Italian: Intensive Language Program

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Italian Studies offers intensive language courses, language and culture courses and elective units in an intensive mode at the Monash Prato Centre (Italy). The intensive courses run during the summer and winter semesters allowing students to accelerate their study. The available units are:

ATS1229/2229 Intensive introductory Italian 1

ATS1230/2230 Intensive introductory Italian 2

ATS2231 Intensive intermediate Italian 1

ATS2232 Intensive intermediate Italian 2

ATS3898/2898 The Italian city: Historical and literary perspectives

ATS3948 LLCL internship

ATS3058 New Writing in Italy (running in Summer semester 2015)

ATS3214 Italy on Film (in-country) (running in Winter semester 2016)

For all the information regarding eligibility, application process, grants and fees, please go to

  • What Melissa has to say on her Prato experience Studying Italian Language in Prato was a challenge, and an absolute delight. From a purely educational perspective, the “intensive” style is ideal for language learning. Classes run four or five days per week, which makes retaining the information far easier, and ensures that you’ll have good friends ... Read more