Osaka University J-ShIP Intensive Japanese Language Program

Host institution

Osaka University


J-ShIP (Japan Short-stay In-sessional Program) is a Japanese language-focused program run by Osaka University and attended by students from around the world. The program includes intensive Japanese language classes, cultural activities, and interaction with local students.

A full outline of the J-ShIP program is available at: (click on the ‘J-ShIP’ link).


5 January 2018 to 9 February 2018 (approximately four weeks).

*As per the Program Guidelines, accommodation will be available only throughout the dates of the program. Should you wish to arrive earlier or leave later than the given dates, it is your responsibility to make lodging arrangements.


  • Full-time Monash student
  • Enrolled in Japanese Intermediate 1 and 2 in 2017
  • Planning to do a major or minor in Japanese
  • WAM of 60.00 or over (70.00 is recommended)

 Credit at Monash

Approved participants will enrol in ASA2001/3001/4001 Arts Study Abroad (6 points). Please note that this unit cannot be used as a substitute for core language units or cornerstone or capstone units required for the Japanese Studies major.

  • Eligibility to receive credit will depend on the requirements of your course. Please consider completing a Course Map to ensure that you have room for this unit in your course structure, and consult a Course Advisor in your home faculty if you are unsure.  Download Arts Course Maps here.
  • Credit will be finalised after Osaka University has confirmed successful completion of the program (usually mid-March)
  • No numerical grade will be awarded. The grade on completion will be SFR (Satisfied Faculty Requirements).

 Fees (host institution)

Program Fee: 180,000 yen, payable to Osaka University before arrival in Japan. This fee includes:

  • Application and enrolment fee
  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation (arranged by Osaka University in apartments close to campus; no meals included)
  • On-campus insurance fee
  • Library and on-campus Wi-Fi usage

You will also need to budget for the following expenses:

  •  Airfare (arrange your own flights in consultation with Osaka University)
  • Miscellaneous costs (meals, study materials, travel during break, etc.)

 Fees (Monash)

As the host institution is an official Monash partner, no fees will be charged by Monash.


Participants are usually automatically covered by Monash’s travel insurance:

You will be issued with confirmation of insurance once your participation in the program has been approved by Monash Abroad. If the host institution requires evidence that you have insurance, please direct them to the web page above or attach a printout of the web page to your application.

Financial support

  •  Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships: Scholarships of $900 will be awarded to all Monash students undertaking this program for credit. Details:
  • Osaka University may select some participants to receive a JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) scholarship. Selection is on the basis of academic merit.

Applicants will be assessed for these scholarships as part of the regular selection process. No separate application is necessary.

Application Process

The J-ShIP application has been greatly streamlined from previous years. To apply for the program, please follow the instructions below:

1. Take Osaka University’s Japanese proficiency level check test:

  • J-ShIP applicants should take Level 300 of the test. Be certain to record your score, as you will need it to complete the application form in step #2 below!

*Your score on this test does not affect your eligibility for scholarships. It is simply for Osaka University to determine your current proficiency in Japanese.

*To view the Japanese characters on the test screens, you may need to change the encoding on your web browser to ‘Japanese (EUC-JP)’.

2. Visit the Osaka University J-ShIP Program (ISP) Monash Abroad Application Form page. Complete the Google form and upload all of the requested documents. These include: a) Your Osaka University J-ShIP Application form; b) Your course progression advice provided by your faculty; and c) A copy of your academic record.

*A printout of your online academic record in WES is acceptable. Please include results from all semesters completed to date, as well as your GPA and WAM.

*When completing the Google form, be certain that you are logged in using your Monash University account. If you are logged in using a personal Gmail account, you will be unable to access or complete the form.

Application deadline: 21 September 2017

After applying

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by an internal review committee.

If you are UNSUCCESSFUL at the internal review stage, you will be notified by email.

If you are SUCCESSFUL at the internal review stage, your application will be forwarded to Osaka University for selection. There are then two more stages to the selection process:

1. Acceptance by Osaka University
Osaka University will review your application and notify you of the selection outcome. If you are accepted, you will also be provided with more details about the program curriculum, arrival, accommodation, etc. In previous years Osaka University has notified students in September. At this stage you will also be required to pay your program fee directly to Osaka, and you may begin making travel arrangements.

2. Approval by Faculty of Arts / Monash Abroad
You will receive confirmation that you are approved to travel and enrolled in the Faculty of Arts Study Abroad Unit (ASA2001 or ASA3001). At this stage, you will also be notified if you have been selected to receive a Global Engagement scholarship. Please keep Monash Abroad informed regarding your travel dates.

Once stages 1 and 2 above have been completed, you are ready to go!

Exchange with Osaka University students

One important part of this program is interaction with local (Japanese) students at Osaka University. There will be several opportunities to get to know these students while you are in Osaka, and the same students coming to Monash for an English language summer program in February immediately after J-ShIP. A ‘reunion’ combined with a collaborative activity to be conducted by students
of both institutions will be scheduled for early to mid-February. Returning J-ShIP students are expected to attend. Date, venue and other details will be provided as soon as they are available.


Questions about program content, dates, accommodation, etc.: Please contact Osaka University directly (see link in ‘Outline’ section above).

Questions about the application process and receiving credit at Monash: Please contact Dr Jason Jones (