Applying for intensive summer/winter programs in Japan

This information applies to intensive programs other than Osaka University J-SHiP. Information on J-ShIP is available here.


In addition to any eligibility requirements set by the host institution, to receive credit for a short-term study abroad program in Japan, you must:

  • Have a WAM of 60.00 or over in your current course
  • Be planning to do a major or minor in Japanese

Credit at Monash

  • Approved participants will enrol in ASA2001/3001/4001 Arts Study Abroad (6 points). This unit can be counted as an elective towards a major in Japanese, but cannot replace a core Japanese language unit (Intermediate 1/2, Proficient 1/2, Advanced 1/2, etc.) or a cornerstone or capstone unit.
  • Eligibility to receive credit will depend on the requirements of your course. Please consider completing a Course Map to ensure that you have room for this unit in your course structure, and consult a Course Advisor in your home faculty if you are unsure.  Download Arts Course Maps here.
  • Credit will be finalised after the host university has confirmed successful completion of the program (usually six to eight weeks after program completion).
  • No numerical grade will be awarded. The grade on completion will be SFR (Satisfied Faculty Requirements).


No fees are charged by Monash, but you will need to pay a tuition fee to the host institution. Please check the details provided by the host institution.

You will also need to budget for the following expenses:

  • Airfare (arrange your own flights)
  • Accommodation (arranged by the host institution)
  • Miscellaneous costs (meals, etc.)

For more information on anticipated costs, please check the details provided by the host institution.


Students taking short-term study abroad programs for credit at Monash are usually automatically covered by Monash’s travel insurance:

You will be issued with confirmation of insurance once your participation in the program has been approved by Monash Abroad (see below for the application process). If the host institution requires evidence that you have insurance in advance, please direct them to the web page above or attach a printout of the web page to your application.

If you are not seeking credit at Monash for your participation in this program, you will need to arrange your own Monash travel insurance.

Financial support

Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships may be awarded to eligible applicants. Details:

Applicants will be assessed for the scholarship as part of the regular selection process (no separate application is necessary).


Step 1. Check the details of the program on the host university website. If you have any questions about program content, you must contact the host university directly. If the program you are interested in is not listed among the pre-approved programs, please consult with the Short-term Study Abroad Coordinator (contact details below) in advance to ensure that your program will be eligible for credit.

Step 2. Apply to the host university.

Step 3. Once you have received notification that you have been accepted by the host university, complete a Monash Abroad International Study Program application (download here). Leave the ‘Monash units related to your International Study Program (ISP) overseas study’ and ‘Faculty program coordinator declaration’ sections blank.

Step 4. Bring your Monash Abroad International Study Program application to the Japan study abroad coordinator for approval:

When you bring your form, please also bring:

  1. proof of acceptance from the host university
  2. academic transcript (printout of results from WES is sufficient)
  3. bank account details as instructed on the Monash Abroad application form

Step 5. The Faculty of Arts and Monash Abroad will process your application, enrol you in the appropriate unit once they have confirmed your eligibility, and inform you when the process is complete and you are approved to travel to Japan.