Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Don. e 176 (Sparrow gift) (Od76)

Personal miscellany complete by late 1670s.

Two justices with valour mickle Od76*1 (pp. 1-15)
<The Argument [followed by a 6-line introductory poem: `Of justices do office truly…’]>

For war the horse we never keep Od76*2 (p. 15)
<For drinking [p. 16 blank]>

At bello audacis populi vexatus et armis Od76*3 (p. 17)
<Virg: Æneid: Lib. 4o. v. 615 &c [not in TC]>

By a bold people’s stubborn arms oppressed Od76*4 (p. 17)
<Englished at the late King’s command at Oxford by Mr Ab[raham] Cowley, he not knowing it was the King’s Sors Virgiliana [p. 18 blank]>

Poetry is an intellectual mint Od76*5 (p. 19)
<On poetry>

Clauserat obscuro cum me medicaster in antro Od76*6 (p. 20)
<Mr Carcass his verses in Bedlam upon a lady discoursing with him when he was kept dark>

When zeal for God inspires the breast Od76*7 (p. 20)
<[no title; not in TC]>

We must resign Heaven his great soul does claim Od76*8 (pp. 21-2)
<On the Lord Protector’s dying in a storm by Ed[mund] Waller>

‘Tis well he’s gone O had he never been Od76*9 (pp. 22-5)
<The answer by Mr Godolphin>

Though all are statesmen now and ’tis the guise Od76*10 (p. 25)
<To the Lord Protector after his return from Ireland by R. B.>

Sic Catharina ferat Carolus sic gignat ut illa Od76*11 (p. 26)
<In regem et reginam [end: Dr Smith ex æde xti]>

Let Charles so s[wive] Od76*12 (p. 26)
<Translated thus by Mr Stephe[n] of Ch[rist] Ch[urch] [not in TC]>

Lo two rude waves by storms together thrown Od76*13 (pp. 27-39)
<A satire. The puritan papist [end: Abraham Cowley]>

Pacto uno binis thalamis belloque triformi Od76*14 (p. 40)
<Upon the L[or]d Hyde>

Nothing thou elder brother even to shade Od76*15 (pp. 41-3)
<Upon nothing [end: L. Rotchester]>

And now ’tis time for their officious haste Od76*16 (pp. 45-52)
<Heroic stanzas consecrated to the memory of Cromwell by J[ohn] Dryden [p. 53 blank]>

Too long the wise commons have been in debate Od76*17 (p. 54)
<Essay. L[or]d R. [pp. 55-8 excised]>

[lost work] Od76*18 (p. [55])
<Upon the death of the Duke of Cambridge [Title from TC]>

[lost work] Od76*19 (pp. [56-7])
<Song [Title from TC]>

[‘Tis true great name thou art secure] Od76*20 (pp. 58-84 [versos only])
<A pindaric ode in praise of Cromwell with the answer [title from TC. Commences on excised p. 58, and is preserved from the 2nd line of the second stanza. The text runs on versos with the text of the `Answer’ on facing rectos)]>

‘Tis true vile name thou art secure Od76*21 (pp. 59-85 [rectos only])
<The answer [p. 86 blank]>

Chloe in verse by your command I write Od76*22 (pp. 87-97)
<A letter from Artemiza in the town to Cloe in the country>

Were I who to my cost already am Od76*23 (pp. 98-107)
<A satyre [add (TC): against man] L[or]d Rot. [p. 108 blank]>

Dear friend / I hear this town does so abound Od76*24 (pp. 109-[113])
<My L[or]d R. to my L[or]d M. [lacks last 2 lines; pp. 113–114 excised]>

[Dreaming last night of Mrs Farley] Od76*25 (pp. [113]-116)
<First letter by my L[or]d B. [title from TC. Lacks pp. 113–114, preserved from `’Tis ten to one I spring a leak’]>

As crafty harlots use to shrink Od76*26 (pp. 116-[119?])
<Answer by G. E. [incomplete, pp. 117–126 excised]>

[lost work] Od76*27 (pp. [119-23?])
<Second letter by L[or]d B. [title from TC]>

[lost work] Od76*28 (pp. [123-6])
<Answer by G. E. [title from TC]>

When Shakespeare Johnson Fletcher ruled the stage Od76*29 (pp. 127-31)
<In defence of satyre>

To rack and torture thy unmeaning brain Od76*30 (pp. 132-3)
<On the supposed author of a poem in defence of satyre [end: Ld Dorsett]>

Rail on poor feeble scribbler speak of me Od76*31 (p. 133)
<An answer to the reply supposed to be written by my L[or]d Rot. [end: Sr Cha. Scroop.] [last index entry]>

What proud bravadoes this that still doth crack Od76*32 (p. 134)
<Upon a fart>

When the world was drowned Od76*33 (p. 135)
<Upon Chancellor Noe when he kept his readers feast>

Hic jacet Egrimundus Rarus Od76*34 (p. 135)
<Pia memoria>

Egrimunda thin lies here in this box Od76*35 (p. 135)
<[no title; a translation of previous]>

He first deceased she lived and tried Od76*36 (p. 135)
<On a lady that died soon after her husband [pp. 136-7 blank]>

Cease now thy {they} talk of wonders nothing rare Od76*37 (pp. 138-9)
<On his Majesty’s fleet [pp. 140-3 blank]>

Do you observe Lindamore that domestic animal Od76*38 (pp. 148-4 [rev])
<An occasional reflection upon Dr Charlton’s feeling a dog’s pulse at Gresham College 1668 by Robert Boyle esquire. To Lindamore [prose text]>