ARC Linkage Grants

Connecting younger second language learners and older bilinguals: Intergenerational, intercultural encounters and second language development

Professor Colette J BrowningDr Marisa CordellaDr Hui Huang, the late Professor Michael Clyne 
2010 – 2012: $322104

Partner Organisations: Association of Independent Schools of Victoria, Council on the Ageing (COTA) Victoria, Department of Education and Childhood Development, Victorian Multicultural Commission 

This project brings together upper secondary school learners of Chinese, German or Spanish and older speakers of the language, promoting mutually beneficial inter-cultural, intergenerational encounters. Valuable community language resources will be tapped to motivate and enhance the second language learning for the social, cultural and economic benefits. The model promises to make senior secondary second language learning more effective. Australia’s social fabric will be enhanced by interactions between cultures and between generations. The project addresses two important goals of the research Priority II — It is strengthening the Australian social and economic fabric and ageing well, ageing productively.

For more information about this project see the ‘Connecting younger second language learners and older bilinguals’ website.