University of Nottingham, Portland MS Pw2 V 7 (Np7)

MS comprises 7 unbound fascicles. Hand is large, very graceful and easy to read.

A session of lovers was held t’other day Np7*1 (ff. 1r-10v)
<The lovers’ session wrote in 1685. In imitation of Sir John Suckling’s Session of Poets [first fascicle]>

Now curses on ye all ye virtuous fools Np7*2 (ff. 11r-19r)
<[no title] [ff. 19v-22v blank, where second fascicle ends]>

When enraged Southesk Np7*3 (ff. 23r-25v)
<A Catholic hymn on the birth of the Prince of Wales 1688>

Give o’er ye poor players depend not on wit Np7*4 (ff. 26r-28r)
<Julian’s farewell to the family of the coquets or A new ballad to the tune of An old man with a bed full of bones>

Fools must be meddling in matters of state Np7*5 (ff. 28v-31r)
<[no title] [first stanza written as unnumbered introduction]>

Tell me thou treasury of spite Np7*6 (ff. 31v-35r)
<A new letter to Julian [ff. 35v-36v blank, where third fascicle ends]>

A bad woman Heavens bless us sirs who dare Np7*7 (ff. 37r-38v)
<The character of a bad woman>

As soon as I saw that stock of bright charms Np7*8 (ff. 39r-40r)
<A song>

Boast not too much your powerful charms Np7*9 (f. 40r-v)
<[no title]>

Why is your faithful slave disdained Np7*10 (f. 40v)
<[no title]>

Prithee tell me gentle swain Np7*11 (f. 41r)
<[no title]>

Could then thy lazy thought to know my friend Np7*12 (ff. 41v-42r)
<To one, who being asked by a lady what would be his first wish. Answered Content>

Hail happy picture of a nymph divine Np7*13 (f. 42r)
<Upon the gingerbread portraiture of Brunetta>

Should I be called where cannons roar Np7*14 (f. 42v)
<[no title]>

I ask not wit nor beauty do I crave Np7*15 (f. 43r)
<An humble wish>

Here lies entombed sweet smiling Ann Np7*16 (f. 43r)
<An epitaph on Miss J─s>

John Bell broken browed Np7*17 (f. 43v)

Here lies / the Lord have mercy upon her Np7*18 (f. 43v)

Here lies M. F. the son of a bear ward Np7*19 (f. 44r)

I was as a glass my life was as water Np7*20 (f. 44r)

She first deceased he for a little tried Np7*21 (f. 44r)
<Upon two lovers that died before they were married. 1600>

Ye true born Englishmen proceed Np7*22 (ff. 44v-49r)
<An encomium upon the House of Commons. 1700 [fourth fascicle ends f. 48v]>

Wolseley though much I love thy generous rage Np7*23 (ff. 49v-52v)
<[no title]>

About the time that one shall be Np7*24 (ff. 53r-54r)
<Part of the prophecy which hath been in manuscript in the Lord Powis’s family above 60 years>

At dead of night imperial reason sleeps Np7*25 (ff. 54v-55r)
<The nature of dreams>

The necessity of the liberty of the press Np7*26 (ff. 55v-56r)
<A catalogue of books printed and to be sold by J[aco]b T[onso]n [prose text]>

Ye Musgrave Clarges Harley Foley Lowthers Np7*27 (ff. 56v-58r)
<[no title]>

Orbem terrarum Judas salvavit ab Orco Np7*28 (f. 58r)
<In Judam et Porterum>

Porter made forty of his best friends die Np7*29 (f. 58r)

As in a dream our thinking monarch lay Np7*30 (ff. 58v-60r)
<The ghost of Charles the second to K[ing] W[illiam] [f. 60v blank, where fifth fascicle ends]>

Villiers has all the charms has all the arts Np7*31 (ff. 61r-62r)
<From the Bath 1699>

Not many miles from Tunbridge town Np7*32 (ff. 62v-64r)
<From Tunbridge Wells>

Madam / If you’re deceived it is not by my cheat Np7*33 (ff. 64v-65v)
<An epistle in answer to Ephelia>

How far are they deceived who hope in vain Np7*34 (ff. 66r-67r)
<Ephelia’s letter to her love>

I yield I yield and can no longer stay Np7*35 (ff. 67v-70v)
<The rapture>

How happy is the man of even frame Np7*36 (ff. 71r-72r)
<The prophecy, or an ode of Horace paraphrased. Iustum et Tenace[m] propositi Viru[m]. &c. [f. 72v blank, where sixth fascicle ends]>

Cease cruel conquests and set free your swains Np7*37 (f. 73r)
<To the Duchess of Bolton. by Dr Garth>

Of lovers hail ye happy pair Np7*38 (ff. 73v-74r)
<The whim>

Remember Damon oft you vowed Np7*39 (ff. 74r-75r)
<[no title]>

Is your fit of passion over Np7*40 (f. 75r)
<To Damon by the same>

Long racked with torturing despair Np7*41 (ff. 75v-76r)
<[no title]>

Of old the very name of Drake Np7*42 (f. 76r-v)
<[no title]>

Love’s a dream of mighty treasure Np7*43 (ff. 76v-77r)
<[no title]>

Forgive me if your looks and thoughts Np7*44 (f. 77r-v)
<[no title]>

Faithless unkind ungrateful though you are Np7*45 (ff. 77v-78v)
<[no title]>

‘Twas when the seas was roaring Np7*46 (ff. 78v-79r)

Why are these hours which Heav’n in pity lent Np7*47 (f. 79v)
<[no title] [incomplete, catchword `When’ present, but ff. 80r-82v blank]>