Welcome to Literary Studies

Writer and Monash alumnus Elliot Perlman talks to students and staff in the Monash “Writers and their World” seminar series

Literary Studies as a discipline brings together undergraduates, postgraduates and staff from across the Faculty of Arts interested in literature, books, how literary texts are created and how they are read. The Literary Studies Major enables students to choose from the following 3 pathways:

Literary Studies – Literatures in English

Literary Studies – Creative Writing

Literary Studies – International Literatures

These share a first-year ‘Gateway’ sequence, though each pathway has its own distinctive structure based on specific core units (outlined in the Undergraduate Handbook).

Staff teaching in all three pathways in the Literary Studies Major share a passion for the history, present and future of literature in a wide variety of periods, languages and forms. They are active researchers and support the work of a number of Literary Studies research units and centres, including the Centre for Writers and Writing, the Centre for the Book, the Literary and Cultural Research Network and the Translation and Intercultural Studies group.

The Literatures in English pathway engages with literatures from within Australia and around the world. Its approach to Australian literature places it in relation to both its European and Indigenous roots and its increasingly wide international context. Other world literatures are researched and taught in relation to their national and transnational contexts and with attention to the many theoretical ideas about literary criticism that have developed over the last hundred years.

Creative writing allows students to apply their knowledge of the history and theory of literature to the task of creative practice, in the areas of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Students are encouraged to experiment with a range of stylistic approaches in the collaborative environment of workshops, developing technical skills in both writing and editing, while reflecting creatively and analytically on their own practice.

Focusing on literary texts from around the world, International Literatures takes a distinctive comparative approach to literature. Using translated texts (and, where students have the language skills, the original language), International Literatures enables students to read and understand cross-culturally, to recognise the important literary dialogues that have shaped our understanding of literature today, and to explore the interaction of cultures more broadly.

Literary Studies is a key humanities discipline developing communicative, argumentative, analytical and creative skills.

For more information, including a full list of included units, see the Literary Studies (Areas of Study) handbook entry.

  • Monash Arts is pleased to be offering three graduate research scholarships. The Cecile Parrish Memorial Scholarship for Research Excellence comprises of three-year fixed-term appointment within the Literary and Cultural Studies Graduate Research Program.  The successful candidate will have a background the discipline of English literary studies, and be of outstanding merit. The scholarship will enable a PhD… Read more
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  • Billed as the ‘greatest literary show on earth’ the Zee Jaipur Literary Festival (JLF) welcomed more than 350,000 visitors in 2017. Those numbers look set to grow in 2018 as thousands of enthusiasts moved through the Diggi Palace gates to experience the festival. The event showcases a range of voices from India and abroad. This year, one of those voices was Monash Arts academic Dr. Mridula Nath Chakraborty. Read more
  • Jessica Phillips, a graduate of the Honours program in Literary Studies in the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics, has been awarded the Cecile Parrish Scholarship. This Scholarship is endowed by the Cecile Parrish Memorial Fund, established by the trustees of the late Renee Parrish of Singapore in commemoration of her daughter Cecile, a… Read more
  • More than simply a thought-provoking genre of literature, the dark creations of writers of dystopian fiction give us the opportunity to reflect on the present and the future. PhD candidates Zachary Kendal of Monash University and Jung Ju Shin of the University of Warwick are leading teams of Monash and Warwick postgraduate students to explore ethics, utopia, dystopia and science fiction with a new multidisciplinary conference 15-17 December in Melbourne. Keynote speakers include Emeritus Professor Andrew Milner (Monash University and University of Warwick) ... Read more
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  • Congratulations to Dr Marc Orlando, Professor Rita Wilson, Dr Jim Hlavac and Dr Paul McShane from the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics (LLCL) who have been awarded funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the project Developing translating and interpreting services for improved governance in Indonesia. Crucially, translating and interpreting provides the communication bridge… Read more