Chinese: Semester Length International Program

Semester Length Chinese Program (PDF version)


  • Up to 24 credit points can be studied overseas towards a Chinese studies major.
  • Students must conduct their own research on a suitable host institution, which may be:

either an institution that has an exchange agreement with Monash Abroad:
or any other approved tertiary institutions.

  • Student should provide discipline staff, Dr Lijun Bi (, with details pertaining to: name of institution to attend; duration of study; the syllabus; weekly contact hours and assessment.
  • Prior to departure students must seek discipline and Faculty approval by completing a Monash Abroad application form. Students lodge their proposed study plan with Dr Lijun Bi in the Chinese department and following approval they must lodge the completed Monash Abroad application form with the Faculty of Arts.
  • If a student is studying at an institution that does not have an exchange agreement with Monash University he/she will be asked to pay tuition fees at the host institution. The student is required to provide the Faculty of Arts with evidence of payment/scholarship to the host institution and the Faculty will arrange for the student’s Monash tuition fee to be waived so that he/she is not paying fees twice.


All Monash students are eligible to participate in Chinese Study abroad program to study Chinese language/culture at an approved tertiary institution for up to two semesters as part of their Monash degree/diploma.


Students can participate in the exchange program during their 2nd and 3rd year of study at Monash University. The Faculty of Arts does not encourage students to complete their final semester abroad.


At a Monash Abroad exchange partner institution or an approved institution.

How much?

Monash Abroad offers travel scholarships. Students are responsible for all costs incurred during exchange.


Please contact Dr. Lijun Bi – for all enquiries and approval.