Welcome to Literature and Creative Writing

    • The Literature and Creative Writing program in the School of ECPS is responsible for the ‘Literatures in English’ and ‘Creative Writing’ pathways in the Literary Studies major. ‘Literatures in English’ explores a wide range of classic and popular works written in English in many countries. ‘Creative Writing’ gives students the opportunity to investigate and improve their own writing practice in relation to existing literature.
    • We attempt to develop a critical sense of the many ways in which writers have created and continue to create literary works which reflect and influence human life and behaviour.
    • Our students engage with literature and creative writing as they relate to philosophy, language, history, society, national cultures and creativity.


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  • ‘BEYOND GLORY?’ is the third in a series of lectures presented by Professor Winter exploring the cultural history of the Great War. Professor Winter’s previous lectures have addressed art and film. In ‘BEYOND GLORY?’, Professor Winter focuses on the literary responses to the Great War. “War is simply too frightful, too chaotic, too arbitrary, too bizarre, ... Read more

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