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Ukrainian _Intensive Language programs


Ukrainian Language and Culture Summer School, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv.

Students undertaking the Ukrainian Studies major, whether they commence at the introductory or the intermediate level, are strongly encouraged to enrol for the Summer School offered by the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv in Western Ukraine. It is recommended that students attend the School between first and second semester, either in their second of their third year of study. Some students have attended the School in two consecutive years.

As well as offering intensive formal tuition and face-to-face individual language work with specialist teachers, the School immerses students in a Ukrainian-speaking environment and provides a range of opportunities to experience Ukrainian culture and everyday life.

Information about the Summer School is at


The Summer School teaches classes at five levels of competence and offers programs of different lengths. The details of the structure are set out on the School’s web page. Monash students enrolling in the Summer School for Monash credit will be expected to have successfully completed the Ukrainian Studies unit for which they were enrolled in the preceding semester.

For Monash students, the three-week programs commencing in early July have proved to be the most convenient. The successful completion of such a three-week program has resulted in 6 points of credit towards the Monash major in Ukrainian Studies.

While the School offers a “basic,” “standard” and “intensive” variant of the program at each year level, it is recommended that Monash students opt for the “standard” language and culture package (4 hours of language classes daily, plus two hours of individual tutoring daily).


In a typical year, various programs of the Summer School run between approximately 10 June and 10 August. For students who plan to study at an Australian campus of Monash University in first and second semesters, the most convenient programs are those that commence in early July.


Founded in 2002, Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv is a modern institution modelled on Western universities. Its research and teaching strengths lie in the humanities and social sciences. Its summer schools, of which the School of Ukrainian Language and Culture is one, are well established and highly regarded by students. The Summer School and the residences associated with it are located in new buildings in a spacious garden setting in the south of Lviv.

How much?

In 2013 the fee for the three-week program was $1755, including tuition, accommodation, two meals each weekday, and the fee for enrolling for credit at a foreign university. Additional general expenses (additional meals, entertainment and participation in excursions) are minor. In addition to Monash Abroad support for which students may be eligible, scholarships and grants-in-aid have been available to students in each year from a range of funding organisations. (The Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia has provided support each year. Other grantors have included the Ukrainian Society of Australian Engineers.) In general, students have been able to cover the cost of their airfares and most of the fee from a combination of grants. Information how to apply is provided in class.


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