University of Nottingham Library, MS Portland Collection, Pw V 31 (Np31)

Rochester’s and Lady Rochester’s holograph. Bookplate of William Arthur Sixth Duke of Portland K.G. Black binding, foolscap sheets. On spine in gold: `EARL OF ROCHESTER. AUTOGRAPH POEMS.’ The small MSS sheets have been pasted onto or into the foolscap pages. Most of these have at least one fold mark. The MS has been given new foliation since our microfilm was made, incorporated here. The old page numbering has been crossed out (not visible on film). MS consulted by MJS at Nottingham in 1996.

How perfect Cloris and how free Np31*1 (f. 1r-v) (p. 1)
<[no title] [`happy’ for `perfect’ uncorr] [f. 2r-v blank; not on film]>

‘Twas a dispute ‘twixt heav’n and earth Np31*2 (f. 3r-v) (p. 2)
<[no title] [page pasted in sideways] [f. 4r-v blank; not on film]>

At last you’ll force me to confess Np31*3 (f. 5r) (p. 3)
<Song [f. 5v blank; not on film]>

Leave this gaudy gilded stage Np31*4 (f. 6r) (p. 4)
<[no title] [f. 6v blank; not on reel. An unnumbered page follows, not on film]>

Great mother of Æneas and of Love Np31*5 (f. 7r) (p. 5)
<[no title] [MS sheet is full size, stuck in on binding strip] [f. 7v blank; not on film]>

She yields she yields pale Envy said amen Np31*6 (f. 8r) (p. 6)
<Sab: Lost [f. 8v blank; not on film] [list of names in a left-hand column, unrelated to poem]>

Could I but make my wishes insolent Np31*7 (f. 9r-v) (p. 7)
<[no title] [bifolio, pasted on sideways] [f. 10r-v blank; not on film]>

To form a plot Np31*8 (f. 11r) (p. 8)
<[no title] [f. 11v endorsed `For the Right ye [ ] | the Earle of [ ]’]>

What vain unnecessary things are men Np31*9 (ff. 12r-13r) (pp. 9-10)
<[no title] [f. 13v blank; not on film]>

J’ai l’amour dans le cœur et la rage dans les os Np31*10 (f. 14r-v) (p. 11)
<Scæne 1st. Mr Daynty’s chamber – Enter Daynty in his nightgown singing – [prose scene] [followed by a blank unnumbered page; not on film]>

Nothing adds to love’s fond fire Np31*11 (f. 15r) (p. 12)
<Song [draft in Lady Rochester’s hand] [f. 15v blank; not on film]>

Phillis misfortunes that can be expressed Np31*12 (f. 16r) (p. 13)
<Song [another hand] [ff. 16v, 17r-v blank, and not on film] [Folio 17 is also torn. 16 and 17 form a bifolio]>

Cloris misfortunes that can be expressed Np31*12.1 (f. 18r) (p. 14)
<Song [Lady Rochester’s hand. Poem appears identical apart from first word] [f. 18v blank; not on film]>

Your glory Phillis is in being loved Np31*13 (f. 19r) (also p. 14)
<[no title] [another hand] [f. 19v blank; not on film [Folio 19 torn away at bottom. 18 and 19 form a bifolio]>

Cloris to love without return Np31*14 (f. 20r) (p. 15)
<Song [draft in Lady Rochester’s hand] [f. 20v blank; not on film]>

EX: Which you so hardly use Np31*15 (f. 21r) (p. 16)
<[beginning lost; starts with `Continue still ingrate’, with a single descender of previous line visible] [`Finish’] [in another hand][ f. 21v blank; not on film]>

Corinna vainly I pretend Np31*16 (f. 22r) (p. 17)
<[no title] [draft in Lady Rochester’s hand]>

Virtue’s my lawful prince my tyrant Love Np31*17 (f. 22v (also p. 17)
<[no title] [2 lines written upside down. Perhaps endorsing previous?]>

Dearest Armilla could you once but guess Np31*18 (f. 23r) (p. 18)
<[no title] [draft in Lady Rochester’s hand] [looks more like `Hearest’] [ff. 23v, 24r-v blank; not on film. 23 and 24 form a foolscap size bifolio, stuck in on a binding strip]>

?Fairest Armilla could you once but guess Np31*18.1 (f. 25r-v) (p. 19)
<[no title] [a second draft in Lady Rochester’s hand, on same paper as previous] [f. 25v also has a single line written upside down at bottom: `Soe opositt to reson vertue and to sence’]>