Linguistics Seminars – archive


September 16
How does Hoava have a VP? Who cares?
Bill Palmer (University of Newcastle)

September 23
‘Magnificence of promises’–Johnson, advertising and  the anodyne necklace
Kate Burridge (Monash University)

October 14
‘Multiplicity’ as a view of the communicative repertoire
Howard Nicholas (LaTrobe University)


12 March
Annual honours prizes and presentations 
Jonathon Lum & Isabelle Burke (Monash University)

26 March
The puzzle of mental representations in language use
Mike Balint (Monash University)

10 April
Evidentiality, Narrativity, and the Balkan Sprachbund
Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) *Special Wednesday afternoon seminar*

30 April
Resolving the ideological tensions of commodified form and function
Howard Manns (Monash University)

14 May
The more things change, the more they stay the same: multilingual practices at Warruwi Community
Ruth Singer (University of Melbourne)

28 May
Multiple and Differentially Marked Objects in Aguaruna (Jivaroan): What’s up with that?
Simon Overall (La Trobe University)


7 August
Five-minute poster presentations on theses in progress
Monash Linguistics Honours Students

21 August
Incorporation and applicatives in Murrinh-Patha 
Rachel Nordlinger (University of Melbourne)

30 August
Quotatives Down Under: Be like in cross-generational Australian English speech
Celeste Rodríguez Louro (University of Western Australia)

11 Sept
Grammatical change in North East India – the case of Tangsa 
Stephen Morey (La Trobe University)

2 Oct
Who’s Your Daddy?: Mockery, Genealogy, and Chinese Modernity
Chris Rea (University of British Columbia and ANU)

16 Oct
Australian English: What do Adolescents in Queensland think?
Donna Starks, (La Trobe University), Louisa Willoughby (Monash University) and Kerry Taylor-Leech (Griffith University)