University of Nottingham Library MS Portland PwV 32 (Np32)

Professionally written MS with the first page headed `A Suplement to some of my Lord Rochesters Poems’. Derived from Gyldenstolpe archive. Similar to Pepysian MS.

Gentle reproofs have long been tried in vain Np32*1 (pp. 1-2)
To fright away the vermin of the age
<A prologue>

The clog of all pleasure the luggage of life Np32*2 (pp. 2-3)
Is a Hell upon earth worse than any hereafter
<On marriage>

In Milford Lane near to Saint Clement’s steeple Np32*3 (pp. 3-7)
A commonwealth their government shall be
<A duel between two monsters upon my Lady Bennet’s c[un]t with change of government from monarchical to democratical>

F[uck]sters you that will be happy Np32*4 (pp. 7-9)
What can mortal wish for more
<Advice to a c[un]t monger>

Since now my Sylvia is as kind as fair Np32*5 (pp. 9-15)
This child of hers that most deserves her care
<The enjoyment [add (another hand): by My Ld. Mulgrave]>

Thou common shore of this poetic town Np32*6 (pp. 16-20)
His mistress lost and yet his pen’s his sword
<A familiar epistle to Mr Julian secretary to the muses>

Amintor loved and lived in pain Np32*7 (pp. 20-1)
Then used it like a slave

Julian / In verse to ease thy wants I write Np32*8 (pp. 21-4)
May villain Frank f[uc]k Mazarin no more
<[no separate title]>

As Colon drove his sheep along Np32*9 (pp. 24-31)
Blither girls than any there
<Satyr [p. 25 seems to switch to second hand. or is it the first writing more compactly?]>

How dull and how insensible a beast Np32*10 (pp. 31-45)
Learn to write well or not to write at all
<An essay upon satyr [add (another hand): by Mr Dryden]>

All this with indignation have I hurled Np32*11 (pp. 45-7)
Man differs more from man than man from beast
<The apology>

<last page endorsed `Some manuscript Poems’>