Past and present HDR topics in Linguistics



Name Title Supervisor
Margaret A’beckett PhD Gender assignment and word-final pronunciation in French: two classification systems Dr Heather Bowe
Andrew Balint PhD Utterance and discourse in context: a process model of the architectural and operational Gestalt of interlocutory language usage Prof Keith Allan
Zhiqun Chen PhD Compound ideograph: a contested category in studies of the Chinese writing system Prof Keith Allan
Carmen Dawuda PhD Discourse functions of demonstratives and place adverbs with exophoric reference in Logea, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea Dr Anna Margetts
Deborah Perrott PhD Adolescent communication: pragmatic skills Prof Keith Allan
Phuong Dung Pho PhD Research articles in applied linguistics and educational technology: a corpus-based study of rhetorical moves and authorial stance Dr Julie Bradshaw
Nor Suharti Abdul karim PhD Compliments and compliment responses: a study of Malay ESL undergraduates Prof Farzad Sharifian
Mark Arness PhD Language, culture and ideology: socio-cultural and ideological implications of the adoption of anglicisms in French and German Dr Heinz Kreutz
Melanie Burns PhD A sociolinguistic exploration of sexual language: discourses of sexuality in the Australian media Dr Julie Bradshaw
Mahshad Davoodifard PhD Advice speech-act in Persian as a first language and English as a second language: a study of Iranian students Prof Farzad Sharifian
Katharina Franke PhD “We call it Springbok-German!”: language contact in the German communities in South Africa Dr Heinz Kreutz
Naomi Kurata PhD Opportunities for second language learning and use in foreign language learners’ social networks A/Prof Helen Marriott
Howard Manns jr PhD Stance, style and identity in Java Dr Julie Bradshaw
Hiroyuki Nemoto PhD The management of intercultural academic interaction in student exchanges between an Australian and its Japanese partner universities A/Prof Helen Marriott
Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou PhD An analysis of L2 Japanese learners’ social CMC with native speakers: interaction, language use and language learning A/Prof Helen Marriott
Anthony Rausch PhD Cultural commodities in local revitalization: a case study in Tsugaru, Japan Prof Ross Mouer
Masato Takimoto PhD “Keeping an eye on all balls”: interpreters’ functions in multi-party business interpreting situations A/Prof Helen Marriott
Louisa Willoughby PhD “You have to speak it at least”. Language and identity maintenance among Australian migrant teenagers Dr Ana Deumert
Kiyomi Yamada PhD Japanese undergraduate thesis writing and individual supervisory conferences A/Prof Helen Marriott
Rintaro Imafuku MA R&C Student and Tutor Oral Participation in Medical Problem-based Learning Tutorials A/Prof Helen Marriott
Yuko Masuda MA R&C Interaction in Japanese-English Language Exchange Partnerships A/Prof Helen Marriott
Miho Nishita MA R&C Feedback and Co-construction in the Private Tutorial Context Dr Robyn Spence-Brown
Yusuke Sakurai MA R&C Writing in Japanese as a Second Language: Composing on the computer and by pen-and-paper Dr Robyn Spence-Brown
Chiharu Shima MA R&C Learner Interaction in Pair / Group Work Tasks in a Japanese Language Classroom A/Prof Helen Marriott