What Jonathan has to say about study abroad in Korea

What Jonathan Peng says

If you’re thinking of taking that extra challenge and going on exchange to a non-English speaking country then South Korea is a perfect destination. From its traditional history to modern day K-pop, Korean culture is incredibly rich and unique. Being immersed in a completely foreign environment is an unforgettable and life changing experience. There’s a great support network here to answer any of your questions and Koreans are always eager to help.


Thoughts on Seoul National University

SNU is the number one university in South Korea so it attracts the brightest local students as well as world class teaching staff. The student body is incredibly diverse, with exchange students from across the globe giving SNU a very international feel. The fantastic buddy program here helps get you settled in, and is especially handy for those who can’t speak any Korean.  


Life in Seoul

Seoul is bustling during the day and even busier at night! South Korea’s capital has developed into a modern metropolis while still maintaining its traditional neighbourhoods. So there are always plenty of places to explore and new experiences to try out. There is never a dull moment here in Seoul.

If you’re a Korean language student, the best part of doing exchange in Seoul is that when you finish class can walk straight out the door and use what you just learnt in class straight away in a real life setting.


Useful tips

The Australia-Korean Foundation provides some very generous scholarships to study here. If you’re interested in studying in South Korea then I would highly recommend you apply for a government scholarship.

Pack some strong mint toothpaste otherwise you might develop kimchi breath! Other things to pack are an open mind and some leg warmers if you’re going in winter.