What Stacey, Rachel and  Uma want to say (in French!) on their experience at Cavilam, France



Stacey’s comments (in English) on experiencing Cavilam

I spent 3 months studying at Le Cavilam in Vichy which enabled me to significantly improve my level of French.Le Cavilam facilitates a complete immersion with French language as in addition to the wonderful teaching, you have the option to stay with a host family.

I chose to stay with a host family during my stay which meant being surrounded by French language and culture all the time. All of the students at Le Cavilam are international students so the only common language is French which is a great way to practice. Everyone comes from different walks of life, but there is a shared goal of learning French.

Le Cavilam offers many cultural excursions around Vichy and France, and you can take elective courses like theater or French civilisation in addition to the traditional language courses. Vichy being a relatively small town meant there isn’t as much temptation to speak in English as there would be in big cities. I was able to travel around France almost every weekend as Vichy is centrally located I have really fond memories of my time in Vichy studying at Le Cavilam and I’ve made contacts from all different corners of the world. It was incredibly rewarding and I am always encouraging people who are seeking an effective way of improving their French to study at Le Cavilam.

Stacey Lee Binnion