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Part I: Raising the political stakes with Jeanne d’Arc and Dr Ali Alizadeh

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)’s controversial life and death are being depicted in a comprehensive new literary work by Dr Ali Alizadeh titled The Last Days of Jeanne D’Arc due out this year. We sat down with Dr Alizadeh to explore his decades-long research into the character of Jeanne d’Arc that brought up questions about political writing, the phenomena and ideology of real revolution, the question of war, and the revolutionary potential of Jeanne d’Arc in contemporary discourse, politics and concepts of universalism.

Imagining our future: science fiction and climate change | A conversation with Emeritus Professor Andrew Milner

As 2017 begins, we reflect on the beginnings and evolution of our ideas on utopia and dystopia today. From Star Wars to Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film on climate change, we sat down with Emeritus Professor Andrew Milner, at Monash University’s School of Languages, Linguistics and Literary Studies, to talk about his research into science fictional texts, films and comics – and importantly, how this impacts our future imaginings and humanity.

Research Interview: Alice Gaby

A video interview with Dr Alice Gaby, lecturer in linguistics at Monash. Alice talks about her research … Continue reading Research Interview: Alice Gaby

Research Interview: Ali Alizadeh

A video interview with Dr Ali Alizadeh, lecturer in creative writing at Monash. Ali talks … Continue reading Research Interview: Ali Alizadeh