What Caelli says on her experience in Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III, France

“Going on exchange was a massive challenge, organisationally, mentally and physically, but I came away from my time overseas with a lot of experiences that overall I think were important for me to have.  Despite the difficulties, I returned to Australia fluent in a foreign language, having made several strong friendships and seen much of Europe, and that counts for a lot.”

Thoughts on the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III

“Like most of France, student life (and student support of any kind) at Sorbonne is almost non-existent, but the exchange students’ associations do their best to make up for it, and they’re a good way to make friends and meet other people from France and around the world.  The quality of the teaching is really good – I particularly enjoyed my linguistics courses – and the main campus has a great location right in the middle of the Quartier Latin, one of the oldest and prettiest parts of Paris.”

Life in Paris

“Paris has great social atmosphere which makes up for the lack of student life.  There are heaps of bars and cafes for meeting friends, and between the metro, buses and RER there’s plenty of public transport to get around. There’re also heaps of cultural and architectural monuments for the history-minded, and most of them are free to EU residents under 26 (including overseas students with visas). Thanks to the French train network, it’s also really easy to take weekend trips or longer holidays around France and Europe by train, which is an experience in itself.”

Useful tips

“French students can be very standoff-ish, so be brave and make friends outside the other exchange students.  Don’t feel guilty if you can’t do everything (the clubbing nights, drinks with friends, weekend trips and homework will clash on a regular basis) and don’t be afraid of travelling or exploring alone if it’s somewhere that interests you.  Save as much as you can while you prepare for the exchange – it’s all completely worth it when you can spend a weekend in Brittany or a day at Disneyland while you’re living overseas.”