Longleat, Longleat House, Thynne Papers vol. XXVII (owned by the Marquess of Bath) (LLt27)

A major Rochester source deriving from his family and closely related to the 1691 Tonson edition. `Harbin’ MS. Index prepared by Meredith Sherlock at Longleat House 24/6/96. Blue binding, folio format. On spine embossed: `Thynne Papers vol. XXVII. Letters and Papers of Rev. G. Harbin Non-Juror XVIIth–XVIIIth centt.’ Blue marbled endpapers. On front page in ink: `Revd G. Harbin’s Collections … [Part of the Papers purchased from Sir A. Malet. by the M. of Bath. 1873.]’. In pencil: `Sir Alexander Malet inherited Geo. Harbin’s MSS from his ancestor the Rev. Alexander Malet, Harbin’s nephew & executor’. The first part of the MS is letters by Harbin to which a later pencil hand has added explanatory remarks. f. 37: Some of Dr Harbin’s Papers obtained by Mr. Waller of Fleet St by J. E. Jackson, after the sale of the Papers by Puttick & Simpson. April. 187<4?> Goes on to list contents, but Rochester’s works referred to only as `Poetry’, commencing on the next folio. The Rochester poems have old foliation 1–19 in dark ink, and represent a collection of his lyric works. The copies of letters to his son and wife were not known to Treglown. Note that the librarian has bound the last folio (f. 60, old folio 19) out of order; it should follow f. 55 (old folio 18). Note also that the original f. 20 has been lost.

Chloe in verse by your command I write LLt27*1 (ff. 38r–43r; 1r–6r)
<A letter from Artemisa in the town to Cloe in the country [marg: Rochester | Alex Malet | how wonderfull]>

O love how cold and slow to take my part LLt27*2 (ff. 43r–44v; 6r–7v)
<Ovid: Amor: Lib= 2dus Eleg: 9m | To Love>

‘Tis not that I am weary grown LLt27*3 (f. 44v; 7v)
<To Cælia for Inconstancy | Song>

Give me leave to rail at you LLt27*4 (f. 45r; 8r)
<Song by several hands [marg: Mrs Whorton]>

Nothing adds to your fond fire LLt27*4.1 (f. 45r–v; 8r–v)
<This the answer [title in margin] [as 3rd and 4th stanzas of previous]>

Phillis be gentler I advise LLt27*5 (f. 45v; 8v)
<A Song>

I am by fate slave to your will LLt27*6 (f. 46r; 9r)
<To his more than meritorious wife>

Charles I take it very kindly that you write LLt27*7 (f. 46r; 9r)
<[no title] [letter from Rochester to his son] [letters in the MS are in a bigger, looser script, but same hand] [Treglown, p. 229] [complete on hard copy, p. 25]>

I hope Charles when you receive this and know that I have sent LLt27*8 (f. 46v; 9v)
<[no title] [letter from Rochester to his son] [Treglown p. 143] [complete on hard copy, p. 19]>

I received three pictures and am in great fright LLt27*9 (f. 47r; 10r)
<Copies of the Earl of Rochester’s letters to his lady [Treglown, pp. 96-7] [complete on hard copy, p. 26]>

The last letter I received from your honour LLt27*10 (f. 47v; 10v)
<[Treglown, p. 142] [complete on hard copy p. 43]>

Madam if it were worthy anything to be belov’d by me LLt27*11 (ff. 47v-48r; 10v-11r)
<[Treglown, p. 49] [complete on hard copy pp. 43 and 23])

Madam I humbly thank you for your kind letter LLt27*12 (f. 48r; 11r)
<[Treglown, p. 51] [complete on hard copy p. 23]>

If you are pleased I am pleased LLt27*13 (f. 48r; 11r)
<[Treglown, p. 101; note that in his edition this is a PS to the following letter] [complete on hard copy, p. 23]>

Madam I am at last come to Adderbury LLt27*14 (f. 48v; 11v)
<[Treglown, pp. 100-1] [complete on hard copy, pp. 23 (faint), 21]>

Persons in absence ought to notify returns LLt27*15 (f. 48v; 11v)
<[Treglown, p. 51] [complete on hard copy, p. 21]>

This illustrious bearer is my ambassador LLt27*16 (ff. 48v-49r; 11v-12r)
<[Treglown, pp. 84-5; note longer ending here] [hard copy pp. 21, 24]>

Your husband tight LLt27*17 (f. 49r; 12r)
<[no title] [4 lines at end of previous letter]>

What cruel pains Corinna takes LLt27*18 (f. 49v; 12v)

Love bade me hope and I obeyed LLt27*19 (f. 50r; 13r)
<Woman’s Honour | Song>

To this moment a rebel I throw down my arms LLt27*20 (f. 50v; 13v)

How happy Cloris were they free LLt27*21 (f. 51r; 14r)

All my past life is mine no more LLt27*22 (f. 51v; 14v)
<Song | Love XXX Life>

How blessed was the created state LLt27*23 (ff. 51v-52r; 14v-15r)
<Song | The Fall>

While on those lovely looks I gaze LLt27*24 (f. 52r-v; 15r-v)

An age in her embraces passed LLt27*25 (ff. 52v-53v; 15v-16v)

All things submit themselves to your command LLt27*26 (ff. 53v-54v; 16v-17v)
<The advice>

Celia that faithful servant you disown LLt27*27 (ff. 54v-55r; 17v-18r)
<The discovery>

Absent from thee I languish still LLt27*28 (f. 55v; 18v)
<Song [folio 19 bound out of order: see #32 below]>

[Prithee now fond fool give o’er] LLt27*29 (ff. 56r-57r; 21r-22r)
<[stanzas 1-4 missing on folio 20. Preserved from stanza 5: `Strep. Love like other little boys’]>

The freeborn English generous and wise LLt27*30 (ff. 57v-58r; 22v-23r)
<Tacit: De Vit: Agro: | Ipsi Brittani dilectum at Tributa & Impigé abeunt, si injuriæ absint, has ægre tollerant, iam domiti ut pareant nondum ut servient. — An Allusion:>

Dear friend / It seems this town does so abound LLt27*31 (ff. 58v-59r; 23v-24r)
<Part of an Epistolary Essay from M: G: to O: B: upon yr Mutuall poems {Essay] ~ Very delightfull And Sollid uncorr} [The scribe ends the poem at l. 35] [f. 59v; 24v blank]>

Injurious charmer of my languished heart LLt27*32 (f. 60r; 19r)
<Dialogue | Nymph | Shepherd>

The utmost grace the Greeks could show LLt27*33 (f. 60v; 19v)

Ancient person of my heart LLt27*34 (f. 60v; 19v)
<Song | A young Lady to her Antient Lover [First 4 lines only preserved: rest of poem on lost folio 20]>

f. 61r: a poem in Latin by Shuttleworth
f. 62r: On ye Prince of Wale’s arrival `What transports seiz’d as at the sudden sound’
f. 63r-v: Poem in Latin attributed to Anthony Alsop’
f. 64v: I that meant your poets to descent

Then follows Harbin’s Memoirs of Gardening, letters, pedigree chart.