Spanish: Semester Length International Program

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The majority of students participate in an exchange program conducted in Spanish at a host university, although some studies in English may be taken. Students can study units in Spanish language as well as units related to Spanish and Latin American Studies (literature, film, history, politics) and possibly other areas.

A student with introductory or intermediate Spanish language competence and majoring in Spanish can participate in exchange at Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico, where there are more units offered in English.

Student with proficient and advanced proficiency in Spanish are encouraged to study units in Spanish. Some faculties and schools, however, do not give credits for units taken in Spanish.


Students usually go on exchange from the second semester in the second year or from the first semester in the third year. Please note that The Faculty of Arts do NOT encourage students to complete their final semester abroad as we do NOT recommend students complete their major or minor studies while abroad.

The final application deadline is 1 June to go on exchange from the first semester in the following year, and 1 December to go on exchange from the second semester in the following year. However, students should get their study plan approved by the Spanish and Latin American Studies Program and by the Faculty. As these dates are far in advance, students should plan ahead of time.


Monash University has partner universities in Chile (Pontificia University of Chile and Universidad Diego Portales), Mexico (Tec de Monterrey) and Spain (Autonomous University of Madrid; the University of Navarra). With the approval of the Spanish and Latin American Studies Program, students may complete Spanish and Latin American Studies units at non-Spanish-speaking universities with which Monash has agreements.

Are scholarships available?

The Walter Mangold Trust Funds offers students grants to study Spanish overseas. These grants are very competitive, but Monash students have been quite successful in the past in obtaining these grants. Please see:

The application forms require a substantial amount of work on the part of the student and the coordinator of the Spanish and Latin American Studies program is required to write a letter of endorsement. Please ensure that the coordinator receives a copy of your application to the Walter Mangold Trust Fund at least two weeks prior to the deadline for submission of applications to the Walter Mangold Trust Fund.



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