Source Index to English Clandestine Satire 1660–1702

Compiled by Meredith Sherlock, Felicity Henderson and Harold Love.

This website is for the use of scholars and students working with the Adam Matthew microfilm edition of this name. It includes detailed indexes of all the sources available in the edition.

The indexes give the first line and title (if present) in modern spelling, the number of the item in the collection, and the page or folio numbers. They were assembled over quite a number of years and differ in some other respects in format and in the information provided: some for instance include last lines as well as first while others do not. Most incorporate secondary text likely to be of interest, in this case in the original spelling.

The headnotes likewise vary greatly in the nature of the information provided. It is hoped to be able to improve this aspect of the archive in a future version.

Scholars wishing to locate all copies of a particular item should use the Allfiles file (Zipped 749 page rtf file), which contains the individual indexes end to end; but remember that both titles and first lines vary considerably in the sources! Searching by title for this purpose is not recommended, especially if the title is simply `Satyr’, and a first-line search would need to be repeated using more than one key word or phrase. It will be found much more convenient to begin with the first-line index in pp.303–414 of Harold Love’s English Clandestine Satire 1660–1702 (Oxford: OUP, 2004), which avoids this problem by using a standardised form of the first line.

The additional essay Basic Stemmatology for Students of Early Modern Scribal Anthologies is included to introduce those without previous experience to some methods for constructing a scholarly text from a body of variant sources.

© Harold Love 1993–2006