite Yo08*63 (p. 253)
<Another answer to the same. Qui bavium non odit amet tua carmina meevi. Virg. Ec. 3>

As down the torrent of an angry flood Yo08*64 (pp. 255-7)
<The fable of the pot and the kettle [concludes with `The Moral’]>

One curious web of the king’s own spinning before he went off Yo08*65 (pp. 259-64)
<A bill of sale. In Westminster Hall on the 22 of Jan. next will be sold by inch of candle these following goods. In several parcels. The first lot [prose list] [p. 266 endorsed `Bill of sale 1688′]>

Whereas there are several popish priests monks and Jesuits Yo08*65.1 (p. 265)
<Advertisement [prose conclusion to previous list]>

[lost work: Lord Dorsetts satyr on the author of The hind and panther] Yo08*66
<[title from TC]>

The freeborn English generous and wise Yo08*67 (p. 267)
<Tacitus de vita Agricola. An allusion>

From all the women we have whored Yo08*68 (pp. 271-3)
<A litany for the holy time of Lent [p. 274 endorsed `Lettany for Lent 87/8′. The page also contains another address similiar to that on p. 128, but only `Dorset’ has not been lined through]>

How far it doth diminish or alter the exercise Yo08*69 (p. 275)
<Questions proposed to the judges by the House of Lords about the Bill of Regency [prose text]>

[List of sargeants’ names] Yo08*70 (p. 276)
<[headed `Sergts’, with names in four columns. The hand differs from that of p. 275] [not in TC]>

You Catholic statesmen and churchmen rejoice Yo08*71 (pp. 277-8)
<The miracle [A Packington’s Pound text]>

Did ever Nature prodigal appear Yo08*72 (pp. 279, 281)
<On the death of Mr Thomas Coker, Bachelor of Arts of Christ’s College Cambridge [`Jos: Rawson Coll Regal: Cantab: Soc.’] [p. 280 blank]>

Hæc alieni / Raptor honoris Yo08*73 (p. 283)
<Epitaphium. N: S: Samuel Oxon>

Here strangers lies proud Sam of Oxon Yo08*73.1 (p. 283)
<Paraphrased thus [not listed separately in TC] [p. 284 contains a third address, again heavily lined through, `For Mr C … M… at Sir George Strodes at L… Dorset’]>

Keep to the church while that you may Yo08*74 (p. 285)
<Song. To the tune of Gather your rosebuds [p. 286 endorsed `To Mr Richards’] [same work as #10]>

Hark gentle nymphs I hear Thalia call Yo08*75 (p. 287)
<[no title] [`Two songs’ in TC for this and following]>

When blooming beauties first appear Yo08*76 (pp. 287-8)
<A song>

Not all the threats or favour of a crown Yo08*77 (pp. 291-4)
<The man of honour>

Your aid my muse this once I only ask Yo08*78 (pp. 295-8)
<The man of no honour [a pair with previous, in same hand]>

Let cynics bark and the stern Stagirite Yo08*79 (pp. 299-302)
<The paradox. Upon the confinement of the Lords>

It wants an epithet ingratitude Yo08*80 (pp. 303-6)
<An essay to the king on the late transactions by the Dutch upon our coasts [`costs’ in MS]>

[The countryman’s song on the coronation of King William and Queen Mary]
<[title from TC] [the first work to come from a printed source]>

Sicilian muse begin a loftier flight Yo08*81 (pp. 307-10)
<The Golden Age retrieved in imitation of the 4th Eclogue of Virgill [nos. #81-#91 are in the same hand]>

In the days of George and Nanny Yo08*82 (p. 310)
<[no title] [not in TC]>

Beat on proud billows Boreas blow Yo08*83 (pp. 311-12)
<The requiem of a loyal royalist imprisoned [`Loyall protestant’ uncorr]>

You good men of Middlesex and county so dear Yo08*84 (pp. 313-14)
<To the tune of Youth youth>

Silence / Gentlemen troopers Yo08*85 (pp. 314-15)
<The Black Guards exercise at the camp [more chant than poetry]>

On Saturday night we sat late at The Rose Yo08*86 (pp. 315-17)
<A view of the religion of the town or A Sunday morning ramble>

Would you be famous and renowned in story Yo08*87 (pp. 317-18)

On the obedience passive still to dote Yo08*88 (pp. 318-19)
<The clergy of England who are dignified and distinguished for preaching up passive obedience>

If liberty of conscience e’er was good Yo08*89 (p. 319)
<On liberty of conscience. Written in a bog house>

When the king leaves off Sedley and sticks to the queen Yo08*90 (pp. 319-21)
<The prophecy>

The proctor’s being always much inclined Yo08*91 (pp. 321-4)
<Prologue to the music speech at the commencement [also includes dialogue and an Epilogue]>

[Scylla’s ghost. A satyr against ambition 1684]
<[This and all following unnumbered works are listed as `pr fo’ — printed folios — now missing from the MS]>

[A pindaric ode on the murder of King Charles 1st 30 Jan. 1648]

[A poem in defence of the Church of England by Mr John Dryden 1688]
<[possibly `Dim as the borrowed beams of moon and stars’ from Religio laici]>

[A pastoral dialogue]

[A poem 1691]
<[listed together with previous in TC]>

[A pastoral on the death of Queen Mary by Mr Congreve 1695]

[A poem in memory of Queen Mary by Mr Goulen 1695]

[A funeral elegy on the death of the queen]

[Address to the Marquess of Normandy 1695]
<[listed together with previous in TC]>

[A pindaric ode on the death of Queen Mary by Mr ?Arwaber 1695]

[An ode on the death of the queen by a young lady 1695]

[A pindaric ode on the death of the queen by a young gent 1695]

[A pindaric ode in memory of Queen Mary by J. D. Gent 1694]

[Poems on the death of the queen by Mr Rawson and Smith 1695]

[Elegies on the death of the queen and the ?Archbishop by Mr ?Wosley 1695] Yo08*109

[The foreigners. A poem 1700]

[The choice. A poem by a person of quality ?1704]

[A dialogue]

[The converts]

[The ?andiouce]

[Artemisa to Cloe. A ?letter from a lady in town to a lady in the country by a person of quality 1679]
<[doesn’t look like `letter’]>

[The last will of Anthony king of Poland]

[Reason. A poem written by the author of The choice 1700]

[The progress of honesty or a view of the court and city. A pindaric poem by J. D. 1691]

[The deponents]

How dull and how insensible a beast Yo08*92 (pp. 327-34)
<An essay upon satyr [MS]>

[Absolom and Achitophell. A poem 1681]

[The second part of Absolom and Achitophel. A poem 1682]

[A prologue to the music spoken January the 4th 1703]

[The epilogue to The ladies]

[A dialogue between the Duke of Lauderdale and the Lord Danby]

[A book of drawing limning and washing or colouring of maps or prints 1647]