London, British Library, MS Sloane 655

[A library bound collection of separates, several dated 1680 with some among these having the name R. Baker]

From kings that would sell us to pay their old scores BLs55*1(1r–2v) <The respondent or litany for litany. August 5th 1680 [date in left margin; in bottom margin `Lampoons in 1680 &c’]>

Gentle reproofs have long been tried in vain BLs55*2 (3r–3v)
<Prologue by the Earl of Rochester>

Tired with the noisome follies of the age BLs55*3 (4r–7r)
<Rochester’s farewell>

Amongst the race of England’s modern peers BLs55*4(8r–9r)

Amongst the writing race of modern wits BLs55*5 (9r–9v)
<Answered [`May 12 1680 NB NB and others below} R. Baker 2] [lg with prev.]>

Since the united cunning of the stage BLs55*6 (10r–13r)
<Odi imitatores servum pecus &c>

An old game at cards left off by old Harry BLs55*7 (14r–15r)
<A game at cards to the tune of Youth youth thou hadst better been starved at nurse &c>

From the blessed regions of eternal day BLs55*8 (16r–17r)
<The Lord Lucas his ghost>

Of the old heroes when the warlike shades BLs55*9 (18r–21r)
<The loyal Scot upon occasion of the death of Captain Douglas burned in one of his majesty’s ships at Chatham. By Cleveland’s ghost>

Ah Raleigh when thy breath thou didst resign BLs55*10 (22r–25r)
<A dialogue between Britannia and Sir Walter Raleigh>

Since by just flames the guilty piece is lost BLs55*11 (26r–28r)
<Advice to a painter upon the defeat of the rebels in the west and the execution of the late duke of Monmouth. Pictoribus atque poetis. Quidlibet [marginal note: `The duke’s picture burned at Cambridge’]>

Damn that divinity will not allow BLs55*12 (28v–29v)
<Against matrimony. A satire>

While with a strong and yet a gentle hand BLs55*13 (30r–35v)
<A panegyric by E. Waller>

This rumour entering angry Titan’s ears BLs55*14 (36r–41r)
<Some passages preceding the giants war translated out of a Greek fragment. Vos exemplaria Græca. Nocturna vessale(sic) mane versate diurnum Jovis omnia plena. Tuesday August 31st 1680>

Was ever man [before] like me BLs55*15 (42r–42v)
<[Title missing] [`Montfort’ on preceding sheet’]>

From the blessed regions of eternal day BLs55*16 (43r–43v)
<The Lord Lucas’ ghost. “August either 12 or 18 1680”>

As cities that to their fierce conquerors yield BLs55*17 (43v)
<[no title] [lg with prev.]>

Hail thou resplendent source of high-church light BLs55*18 (44r–44v) <A hymn to St Tack sung at the election of Dr Lancaster>

Thou common shore of this poetic town BLs55*19 (45r)
<A familiar epistle to Mr Julian secretary to the muses>

Cursed be the timorous fool whose feeble mind BLs55*20 (46r–47v)
<The true Englishman. At end: `For Dr Sloane’>

I am a senseless thing with a hey ho BLs55*21 (48r–48v)
<[no title] [on verso: `May 12 1680 R. Baker NB Nb 8′]>

Clarendon had law and sense BLs55*22 (48r)
<[no title]>

Chaste pious prudent Charles the second BLs55*23 (49r–50v)
<The restoration by Lord Rochester `May 12th 1680 NB Nb R. Baker’]>

Well sir ’tis granted I said Dryden’s rhymes BLs55*24 (51r–52v)
<An allusion to Horace. The 10th satyr of the 1st book. Nempe incomposito dixi dede(sic) &c>

Julian In verse to ease thy wants I write BLs55*25 (53r–54r)
<[Julian is title] August 19th 1680>

O heavens the weakness of my unkind father BLs55*26 (55r–55v)
<The obscured prince or the black box boxed. August 19 1680>

Must I with patience ever silent sit BLs55*27 (56r)

Of villains rebels cuckolds pimps and spies BLs55*28 (57r–58v)
<A satyr [On 58v in margin: `some passages preceeding the Gyants warre being at Mr Wright Whiggish some say the papists for Mr wright’]>

When Hodge had numbered up how many score BLs55*29 (59r–59v)
<A country clown went up to view the pyramid mark what follows his name Hodge>

O heavens we now have signs below BLs55*30 (59v–60r)
<The dissolution [lg with prev.]>

It happened in the twilight of the day BLs55*31 (60r–60v)
<Sir Edmund Bury Godfrey’s ghost [`May 12 1680 NB Nb R: Baker’] [lg with prev.]>

Methinks I see you newly risen BLs55*32 (61r–62v)
<To the duchess of Portsmouth [4 names following poem: Phil?? (over `??’) darcy, Georg Porter, Kitt (over `Christopher’) Hayles, Kitt -]>

Ah wretched man whom neither fate can please BLs55*33 (63r–63v)
<Against fruition. By Alexis>

Ah helpless sex who bear no charms BLs55*34 (64r–64v)
<To Alexis on his verses against fruition [lg with prev.]>

Zounds what ails the parliament BLs55*35 (65r–65v)
<[beginning lost]>

Men brethren fathers sons of holy laws BLs55*36 (66r–67v)
<The popish cabal>