What our students have to say

Not only have my study abroad experiences been the highlights of my undergraduate degree, but they have also made an invaluable contribution to my courses in Ukrainian Studies at Monash University, and to my Arts degree in general. Undertaking units of study at the Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv, Ukraine, allowed me to immerse myself in the rich and historic culture of Ukraine and its people. Having taken classes in Ukrainian language, culture and literature, and with the opportunity to interact with the locals on a daily basis, I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge beyond the classroom. In taking part in excursions around the city and to other regions of Ukraine, such as the Carpathian Mountains, my studies abroad exposed me to a world far removed from my own back home in Australia. My travels offered me an insight into life in Ukraine, where I could embrace the tastes, sights and sounds of the country while gaining credit towards my degree. I have learnt a great deal about life and have grown as a person as a result of my international study experiences. As I undertake my current graduate studies in law, I hope I will one day find my way back to Ukraine on a more permanent basis, and with a keen interest in international law, maybe even to live and work there.

Stephanie Prociw-Charalambous


This experience is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only for my studies, but for the amazing memories I have from my time overseas. I could spend days writing about this, but all that really needs to be said is that I cannot recommend a Monash Abroad experience in Ukraine enough.

 Ukrainian Catholic University in L’viv is well attuned to your level of proficiency, and the course is structured accordingly so that it isn’t daunting. Classes typically run up to the early afternoon, which gives you plenty of free time to explore the city. All of my teachers were dedicated to the course, and the smaller class sizes meant that you could benefit from their knowledge.

 Life in L’viv

 Everywhere in L’viv, you are constantly reminded of the historical nature of the city through the grand architecture of the buildings and the cobblestone streets, and there is plenty to do throughout the year. In summer, the days are long and it’s great to soak up the sun and atmosphere outside the L’viv Opera and Ballet Theatre. L’viv also serves as a great platform for tourism around the rest of Eastern Europe, and travel to the rest of Ukraine, Poland, and other countries is easy by train.

 There are few English speakers in L’viv, and as a result you find yourself completely immersed in day-to-day communication with others in Ukrainian, which does wonders for your language skills. After just four weeks, I had the confidence to act as a translator for a Canadian tourist in Kyiv Boryspil Airport who was about to miss his plane!

 Useful tips

 It’s just great to “dive in at the deep end”, so to say, and start making friends. Thanks to my trips to Ukraine, I’ve made some of the best friends from around the world and furthered my education while simply having the best time. Study abroad is also much easier than what most people think. Both Monash University and the Ukrainian Studies Foundation in Australia provided fantastic support in terms of monetary assistance, and through arranging the course and other administrative aspects of the trip. In particular, I would like to give special thanks to Marko Pavlyshyn for allowing me to experience study abroad twice.

Chris Donnellon


Studying abroad with the Ukrainian Catholic University’s Summer School program in L’viv was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! I was guided through every step needed to study in Ukraine, from flights all the way through to meals. I made lifelong friends from around the world (whom I still communicate with to practice my Ukrainian!), travelled across Ukraine, learnt practical skills in communicating in Ukrainian, was given the chance to understand the long history and culture of Ukraine from masters of the topics, and was provided with every possible help imaginable! I wouldn’t hesitate to go again – and in fact, I did exactly that the very next year! My language skills and confidence have soared and I’m still reaping the benefits today. Having the experience of knowing another language and studying abroad adds an edge to my resume that not many others can brag about. I now work in Australian Customs and speaking a Slavic language is definitely a handy skill that all my colleagues envy!

Lisa Rudewych


Doing the Ukrainian Summer School will not only build your Ukrainian skills at a remarkably rapid rate, but it will give you great confidence in your ability to use the Ukrainian language in a way no other program could. Look forward to amazing Ukrainian food, the stunningly beautiful city of Lviv, crazy Ukrainian traditions and long-term friendships with the others in the program.

 David Priest