Indonesian: Semester Length International Program

Monash University is a member of the Australian Consortium for ‘In-country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS). It is through ACICIS that most of our study abroad units are run. Our ACICIS programs are supported by staff both in Australia and Indonesia and are regularly being revised and expanded. After consultation with your tutor and the ACICIS program guide, you will be able to prepare a study abroad program that is fully accredited to your Monash degree.

The programs are divided into three major categories:

Intensive language Programs

Recommended for post proficiency and advanced

These programs are normally available as 6 week programs. The ACICIS program is currently under development and therefore we are recommending students consider the RUILI (Regional Universities Indonesian Language Initiative) based at the University of Mataram in Lombok.

Further information can be obtained from the RUILI web site:

Semester-long programs

Recommended for post proficiency and advanced and Honours students

These programs are normally offered across two semesters: August-January Semester and February-June semester. Units can include both Indonesian Studies related units and/or units in other disciplines that are taught either in English or Indonesian. For the Indonesian Studies major you must select units taught in Indonesian.


Recommended for advanced students only

Our internships programs run as either 6 weeks or semester long programs. They include internships in Journalism, Education, and Development Studies with internships in other areas currently under development.

Full details of our ACICIS programs may be found on the ACICIS web page:

Informal Study

Post introductory and post intermediate students

Apart from formal study, many students travel to Indonesia and Malaysia for a combined holiday and study program. While these study tours cannot be used for accreditation, you are welcome to consult with your Indonesian tutor in regards to private language schools and ideas on how to use your travel to best augment your formal study program at Monash.