An invitation to participate in a survey of Australian university students undertaking study overseas

    A message from Director, International Research and Analysis Unit at the Australian Government Department of Education.

    Dear student,

    This is an invitation to participate in a short survey on the expectations and experiences of Australian university students who study overseas.

    Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and the identity of those who participate and those that decline will not be recorded.

    Participation is sought from Australian university students who are currently studying, soon to study or previously studied overseas, as well as alumni (graduates) who have previously studied overseas. International students who are enrolled in an Australian degree program and undertake overseas study as part of that degree program are also welcome to participate. Your participation is welcome even if you only studied overseas for a short period.

    This survey is part of an Australian PhD research project to investigate what value Australian university students gain from studying overseas during their degree or higher degree studies.
    The survey has 23 questions and an additional 5 questions for people who have since graduated and are now working. Most of the questions are multiple choice and the whole survey should take you only 10-15 minutes.

    A link to the online survey is here: The survey will close in November 2014.

    Thank you.