British Library, Additional MS 73540 (BLa40)

Bookplate `Roberti Marchionis de Crewe’. The Contents page at the end has as final entry: `Verses upon severall subjects from 139 [i.e. f. 70r] to the end by my Ld Rochester’. Another(?) hand has added `This Book is written by Brown’.> Compiled by 1680. This MS was not available in time to be collated for Rochester, Works.

<Original pagination and modern foliation>

After two sittings now our lady state BLa40*1 (ff. 1r–25r)
Himself the poet and the painter too
<The last instructions to a painter. London September the 4th 1667>

So his bold tube man to the sun applied BLa40*1.1 (ff. 25r–26r)
Give us this court and rule without a guard
<To the king [`Finis. ?per Andrew Marvel’ [not in CTable]>

Of the old heroes when the warlike shades BLa40*2 (ff. 25v–32v)
Metempsychosed to some Scotch presbyter
<The Royall Scott by Cleavlands ghost upon occasion of the death of a Captain Douglass burnt on his ship at Chatham. In answer to Cleavlands Rebell Scott [`Finis per Andrew Marvel’] [`Rebell’ corr. to `Royall’?, though `Rebell’ in CTable]>

The Lords and Commons having had their doom BLa40*3 (ff. 33r–35v)
The lords’ vexation and the king’s by God
<The character>

In all humility we crave BLa40*4 (f. 35v)
The greatest f— in Christendom
<The humble address of the House of Commons [not in CTable]>

Charles at this time having no need BLa40*4.1 (ff. 35v–36r)
Thanks you as much as if he did
<His Majest[y’s] gracious answer [not in CTable]>

Close wrapt in Portsmouth’s smock his senses are BLa40*5 (f. 36r)
Secure the nation and yourself from harms
<An acrostic [CHARLES] [first line uncorr. `smock he lyes’] [not in CTable]>

R. H. is gone to the Princess of the Hague BLa40*6 (ff. 36v–37v)
The plot is still a-driving
<Upon the Duke of York’s going out of Eng[land]>

Sir John I have a commission here BLa40*7 (ff. 37v-39r)
Practised and drenched in villainy
<A conference between Mr Reading, Sir John Robbinson and the Lords in the Tower>

As Colon drove his sheep along BLa40*8 (ff. 39r-43r>
Blither girls than any there
<A satyr>

Whilst with a strong and yet a gentle hand BLa40*9 (ff. 43v-48r)
Like Joseph’s sheaves pay reverence and bow
<A panegyric to my Lord Protector by Edward Waller esquire [`Finis. ?per Ed: Waller Esqr’]>

Between Father Patrick and his highness of late BLa40*10 (ff. 48v-49r>
He managed this matter as he did the sea fight
<Upon the Duke’s turning papist>

Let the parliament know BLa40*11 (f. 49v)
On bawds pimps whores children and nurses
<On the parliament>

I’ll tell thee Dick where I have been BLa40*12 (ff. 50r-54v)
And I for them be shent
<The Checquer Inne>

Preserved by wonder in the oak O C─ BLa40*13 (ff. 55r-57r)
But now I think on’t I have said enough
<Upon R and his whore [`Row.’ in CTable, i.e. Rowley]>

As cities that to their fierce conquerors yield BLa40*14 (ff. 57r-58v)
Yet we’ad better by far have him than his brother
<Upon Sir Robert Viner’s setting up the King’s statue in Wool Church Market>

O all ye fair ladies of merry England BLa40*15 (ff. 58v-60r)
And resolve to be constant to Seignour Dildo
<Upon Seignor Dildo per Rochester>

All in the king’s name BLa40*16 (ff. 60r-61v)
But himself and Baron Bartu
<Upon putting down of the coffee houses>

[Dear friend I hear this town does so abound] BLa40*17 (f. 62r)
Of idle rumour sit at home and write
<Upon common fame [i.e. last lines of Rochester’s `Epistolary Essay’, beginning `There’s not a thing on earth that I can name’ (ll. 93–4 conflated)]>

Now Herris is dead BLa40*18 (ff. 62v-63r)
To make a comic Gillian

If Tarquin’s act were grateful from what laws BLa40*19 (f. 63r)
Or from your frenzy or your fault must come
<On Lucretia>

The cocks may crow in the morn BLa40*20 (ff. 63v-64r)
So many buttered buns
<On B[arbara] D[uchess] of Cleavland>

Chaste pious prudent C the second BLa40*21 (ff. 64r-68v)
Are wretched kept kinged by storks or logs
<The chronicle>

Nothing thou elder brother even to shade BLa40*22 (ff. 68v-69v)
Flow swiftly unto thee and in thee ever end
<Upon Nothing>

As in those nations where they yet adore BLa40*23 (f. 70r)
And Beauty a disease when ’tis not kind
<Against the pride of women [CTable suggests that this and all following works are by Rochester]>

Sweetest bud of beauty may BLa40*24 (f. 70v)
When thou shalt to thy noon arise
<To a very young lady>

As some brave admiral in former war BLa40*25 (ff. 71r-72r)
And now grown good for nothing else be wise
<The maimed drunkard>

Adieu to the joys of good fellowship quite BLa40*26 (ff. 72r-73r)
Perhaps by degrees I may strengthen again
<The penitent drunkard>

All my past life is mine no more BLa40*27 (f. 73v)
‘Tis all that Heav’n allows
<Song Love and life E R>

Phillis be gentler I advise BLa40*28 (f. 74r)
And never know the joy
<Song E R>

Love bade me hope and I obeyed BLa40*29 (ff. 74v-75r)
In women mean mistrustful shame
<Woman’s honour E R>

Love a woman you’re an ass BLa40*30 (f. 75v)
Does the trick worth forty wenches
<Song E R>

What cruel pains Corinna takes BLa40*31 (f. 76r)
Her vassal should undo her
<Song E R>

How happy Cloris wert thou free BLa40*32 (ff. 76v-77r)
The juice of lusty men

‘Tis not that I am weary grown BLa40*33 (ff. 77v-78r)
And be the mistress of mankind
<To Celia for inconstancy E R>

Give me leave to rail at you BLa40*34 (f. 78r-v)
And makes the slave grow pleased and vain

Nothing adds to your fond fire BLa40*34.1 (ff. 78v-79r)
And kill the rebel in your arms
<[as stanzas 3, 4 and 5 of previous]>

Fast pray and weep swear and forswear BLa40*35 (f. 79r)
Make all their own
<A character of the Jesuits>

To wrack and torture thy ill meaning brain BLa40*36 (ff. 79v-80r)
For anything entirely but an ass
<My Lord Rochester on Sir C. S.>

Rail on poor feeble scribbler speak of me BLa40*37 (f. 80r)
Thy pen is full as harmless as thy sword
<His answer>

Chloe in verse by your command I write BLa40*38 (ff. 80v-86v)
But you are tired and so am I farewell
<A letter from Artimiza in town to Clohe in the country p[er] E R>

O Love how cold and slow to take my part BLa40*39 (ff. 86v-88r)
The vassal world is then thy own
<Ovid Amor: Liber 2dus Eleg 9th. O nunquam pro me satis indignate Cupido. To Love>

[Were I who to my cost already am] BLa40*40 (ff. 88r-89r)
And with the rabble world their laws obey
<A supplement to my Lord Rochester’s Satyr against Man. not Printed [`The Addition’, beginning `All this with indignation have I hurled’ and omitting last 2 lines]>