Oxford, All Souls College, Codrington Library, MS 174 (OAc74)

A short collection of mostly political verse and one prose tract compiled ca. 1665.

To the reader / I hope I shall not need to put you in mind of the honesty OAc74*1 (pp. 11-2) (ff. 1r-2v)
<Cookes Case or The Report of his Appeale from the High Court of Justice, To All Rationall Men, Concerning the Kings Triall [add: in answear to Cook] Libertas et speciosa nomina pretexuntur Nec quisquam, Alienum seruitium et dominationem sibj Concupivit Qui non eadem ista vocabula usurparet: Tacit: Hist: Lib: [add: with severall poems annext.] [title on separate title-page (f. 1r)] [prose text]>

Mr Cooke / Having lately seen a book of yours OAc74*1.1 (pp. 13-38) (ff. 3r-20v)
<[no separate title] [prose text]>

Nay painter if thou dar’st design that fight OAc74*2 (pp. 21-12) (ff. 21r-26v)
<The second advice to a painter for drawing the history of our naval fight in imitation of Mr Waller [dated 1665 June]>

Imperial prince king of the seas and isles OAc74*3 (p. 213) (f. 27r)
<To the king>

Sandwich in Spain now and the Duke in love OAc74*4 (pp. 214-28) (ff. 27v-34v)
<The third advice to a painter>

As careful mothers use their babes to lay OAc74*5 (p. 228) (f. 34v)
<Epitaph upon a child>

Great prince and so much greater as more wise OAc74*6 (p. 229) (f. 35r)
<To the king [end: 8ber: ye: 1st: 1666]>

With envy critics you’ll this poem read OAc74*7 (p. 230) (f. 35v)
<To the honourable person Mr Edward Howard upon his inimitable poem called the Brittish Princes [end: Mart: Clifford]>

For standing tarses we kind nature thank OAc74*8 (pp. 230-1) (ff. 35v-36r)
<Tarsander. in imitation of the Lord Orrery’s poetry [end: Buckhurst]>

We must resign heaven his great soul doth claim OAc74*9 (pp. 232-33) (ff. 36v-37r)
<Upon the late storm and of the death of his highness Oliver Lord Protector Sept: ye: 3d: 1658 [end: Ed: Waller]>

‘Tis well he’s gone o had he never been OAc74*10 (pp. 233-4) (ff. 37r-v)
<The answer or construction of Mr Waller’s storm [end: Wm: Godolphin]>

After the pangs of a desperate lover OAc74*11 (p. 235) (f. 38r)
<A serenade>

She [. . . illegible] OAc74*12 (p. 235) (f. 38r)
<On [. . . illegible] [8 lines scribbled through, with only ascenders and descenders visible]>

All the materials are the same OAc74*13 (p. 236) (f. 38v)
<[no title]>

Fair hand that canst on virgin paper write OAc74*14 (p. 237) (f. 39r)
<The Lady Isabella Thynne on her exquisite cutting trees in paper [end: Ed: Waller]>

MS concludes with another copy of the title-page, but without the annotations in a second hand.
The librarian’s foliation is entered only sporadically.